Friday, April 17, 2009

My birthday, Lulu's Kitchen: popcorn cookies

It's my birthdayyyyy!!! :D

I baked some cookies tonight to bring to a potluck BBQ I'm attending this Saturday. I figured that I might be out celebrating on my birthday tomorrow night, so might as well bake when I have the time. I wanted to try something new this time, and since I've been wanting to finish those popcorn balls that I never got around eating, crazy me thought: what if I incorporate popcorn in a recipe! I googled for "popcorn cookies" and guess what? There is actually such a thing! I found my recipe from, what's even better is that the recipe calls for chocolate chips, it can never go wrong with chocolate!
The cookies turned out pretty good, the crunchiness of the popcorn and the walnut (I substituted chopped walnuts for pecans since that's what I have at home), plus the gooiness of the warm chocolate chip make a nice combination. 
In addition to cookies, I am planning on making chocolate dipped strawberries:
I love potlucks, mainly because I love to cook, and potlucks are chances for me to try different kinds of food, and a way for me to hear other people's opinion on my food. I try to bring different stuff everytime. For this BBQ, deserts were specifically asked for. I hope my friends will like what I am bringing!

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  1. oooh the cookies sound (and look) yummy! and you can never go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries :) hope you had a good birthday!