Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review: Korres Body Butter

Today I am reviewing the ever so popular Korres Body Butter. I've already used up this whole bottle of it within several weeks after purchasing, and I cannot express how much I love love love this product. It's by far the best body butter I've ever used (the second best being the Yes to Carrot Body Butter). It smells so wonderful and even though the package states that it's for dry skin conditions and I am far from having dry skin, but it sinks right into my just showered skin within seconds and doesn't feel greasy at all. One of my pet peeves about moisturizers is how greasy my hands feel afterwards, so often times I have to rince my hands with water after I apply moisturizer, otherwise I find it difficult to even put the lotion cap back on or hold up any bottles afterwards with my slippery hands. But with these, I don't experience much of the greasy feeling on my hands, because it absorbs so well into my skin. 

Product description from
What it is:
A divinely rich, quince-scented smoothing cream for dry elbows, heels, and knees.

What it is formulated to do:
The emollient balm can also be used over the entire body, preferably onto warm, damp skin, after bathing to lock-in moisture.

More Product description from the bottle:
Smmothing and moistursing cream for all over the body, ideal for dry elbows, heels, and knees. Quince extract has softening, moisturising, and restructuring properties. Shea butter in combination with Sunflower, Almond, and Avacado oils nourishes the skin, restoring its elasticity and smoothness.

I was immediately drawn to all the natural ingredients this product contains. In addition, it claims to be silicone free, mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, and ethanolamine free. 

Where to buy:
Sephora stores or Comes in three sizes: 1.69 oz for $8.50 (online only), 5.07 oz for $21, 7.95 oz for $27. 

The smallest and the biggest sizes come in a squeze tube, and the 5.07 oz one comes in a pump bottle like what I had. I personally perfer the pump bottle because it's less hassle to use and the pump helps to get the perfect amount of lotion out. However, it is obvious that the 7.95 oz one is the best deal.

What do I think:

Did I tell you I love it?!

When I first bought the product, I actually wasn't sure what exactly quince is. After some research on Wikipedia, I found out that it is a tropical bright golden fruit that's shaped like a pear, and in some cultures it is referred to as the "golden apple". Even though I've never tried the fruit itself, I loved how it made the body butter smell, very sweet but not overwhelming at all.

The texture of the lotion is very smooth, and is neither greasy or sticky. It makes my skin feel smooth and dewey, and I love the way my skin just drinks it right up when applied. It makes my skin feel soft as butter, and I've seen the immediate result of it healing my slightly flaky legs during the cold days. 

One trick I've learned from the famous Taiwanese beauty queen Big S is that when applying any kind of lotion, the most effective way to help absorbancy and effectiveness is to rub the lotion back and forth quickly in the palms of your hands so it warms up the product. Then afterwards, the product will apply on your skin like silk. This trick has helped my moisturizer application to be so much easier and quicker, and reduces the unnecessary pulling and tugging of my skin when I used to try to even out the products directly on my skin.

There are not many cons I could think of for this product, besides the fact that I used it up too fast and now I have to go get new ones so soon! Also, because of the natural ingredients in Korres product, you have to use up the product within a year of opening (some even sooner, so make sure you check their package), but as you can see, this is not a problem at all because I finished up the whole bottle in a month! I want to try the Guava one next.

I also bought their body milk, which has a runnier texture than the body butter, I am planning on giving that a try very soon and will report back on how it is. I think the lighter texture of the body milk will be perfect for the quickly approaching summer days. 

Thanks to Fuz who introduced to us this wonderful product. Overall, I am very pleased with Korres product, and will buy again and again from them in the future! There are still so much more products I wanted to try from them, one of them being the Evening Primrose Eye Cream. If any one of your girls have tried it before, please let me know how it is. Thanks :)


  1. discovered ur blog from fuz's:-)

    i've so many friends named lulu lol!Looking forward to ur post on sasa haul

  2. btw,I love that body butter too,discovered it about one and half years ago.Quince is the best smell of the bunch IMO!I personally don't like the body milk,somehow the milk in natural ranges absorb less into the skin than butter do!If you want something for the summer,maybe try the yoghurt aftersun cooling gel?It does a great job at soothing and moisturising,although a tiny bit sticky.The yoghurt face range and wild rose range is good too,oh and their lip butters:-D

  3. @ miss waterlily:
    Thanks for your comment! I definitely want to try their yogurt line, I love the smell of yogurt, hehe :)

  4. Hey Lulu!! I didn't know you have a blog!! :D Well now I know! :D

    Great review, such details~ I'm so glad you like the body butter, it's simply the best!! :D Thinking about using it makes me happy, hahahaha. Can't wait to see your review on the body milk.

  5. lol, I'm so tempted to try the korres items now!
    thanks for the review

  6. loooove the korres body butters - quince smells so yummy! as does guava...and jasmine, haha

  7. Body Butter is great to keep on hand for all-day use. I keep a pump of it in the bathroom and use it all the time, especially after washing my hands.