Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lulu's Kitchen: Stir-fried Milk

I saw a recipe for a stir-fried milk dish in the HK version of Cosmopolitan magazine that I recently bought. See, I don't just buy magazines to learn about makeup and beauty products, I also get useful recipes from them :p

I was very intrigued by the dish since I've never heard of stir frying MILK before. But appearantly it exists!

The recipe from magazine:

The recipe calls for about 150 ml of milk (doesn't matter if it's fat free, low fat or whole fat), some corn startch, 6 egg whites, a few scallopes, some chopped up ham, and some salt to taste. I didn't have any scallopes so I used shrimp instead, and also added some fish roe. 

Here are my ingredients: shrimp that were quickly cooked in boiling water, 6 egg whites, chopped ham and green onion, and milk.

Add about 2 tablespoon of corn starch into the egg white mixture, and add in milk. Stir well until all corn starch have dissolved.

Use low heat, slowly and carefully stir fry the milk-egg mixture until cooked and tender. Add in the shrimp and plate. Sprinkle ham and garnish on top. And we are done!

With the milk added into the egg whites, the dish has a very tender texture. It feels like a big plate of breakfast food to me though -- eggs, milk, and ham! hahaha at least now I am satisfied with my curiosity about this dish.

Since I used up 6 egg whites, I needed to do something about the leftover egg yolks :p So I made this tofu dish:

It has some ground beef, sweet onion, eggs, soft tofu. Then I seasoned it with white pepper and salt. Quick and easy, very tasty too :)

And here is what I wore on my lips today -- MAC's Hello Kitty lipstick in Strayin'. I should remember to wear lipsticks more often :)


  1. oh dear... someone that misses nz for its winter weather :s lol you must had love the snow? LOL I live in wellington... and its real WINDY... rain+wind= depressing weather lol
    but yeah... its nice and relaxing... thats one good thing :) thanks for stopping by my page :)

  2. Stir fried milk sounds so weird! It does sound breakfast-y !!

  3. summer is best... :D its nice and warm... :D but really... NZ is good for scenery... shopping is BORING... we have nothing!
    Umm did u go to rotorua? hahaha the place that smells REAL bad? lol

  4. Wow the food looks very homey~~ Yum!! I'm too lazy to ever follow a recipe and cook something. :P That lipstick is very cute!

  5. Oh wow! That looks cool.

    HK Cosmopolitan? Interesting! There's even one in the Philippines, but I know that they take some articles from the U.S Version too.

  6. cadbury choc...? oooo i shall add some in my contest :p

  7. nyom nyom.. this makes me mucho hungry!

  8. this the kind of weird stuff i would eat. I mean it in a good way. I will try it and i will let you know how i like it :)