Friday, April 17, 2009

Birthday : )

I had a great birthday today, it was way more exciting than I had anticipated. I woke up a little grumpy because of a stupid argument the bf and I had last night (we are all good now, our fights never stay long and most of the time they were stupid little ones that probably weren't worth starting in the first place). Then we went to class and came back home right before noon. The bf told me to do my makeup and get dressed so we could go eat, but where, he didn't want to tell me and said it was a surprise. However he did say it's somewhere near home so I figured, it's probably one of the regular ol' restaurants we frequent. But I was wrong! He took me to this all-you-can-eat shabu shabu restaurant that we've always wanted to try but never got a chance to (we haven't been eating out much since the start of this year, we've been trying to cook more of healthier meals at home). In addition to choosing any kinds of shabu shabu we wanted, we could also eat as much appetizers and as much sushi rolls as we'd wish, all made to order. How cool is that! I wish we could eat more though, lol. The food was really good! We especially liked their pork shabu shabu, so tender, so yummy!

It was almost 2:30PM by the time we finished eating. But my bday surprise didn't end right there. The bf told me that we'd have to be somewhere at 2:30PM and that "people" would be waiting for us. Again, he didn't tell me where we were going! How annoying, hehehe :p Guess where we went?! He ordered a Hello Kitty Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet!!! It's got a cute Hello Kitty pink bucket as the base, and pieces of pineapples shaped and carved like Hello Kitty's face! I absolutely love it! Thank you so much baby!

Here is my Hello Kitty posing with the Hello Kitty fruit bouquet, the bf is helping me to hold the HK:

If you read Kimberly Tia's blog from yesterday, you'd probably notice that she also mentioned this Hello Kitty edible bouquet. I clicked on her link and checked out Edible Arragements' website last night when the bf happened to walk in and saw what I was looking at. He sounded very shocked and asked me what I was looking at. I told him it was a link from the blog I was reading. Now I know why he sounded so weird last night! After I received my very own Hello Kitty bouquet today, he told me that he was worried last night because he thought I might have found out about his order and ruin the surprise. aww how cute, hehe :) I was definitely very surprised, thanks for everything!

Hello Kitty pineapple (how can I even eat that! It's too cute!!!)

In the afternoon, we stopped by the mall. I browsed through The World Market for the first time, and was surprised to find all the Cadbury chocolates and Arnott's cookies there. I fell in love with those over the winter during our trip to New Zealand, and I regretted not bringing some back with me. Now I can get my Arnott's fix!

I also bought two cardigans from H&M. They will be perfect for work.  H&M have a huge sale right now, so definitely go check it out. 

So this was a great birthday. I got calls from mom and dad, my aunt and grandparents, as well as my best friends. It was so cute when my aunt tried to teach my grandma to sing "Happy Birthday To You" in English : ) I couldn't stop giggling when I listened to their message. Thanks to all the friends who emailed me and Facebooked me to wish me a happy birthday, and thanks for your birthday wish Diana (mayaari). You are my very first blogger friend, and thanks for encouraging me to start blogging! I hope you had a great birthday today as well :) -- we are birthday buddies!!!

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