Saturday, May 9, 2009

Requested Review: Suzuran Attirer Puff

We had such a beautiful weather here today. The bf and I have been relaxing at home, we were both exhausted from all the work we had during the week. Look who came to our balcony and paid us a visit today?

The squirrel was looking for food on our balcony, I have no idea how he/she managed to jump over here because the closest tree branch to the edge of the balcony was still pretty far away. For a while my kitty and the squirrel was doing a staring contest with each other, I'm sure both of them were amused by the other and were wondering what they were, haha :)

Today I am doing a review requested by the lovely Ning*star. She wanted me to talk a little bit more about the Suzuran Attirer cotton puffs that I purchased in my recent Sasa haul

Before I discovered these Japanese made cotton puffs, I have been using the Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds from Costco (manufactured in Germany). However they have discontinued selling those in their warehouses and I couldn't find them anywhere anymore. It was then that I had to resort to find my next best cotton pad to help me apply toners and remove makeup everyday.

The Delon+ cotton rounds are said to have soft edges and lint free. They are also dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic. It claims to be soft, lint-free, remains its shape, more absorbent, less shredding. They come in a pack of 100, and costs about $1.80 per pack if I remember correctly, definitely less than 2 dollars per pack. The product is made with 100% cotton, and also claims to contain aloe vera and provitamin B5. I've used this for quite a while (anyone who shops at Costco knows their stuff always comes in huge packs, I think this particular product comes in 9 pack boxes, so 9x100=900 cotton rounds = long time! haha :)

When I could no longer purchase these from Costco, I resorted to a few online forums in hope to find the next best alternative. Someone recommended the Suzuran Attirer puffs from Japan. They could be purchased online from You could choose from a selection of various sizes, ranging from 90 per pack to 240 per pack. They also carry a few deluxe versions, I think those are bigger sized cotton pads, or maybe thicker, I've never tried them. I bought the 240 pcs per pack one, which costs $1.80 each. That is such a steal! Usually I use 2 pads per day for applying toners, about 2-3 per day for removing makeup, add a few more for weekly nail polish remover, one pack of this will last me well more than a month, for only $1.80. I was sold when I saw the price tag. But what made me want to try them even more was the rave reviews on the website. It is also made with 100% cotton, and has a size of 5cm x 6cm. Here is its description from the website:

"Made from a selection of 100% pure cotton raw material, treated according to the most modern processes, it is absolutely neutral, bleached without optical azuring."

When I feel them both in my hand, the Suzuran one was obviously softer to the touch. The Delon+ one feels denser packed, and is harder to tear apart. Both claims to be lint-free, so I put them to test by wetting them with water and rubbing them back and forth on my hand with pressure. Both held up their shape and did not shed. Don't you hate it when your cotton puff leaves traces of lint on your face!

Putting them up side by side, the Delon+ one on top, and Suzuran on bottom, it is obvious that the Suzuran one is bigger. The Delon+ seems slightly thicker than the Suzuran one. But is the extra thickness needed? Despite how thin the Suzuran one is, it absorbs liquid very well. This is a huge plus for cotton puffs because that means we don't end up wasting as much of those expensive toners or makeup removers. Instead of getting all absorbed onto the cotton which will later be thrown away, the Suzuran one takes very little liquid yet feels moist enough to be adequately used for our purpose. 

Also when applied against my sensitive eyelids, the Delon+ one felt a bit more scratchy than Suzuran. Suzuran felt extremely soft and light.

Suzuran has 2 textured sides that could easily be separated into two:

And from the 2, it could then be easily separated into...

4 paper thin pieces, w/ no lint flying all over:

This added advantage means that you could soak Suzuran in your favorite toner and apply onto face as a paper mask. I know soaking paper masks into toner as daily sheet mask is very popular in Asia, but those tablet masks are really hard to find here in the US. When I run of of sheet mask, I could just dip Suzuran into some rose water toner and stick them on my face. How versatile!

