Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another sale Sephora?!!!

Got an email this morning from Sephora about a 15% sale from now till April 21st. Wish I had known about this earlier since I JUST placed another Sephora order during the weekend : ( Oh well at least I'll get my stuff sooner (but still not in time for my birthday this Friday, why does it take so long to ship from Maryland?!) However, this should be a perfect chance for me to stop by the store this weekend and grab the MUFE aqua eyes : ) After a long day at work today, my UD 24/7 smudged on me again and left yucky blobs at the corners of my eyes : ( I hate my oily lids.

I've been trying to collect images for my upcoming post on comparisons among a few different kinds of blotting sheets that I've used. So stay tuned...

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  1. Happy Birthday :) hope you have a great Friday/weekend celebrating!

    haha, I'm half tempted to return the things I bought last weekend...and then buy them again to get the sale price. But I won't. I wonder what they do with all the returned/used items? I'm probably going to pick up a few small things, like more Benefit shadows, haha