Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mini review: Lancome Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser

I am so exhausted, spent the whole weekend driving around the bay area looking for houses. Can't believe my weekend is already gone and it's back to work tomorrow! ahhhhh I need a holiday!

I also have so much blogger readings to catch up, I'm never behind in my blogger readings!!! hahaha the bf says I take it more seriously than how much I paid attention to my own homework back in college :p He's joking he's joking, I was a diligent student ;)

Today I'll do a quick review on a product that I tried recently. It's the Lancome Generating New Whiteness Spot Eraser. This 5ml sample actually came with my last Asian beauty magazine purchase, to tell you the truth, this little sample was the main motive for me to pick up the magazine, hahaha silly me! I've been very interested in trying out some whitening products to help speed up the fading of my old acne scars and to help me to get a more radient complexion, especially after all the sun during my New Zealand trip (I went there during their summer, and winter for the US, so I completely skipped my winter this year, yay!!! haha :D). 

This 5ml tiny bottle lasted me a good 2 weeks, and I've been using it day and night. The product is very light, and absorbs into my skin very fast and very well. After 2 weeks, I noticed that my acne scars are actually lightening up! Plus it doesn't have any strong scents, and the texture is also perfect for my oily/combo skin. I am really interested in buying this product in full size in the future, but I couldn't find this product on the Lancome USA website. So maybe it's an Asian only product? The closest thing I could find from the Blanc Expert line is this. So maybe this is the name to go by if you live in the US? It sells for $90 for a 1 fl. oz container! Talk about pricy! 

After trying this product, it makes me want to try even more whitening products that many blogger girls have been talking about, especially the one from Paul & Joe!!! But it's so hard for me to get a hold of the product, I wish I live in NYC hahaha :) I am hoping to try out P&J sometimes soon. But right now I need to save as much money as I could for the house fund, so I am on a buying ban :( booo. I guess this will be an opportunity for me to finally try to use up some of my old products, and rediscover some neglected ones!


  1. Glad this works well for you. I'd like to try some whitening products too but not on my face since it's as light as it can get already. Mainly on my shoulders & arms. But what a waste it would be right? hmmm

  2. You're so silly. Yes! Join Project 10 ergh I mean 20. How much makeup + skincare stuff do you have? It's so tempting to go out to buy more stuff, esp reading bout it from our fellow blogger girls.

    Are all of Paul&Joe whitening products? Or is there a specific item? The Lancome product sounds so promising.. but it's so expensive!!

    I forgot to tell you... the makeup remover I use is Paula Dorf Makeup Remover. I bought it from Ulta. I'm probably going to be done with the rest of my bottle in 2-3 weeks. sigh. Time to find a new makeup remover! (hehe makeup remover doesn't count in my project 10)

    Where are you looking to buy in SF? Or is it just the Bay Area? Sacramento houses are SOOOOO cheap!!!!

  3. good luck with the house hunt! that product sounds good, but gah, $90? Well that's about the same price I'm seeing for the Laneige spot treatment that Pink mentioned on her blog to lighten spots, since it's apparently being discontinued.

    hmm if you're off your beauty ban in june, I could try to get the P&J whitening stuff for you, since I'm going to try and meet up with Mona & some bloggers then :)

  4. 90?? Geez! Yes you must buy P&J!

  5. where do u live, there are quite a number of places that sell P&J. You can visit their website and they tell you all the retailers that sell in the U.S.

  6. It worked for you??
    I don't feel like it's done that much yet and I've been using it for a week and a half. BUT I suppose it has worked on the scar on my chin (a bit). Before you could see it with foundation on, but now you can't.

    Although I do agree about it absorbing well and not irritating my skin.

  7. oh wow 90$ thats quite a splurge, but i mean it is worth it, im thinking of buying lancome stuff too, thanks for this review <3 it :]