Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Staying organized

Today I organized my DIY CD-case eyeshadow palette. I love being organized and little DIY projects.

Last fall, a few beauty bloggers announced about the 12 Stila eyeshadow set that Costco was selling. I got a set (it was only $16.99 I think, what a steal!), only to realize that the eyeshadows came in their metal pans only. So that very night after I bought it, I found a clean CD case, glued a sheet of magnet inside, and placed all the eyeshadow pans on it, and have been using my self-made palette ever since :)

A couple days ago, Chomsiri made a post about depotting her L'Oreal HIP eyeshadow duos.  I watched her video, and thought this might be a fun little project to do. I only have two of these HIP eyeshadows, but I too dislike the chunky packaging. Plus these HIP duos are about the same size as my Stila ones, so it was time for HIP to move next to Stila and help me fill up the empty space in the CD palette. 

All you need is some source of heat (I used a BBQ torch -- be careful when you are using fire!!), a sharp object (I used a metail nail file) to depot these little pots. Chomsiri has a video on her blog that explained everything very clearly. Thanks girl!~

This was my first time depotting eyeshadows, it seems pretty fun. 

All depotted and organized. The top two rows are Stila shadows, and the bottom 2 are the newly depotted HIP ones. I also depotted a mirror, inpired by Chomsiri :)

What's even cooler is that now I could use the empty pot to keep any 2 of the shadows in for on-the-go, even the Stila ones -- which wasn't an option before.

For the other empty pot, I used a plier to pull away the middle divider so it could hold my Stila cheekcolor that also didn't come with a pot. Talking about versatility. 


  1. damnnnn yours look really nice! some of my e/s got messed up :'( but im glad my video helps! LOL YOU DEPOTTED A MIRROR TOO?! the reason i depotted the mirror is b/c i want one in my new case just in case i dont have a mirror you know? :)

    yours look REALLY neat! *steals, runs away* :D

  2. OMG, good job! Can you depot some of my eyeshadows?

  3. Ooh, you're so lucky to get that stila set at costco! I'm jealous, hehe. At the time I didn't have a Costco near me. :S

    Sticking the stila blusher in the empty is a really great idea! I had no clue they were the same size. =)

  4. lovellyy. thats what i did to all my hip eyeshadows too! its saves alot of space! love it.

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog. You made me go organize my eyeshadows! :D I had fun and my husband thought I was crazy! He realized how much neater everything was after! Thanks for the CD case idea!!

  6. @ mrsdumpling422:
    I can't seem to post comment on your blog! and I couldn't find your email address. Hopefully you see this message :)
    Your name is so cute, hehehe. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I want to see your eyeshadows! Isn't organizing makeup fun? Yea my bf always thinks I'm crazy too, he just doesn't understand the need for it. hahaha.
    You have a really cute blog. Awesome hauls!!!

  7. >.< maybe the next cd case full will be posted, LOL. I messed up alot of them... (good thing I tried it with the eyeshadows that are not expensive though or I would be crying). I'm new to blogspot so I have not figured out the way the site works. I messed around just now after you said you could not comment on my blog. I will def try depotting again and will post the picture :D