Monday, April 20, 2009

Contest prize & birthday love

I got package :D The sweet Mayaari sent me a lovely package for winning her guessing contest, and she even included a little something extra for my birthday because we are birthday twins! The package arrived in my mailbox this afternoon, and I eagerly torn it open as soon as I got it :p

Look what's in the package:

Everything's nicely wrapped, I felt like a little girl opening Xmas presents :)

What's the thing wrapped in red tissue?! woowww just what I wanted! Diana you are the best Santa Claus :D

My first Caudalie!

Lookie all the goodies!!!

O_O OMG Diana thankssss sooo much for your generous presents! How did you know what exactly I wanted?!! The MUFE aqua eyes that I've been lemming for a long time! I can't wait to try it! And my first Caudalie! It smells so yummm!!! The Silk Whitia sheets that I've been DYING to try! And another Hello Kitty PEZ to add to my collection!!! And all the samples, PINK nail polish (in such a cute little bottle!) and more Yu-be cream for my eyelashes...I feel so spoiled and so loved : ) I am so grateful to be introduced to the beauty blogger community and I can't thank Diana enough for encouraging me to start blogging : ) I really hope I can make more friends here who also share my love for makeup and skincare. Thanks again Diana! Now that I got your address, please expect a lil' something from me soon as my Thank You and also as your belated bday presents. :)


  1. haha you posted that up fast! I'm so glad that you like everything :) the masks (minus the eye mask, which I've yet to try myself, lol) are two of my faves. hope you get your Sephora goodies soon!

  2. hey there! Mia I didn't want to really buy clothes because darn, it's expensive for a doll! But then again, I'm a little too selfish to really have a child.. ahhhh, I must grow up! haha. jk, I have time right?

  3. Happy Belated B-day!!!! Diana is a sweetheart!!! That eyeliner looks fab!!