Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review: Korres Jasmine Eye Make-up Remover

Today I am reviewing the Korres Jasmine Eye Make-up Remover. I bought this product about a month ago along with Korres Quince Body Butter, I did a review on the body butter, you can read it here.

You could get this product from Sephora. It costs $21 for 6.7 oz

I was drawn towards this product because I love the fact that all Korres products are all natural, and this eye make-up removal lotion claims to be suitable for sensitive eyes, and contains wheat proteins and provitamin B5 to moisturize eye area and strengthen eyelashes. Why not get an extra chance to protect the sensitive skin around my eyes and give my eyelashes some nutrition while removing my makeup, right? 

Product description:
The Jasmine lotion removes eye make-up and waterproof mascara, without irratating the delicate eye area. Wheat proteins and provitamin B5 moisturize the skin and constitute an excellent eyelashes strengthener. Jasmine, Cucumber, and Calendula offer combined soothing and refreshing action.

Sounds too good to be true right? Turns out it was a little too good to be true, especially the removing waterproof mascara part.


Also, it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petro-Chemicals
- Phthalates
- Triclosan

Tiny hole at the opening to prevent spilling, and helps to control the amount you need perfectly. To me, the product has a very faint smell, and it goes away very quickly. The texture is like water, but it feels a tiny bit slippery on my fingers.

To test how well this product works, I use my most hard to remove Kiss Me Heroine mascara in black. It is super long lasting and super waterproof. I love this mascara, it really does hold my curls and make my lashes longer looking. I got this mascara at Mitsuwa. Mona also mentioned about this mascara in one of her recent posts.

Placed some mascara on the back of my hand, let it dry:

Squirted some products on a cotton pad:

Place moistened pad on make-up and hold for a few seconds (I held it tightly against my hand for at least 15 seconds), wiggle a little as you wish:

Take a peek...nothing is removed, the cotton pad has no black residue on it:

Let's not give up, rub rub rub, rub rub rub, ruuuub ruuuub ruuubb...I rubbed the cotton pad bach and forth for at least 50 times (yes I counted), but the mascara just won't budge much! If you look carefully, there are only tiny traces of black on the cotton pad. But whose eyes could withstand rubbing like this! 

(Caution: since the skin around our eyes are very very delicate, please DO NOT rub them too much when you are removing make-up, gently wipe away is the key, which is also why we need to use GOOD eye make-up removers so we can have minimal contact time with our delicate eyes)

Next I busted out my trusty Neutrogena eye make-up remover in attempt to remove the stubborn mascara:

Ta-daaa...all removed with a few gentle swipes:

So this Korres eye make-up remover is definitely not good at removing stubborn waterproof make-up. Next I tested it against some other everyday non-waterproof make-ups:

On my arm we have a few dabs of liquid foundation from Rimmel, concealer from L'Oreal, some black eyeshadow from a L'Oreal quad, Cover Girl Lash Blast (non-waterproof version), Revlon lipgloss, super pigmented blush from Everyday Minerals, and NYX round lipstick. I just chose those products on random, one from each of the frequently used make-up categories to see how well the make-up remover works.

Hold and then swipe:

ALL REMOVED! Look at that mess on the cotton pad. It makes me realize how much products I put on my face everyday! hahaha. But this should also remind us that proper makeup removal is very very very important!

My conclusion:

Overall, I think this product removes make-up OK, but definitely does not work well to remove waterproof make-up like it has claims. I love the fact that the product is a gentle, all-natural formula, and is not irritating to the eyes. The added ingredients to nourish the eye and eyelashes is a plus to have. I will probably use this on the days that I don't wear too much makeup, it removes eyeshadows and a thin layer of non-waterproof mascara fairly easily. I will also use up this bottle for removing makeup on my face. But as far as eye make-up remover goes, I'd choose my trusty Neutrogena remover anyday. So this means I will probably not re-purchase this product once I use up, it doesn't do as good of a job as I had hoped.

-Gentle, no sting and doesn't irritate eyes.
-Leaves no oily residue.
-All natural.
-Wheat proteins and provitamin B5 helps to moisturize skin and strenghten lashes.
-Removes non-waterproof make-up.
-Tiny hole at the opening prevents spilling, easy to control the amount needed.-Doesn't have strong smell

-Does not remove waterproof mascara, all the rubbing is too much for delicate eye areas.
-Pricy for what it does.


  1. Oh! Thanks for the review - maybe, the Neutrogena is the one that I should get.

  2. Oh no. I was reading your post half way and I was thinking to myself, yay a new makeup remover (almsot out of the one I have) but now that you mention it doessn't remove waterproof mascara ... hmmmm ... I think my mascara isn't waterproof ... :)

    Ive used the neutrogena one before and I thought it was too oily :(

  3. Goodness me!!!! I stumbled along to your lovely blog - and YES! I've found someone who also uses the same mascara as me - I refuse to use anything else cus this works like a mofo on my lashes, major love! ♥
    I deffo need to check that Neutrogena eye makeup remover out.. nothing else works on it!!

    Now.. I just need to try find the product in the UK!

  4. Aw what a let down! Any eye makeup remover that doesn't remove waterproof stuff is useless to me... haha. I was hoping that this one would be a winner!

  5. hell yahhhh I LOVE MY NEUTROGENA EYE MAKEUP REMOVER!! lol. works really well for a drugstore brand!

  6. wow, that was a letdown - I definitely need something that can remove waterproof mascara, if I use non-waterproof it ends up smudging all over my lids! thanks for reviewing this - I know to stay away =P

  7. kristina january 13January 15, 2013 at 12:37 PM

    have very dry skin,especially in winter time,tend to have dry patches from cold ..I usually have waterproof mascara and It removes just about everything.And is somehow so easy,watery,doesnt feel at first but it will do the job.Very good safe,environment friendly and my skin friendly product. .Love the smell..It feels like some mild water with a scent of jasmine..Its not cheap for sure but there are much worse yet more expensive products....I usually pay attention to buy organic and pharaben free,sulphate free and as much free from additives free product..