Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

The weather was gorgeous today! We went to a BBQ my friend was hosting in the park. I brought my popcorn cookies and chocolate dipped strawberries, both were a hit! There were actually baskets and baskets of strawberries that other people brought (it must be strawberry season), but mine were the first ones to be gone! hahaha that makes me happy when people like my food : )

Afterwards the bf took me a mall nearby that's full of asian restaurants, gift-, book- and grocery stores. Of course I had to stop by the bookstore and grab some Chinese magazines. They didn't have a new edition of the Queens magazine (aka "beauty bible"), I think those only come out once per season. These huge packs of Cosmopolitan magazine caught my attention. Cosmopolitan in Chinese! How cool is that! Each month comes with two magazines, one that has the typical articles, celebrity news, shopping guide, etc., kind of like the American version. But what's cool is the other magazine is specifically on beauty and health, and from the cover it seems like they cover from makeup tips, to nails, to hair tips. I can't wait to open them and read them all! The bookstore had both the March and the April editions available, and I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted. The bf told me to get both, yay :D I managed to talk to the store owner about giving me a discount on the March one since it's April already, and she gave me a $2 discount, woo! LOL :D:D I am a good bargain shopper, hehehe :p

The March magazine comes with a free sample of Lancome Blanc Expert Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser. I will try it and report on if it works well, hopefully it could help me to lightening up my old acne scars.

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