Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review: Oil Absorbing Sheets

I have a very oily T-zone, so oil absorbing sheets are a must for me everyday. They help me to reduce the excess shine and the embarrassment. My first encounter with those magical little sheets were the blue Clean & Clear ones that I found in drugstores during high school. Every since then, I was on my quest to find the better, cheaper versions that I could toss in my purse and use everyday. Below are just a few that I am currently using, I have a pack of these everywhere, sitting on my office desk, in my backpack, in my purses, bathroom, makeup table, and my computer desk. Talk about convenience!

Now I will go through each one and talk about my thoughts on them. I will also talk about a few that I've tried before but are not pictures here. Please be warned that I have taken some pictures of the used sheets to show you the effects of each product, so now you know how oily I can get, and how gross it is! hahaha :)

1) Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (regular blue version and the pink grapefruit version):

I got both the regular blue version and the pink grapefruit version from Besides the outer packaging and the Chinese/Japense writings, the blue one is exactly the same as what you can find from drugstores in the US like Walgreens or Longs. There are 60 sheets per pack for I think $1.90, compared to about $5 from my local Walgreens. I don't think I've ever seen the grapefruit version here in US. Each pack contains 50 sheets. The pink sheets have a refreshing grapefruit smell, which I love. Now these "silky sheets" are little plastic opague sheets that turn transparent when they absorb the oil from your face. Each sheet measures about 2"x3.25". 

- Does not easily torn during usage.
- The pink one smells refreshing.
- Pretty effective in terms of oil absorption, usual 1 sheet does the job.
- Feels soft on the face, doesn't scratch.
- The sticker on the package makes it easy to pick up 1 sheet every time.

- Size is a bit small compared to some others I've used.
- Plastic sheet is probably not bio-degradable and bad for the environment.

Overall, I like the Clean & Clear sheets and will continue to buy them from

2) Kose Softymo Super Clean Tissue:

Each pack comes with 60 sheets, and I believe these could also be purchased from I got mine from my local Mitsuwa market for about 5 bucks. One side of the sheet has prints all over, and you can't use this side to absorb oil, so only the opposite side could be used. These are black colored paper sheets that is approximately 2.5"x4" big. They absorb oil fairly quickly and I also only need 1 sheet every time to do the job. The sheet un-used has a gray-ish color, but once it touches my skin, it turns pitch black.

- Big size.
- The color change after usage, makes it appear very effective.
- Sturdy paper material, does not torn easily.

- Paper is rather hard, which is doesn't conform to my nose area well and is kind of scratchy on face.
- Black colored sheets draws attention when blotting outside, plus it makes it appear that you have more oil on your face than there really is. 
- Hard to pick out one sheet from the package.

For the price and the amount I am getting, I probably won't be re-purchasing these again. But I'll be continuing trying the other ones Mitsuwa offers.

3) Everyday Minerals Blotting Paper:

I got this as a free gift with purchase from Each pack comes with 100 sheets of these thin paper sheets made from "all natural hemp and flax seed pulp", according to their website. Its size is approximately 3.5”x2.5”, just slightly bigger than the Clean & Clear ones. It is priced at $4 a pack.

- More sheets per pack.
- All natural materials.

- Not the softest sheets I've used, scratches my face a bit sometimes.
- Not as good of oil absorbing ability as the Clean & Clear and the Kose ones. I need to use 1-2 sheets every time.
- Hard to pick up from package, sometimes I'd mistakenly take out 2 sheets at once if not careful.

100 sheets will last me a while, but I probably won't purchase after I am done since it's not the best value out of all the ones I've tried. But I do love the fact that it's all natural.

4) Various Daiso brand oil absorbing sheets:

My local Daiso store offers a variety of oil absorbing sheets for only $1.50 each. Daiso is a Japanese $1.50 store that sales a variety of products ranging from kitchenware to crafts to office supplies to home decorations. It is my favorite store, it has soooo many cute stuffs, and most are only $1.50 each, how can you beat that!

The two pictured above are two of the few I've tried from Daiso. They are alright, the blue one doesn't work as well as the yellow one on the bottom. Both are paper sheets. They don't torn easily yet still feel very soft on my face. However, they don't do as good of a job absorbing oil. I find myself having to use 2-3 sheets every time to completely freshen up my face. The benefit of the yellow box is that it's huge, I think it contains either 200 or 250 sheets, and comes in a big box that could sit on my office desk so it's easily within reach. For a buck fifty, I think it's worth it! I don't think I will need to purchase this again for a long time, since I've only used half of the big box so far. As for the blue one, urr don't get it. lol...there are way better choices from Daiso!

5) Daiso Silk Oil Blotting Paper:

I was drawn by the pink packaging and the word "silk" from this product. This was also purchased from Daiso for $1.50. Each pack contains 100 sheets. They are light pink square sheets with a dimension of 3.5"x3.5". 

- Big sized sheets are so easy to use. Yet the packging is not bulky at all since each sheet folds up and pulls out like Kleenex.
- Easy to take 1 sheet out at once because of the pop-out design.
- SOFT!!! They are right it feels like silk on my skin.
- Pretty good oil absorbing power.
- Reminds me of the Boscia sheets from Sephora.
- Does not torn easily.
- $1.50 for 100 sheets! Worth every penny!

- Nothing that I can think of right now.

Clearly, we have a winner! These silk sheets are my current HG. It has the best value among all the ones I own right now, and works on me really well. I will keep buying these once I run out, especially since they are so much cheaper than the Boscia sheets that I used to buy from Sephora. In fact, I am already well stocked up on these that I don't think I'll run our for a while!

In addition to the oil abosrbing sheets that I've mentioned above, I've also tried The Body Shop tea tree oil absorbing sheets in the past. I didn't re-purchase those once I ran out because the sheets were very tiny, and rips very easily! I ended up using at least 3 to 4 sheets every time and it ran out pretty fast! It was pretty expensive for the value from what I remember.

Also, I've tried the $1 ELF oil absorbing sheets. But they also tear easily, and don't absorb well. What's annoying is that they have tiny black (or dark green?) flakes of what they claim to be green tea embedded in the sheets, and sometimes those get stuck to my face, so I ended up having to do extra work just to pick those out so they don't look like dirt on my face. Not repurchasing.

So there you have it, my 2 cents on some of the oil absorbing sheets I've used. Those are all based on my personal experience with them, and what I wrote here are simply my personal opinion. It is up to you to try the products you are interested in and find your own HG. If you have oily face like me, then you should definitely try out oil absorbing sheets because they help you to remove the shine throughout the day, but will not remove your makeup or smear them. It also elliminates the use of powder touch-ups so your makeup won't look cakey by the end of the day. 

Please feel free to comment and let me know which oil absorbing sheet you like the best. Please also let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


  1. very thorough review! I've always been curious about the grapefruit clean & clear, but sasa always seems to be sold out whenever I can place an order =T those Daiso silk ones look like a great deal though!

  2. thanks for this review...helps me alot i have combo skin, and t-zone is very oily especailly summer ....cute blog!