Saturday, April 25, 2009

Review: Yogurt mask

I had a very relaxing Saturday today, hope your weekend is going well too :)

First I'll show food for today:

Apricot currant couscous & chicken --sweet and savory chicken with fluffy and soft couscous, yum! 

Smoked turkey legs!!! These reminded me of Disneyland. As soon as I saw it in the grocery store, I wanted to buy it. It tasted just like the one I had from Disneyland, except not as pricy, hahaha.

And now, yogurt......

but WAIT! Did you think this was part of my lunch today too? Nope, I am here to talk to you about DIY YOGURT MASK.

Many of you probably have heard about Korres Yogurt Velvety Moisturizing Mask from Sephora. I really want to try it after reading many rave reviews. I love the tart sweet smell of yogurt and am willing to try anything that contains yogurt. 

Yogurt is a very healthy snack, it aids with digestion, and is nutritious. Better yet, it helps your skin as well! Today I will introduce to you an inexpensive & easy DIY yogurt mask.

What is this mask:
Take plain yogurt straight out of fridge, slather on face, and let sit for 10-15 minutes or so, then rince off. Go to the mirror and admire your reduced pores and smooth, radiant skin. 
When choosing yogurt, it is perferred to use full fat yogurt instead of fat free or low fat ones. Some reviews said it's more effective this way. Also the creamy texture in full fat yogurt helps the mask to stay on face to prevent dripping.

Where did I hear about this mask:
I heard about this DIY mask while browsing through There were pages and pages of reviews from people who said nothing but good things about this mask. I had leftover yogurt in my fridge at the time, and figured it wouldn't heard to give it a try. I loved the result and how great my skin felt. 

How it works:
Yogurt could help to calm down skin, even out skin tones, and shrink large pores. The yogurt taken directly out of fridge is cooling and relaxing, especially on a hot summer day. 
When you first put the mask on, you will feel a little tingling sensation on skin -- that's probably the lactic acid working. 
Lactic acid from yogurt is a naturally occuring alpha-hydroxy acid that helps to remove dead skin cells, and increase cellular turnover. It also hydrates skin for a fresh complexion. 
In addition, yogurt contains natural source of vitamins and minerals to provide skin with extra nutrition.
This is especially good for oily or acne prone skin, because it could help to sooth inflammation while keeping skin hydrated.

My thoughts:
I've tried this mask several times so far. I think it works well in soothing my skin, and helps making my pores less visible immediately after taking it off. Also, my skin appeared brighter after use. 
I love the fact that it's easy to use, and is inexpensive. I'd recommend you to try it out, even if it doesn't work well for you, simple wash the yogurt off of your face, and enjoy the rest of the tub as a nutrious afternoon snack :)

- all natural,  gentle, soothing, and effective.
- great for travel -- just stop by the local grocery store to get a small tube, the left over will make a great breakfast too!
- flexible, you can do it plain, or add honey, lemon juice, combine with aspirin mask, or whatever to your liking. 
- inexpensive. 
- yummy! Now you have an excuse to lick your face :p Just kidding, but you could have a cup of yogurt while you have the mask on, sit in your favorite spot in the house and relax!
- fantastic for soothing sunburns.

- can be messy if not careful.
- not suitable for people who doesn't like the tart yogurt smell.
- might be a little drying for sensitive skin, make sure to not leave it on for too long.
- watch out, your cat might think you are yummy and come lick you (happened to me several times before!) --haha I guess that could be a pro too :D

So these are my thoughts on this DIY yogurt mask. If you decide to try it on, be sure to let me know how it works out for ya :)


  1. yogurt should be gently to all skin type. thank you. hmm, I will try to do this soon at review in my blog later on xD

  2. Mm I love yogurt too! (Especially frozen yogurt, yum!) I'll have to try this out sometime. =)

  3. YAY, I scrolled down your blog and found your Benefit GWP baggie! Looks like your goodies are more usable than mine! I have lotions + body scrubs. blah. Lemme know when you use it. For me, the brushes kinda kept flopping around so make sure you don't open/ close the baggie too much :) I'm going to follow your blogger now :)

  4. Omg I absolutely LOOOOVE turkey leg!!! Mmmm :P...

  5. that couscous and chicken looks so yummy!

    you sneaky girl you! I got your package in the mail today :) soooooo sweet of you! thank you so much :)