Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tiny MAC haul

I missed UPS's first delivery attempt yesterday for my MAC package, and today, I completely forgot that they will come deliver again! So after my morning class, the bf and I went to the other side of campus to buy a graduation present for my friend, and decided to have lunch. After lunch, we chose the longest route to walk back home since we were both stuffed and figured a little walking wouldn't hurt, haha. We even stopped by Tapioca Express to get boba. It wasn't until a couple blocks away from our home that I realized that UPS is delivering my package today! So I ran home really fast, lo and behold, the big brown truck was PARKED right outside of my apartment! Luckily I caught up with the delivery guy at the last minute, and he told me he was just about to leave me a note and drive away. hahaha good thing I got home just on time!

So what did I get from MAC? Well last week I saw hollyannaeree's post about a code for a free sample of MAC Zoom Lash mascara, plus free shipping with any purchase. I've been meaning to get a bottle of brush cleanser but never had the chance to run down to my MAC store, so I figured, hey why not just order from online since it's free shipping anyway! So yea just a tiny little haul:

Can you find Diana's (aka Mayaari) Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser in the picture somewhere? :p

Now I present you with my jasmine green milk tea, I am sipping it right now as I am blog-surfing. It's all because of this boba that almost made me miss my UPS guy again! lol :D


  1. you're making me hungry and thirsty! I love those drinks!