Let's try the same with Delon+:

I peeled really carefully but still couldn't clearly separate the cotton pad w/out the messy result, also you can clearly see that it's probably not a good idea to stick those on your face as masks because the messy lint will be all over your face.

So here is my review for the Suzuran Attirer Puff cotton pads, it is extremely soft and durable. It's very absorbant, and leaves no strands of fiber on your face. Plus, it could double as a paper mask. Best of all, it is very cheap at $1.80 for 240 of them. 

Many of you might wonder how it compares to the CS Being cotton that's sold at many Asian markets in the US. It comes in a pack of 222 sheets. I've also used those in the past. It's not bad. Although compared to Suzuran, it felt more flimsy, and will deform and stretch easily. The Suzuran ones hold up liquid very well w/ out the soggy feeling. If you are planning on ordering from anytime soon, add a few packs of Suzuran, I promise you won't be disappointed :) Everytime I order something from Sasa, I always tend to add a few packs of these to stock up. Plus it's an easy thing to buy to gather up to the $75 free shipping deal :p Also, they are out of stock often, you could set an email alert and Sasa will send you an email when it's back in stock so you could go purchase them before they are out again :)

That's it girls, hope you all are having a fun weekend! :)


  1. Thanks for your brief review. I have been using the Delon+ Premium Cotton Rounds from Costco for years. I have no idea they discontinued, I still have a few packs left. I agree with you the CS Being cotton is too flimsy. I will get a pack to try the next time I place an order with sasa.

  2. Lint free cotton puffs?!! Aww I want, if I order, would that void my no makeup haul? :(

  3. The squirrel is so cute! Too bad they wouldn't try in our land or else they will freak out with Tobey... hehe~

  4. Hi Lulu!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your sweet comment about my jewelry :) IT's so cool that you are in Berkeley too!! Do you go to school here or do you just live in the city? Perhaps we should all meet up when Fuz comes to the Bay! :D

  5. Hey Lulu! Thanks for the follow and comment! I never thought about cotton pads so much before...But I think you definitely have a point! But I have a recollection of buying those japanese cotton pads before in a drugstore...


  6. aww, thank you lulu.. haha xD, i think that round cotton pad is really cute, uh, too bad it is discontinued! well, suzuran is just nice i think! hehe =P

  7. great review! too bad the round cotton pad is discontinued!

  8. Wow, I've never used high quality cotton pads before, maybe I should start...except I don't know where to get them in the States.

  9. I was not that impressed with suzuran,um...I much love the cosme decorte cotton, anna sui and suqqu ones, but they are a bit more expensive tho:-( I have yet to try that shiseido natural one everyone seems to be talking about!

  10. @ miss_waterlily:

    I think Suzuran is good for its value, compared to some of the crappy ones I've tried for about the same price, it comes out to be the best, so soft! But I have not tried any of the ones you mentioned, I also wanted to try the Shiseido ones too.

  11. I've ordered the Suzuran Attirer Puff after reading raving reviews on several beauty blogs and I just don't get it... Ok, it is soft, it does not cover your face with lint, but it is so thin that one pad is never enough and it rips along both edges everytime I use them !!!
    I find this so annoying that I do not intend on ever repurchasing
    I will keep looking for better brands!

    1. Dear Anon,

      I think as an everyday cotton puff, it's a great value. However I have seen Suzuran quality declining over the years (this review was done 3 years ago!) -- they don't hold their shape as well anymore. But they are still soft and lint free, and for the brief few seconds that I use to wipe over my face lightly for toner application, it does a great job! However I've switched to thicker cotton pads for nail polish removal or anything that requires excessive rubbing. For toner though it is great, because it is thin and does not waste a lot of the toner, which could be pricy. So I think depending on how you use it, Suzuran could be a great choice. I would suggest you to try the Shiseido ones if you are looking for another brand.