Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sasa Haul

Just came back from the post office to pick up my big box of Sasa haul. I made this purchase on sasa.com last month around my birthday. It took forever to arrive, but it was well worth the wait :)

The damage:

I didn't buy any makeup in this order, all skincare products. I wanted to try out different masks, especially for the eye area. My eye area tends to be on the dry side, especially when I have allergy. All the rubbing and wiping took a strain my eyes and I've noticed some fine lines around them...noooooo!!! Better start protecting!

Eye masks:

1. Hisamitsu Lifecella Essence Sheet Mask (For Eye Contour)

These eye masks are individually wrapped, and the instruction said it's okay for daily use. It's a great deal for eye masks, I think I paid $22 for 5 boxes of it, and each box contains 5 of these masks. Hopefully they'll work well :)

2. Naris Up Memotia Wrinkle Eye Mask

This one is interesting, it comes with 44 (or 22 pairs) of paper eye mask stored in a plastic tub, and before your first use, you have to tear open a baggie filled with essence and let all of them soak. Afterwards you could store the rest of the masks in fridge or something so it's refreshing and cooling when you use it later. I can't wait to give it a try.

Face masks:

1) Kose Clearturn Platinum Nano Colloid Mask

I've seen this in Mitsuwa before, but I think Sasa sells it for cheaper. PLATINUM?! in a mask? It says it's suppose to whiten, we'll see how it works.

2) O'slee Skin Aerobics Oil Controlling Sleeping Mask

I've always wanted to try out sleep masks. I think it's perfect for lazy ppl like me, hahaha :) It's a really cool idea, to put on your mask and just go to sleep w/out worrying about it. It'll be perfect for those days when I'm just too sleepy to wait for my masks to dry/get ready, so this will get me to bed 10 or 20 min earlier!

O'slee also carries a sleeping pack (the left one on picture) that's suppose to be similar to the water sleeping pack from Laneige. I really want to try the Laneige one later as many girls have raved about it!

3) Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask

This is one of my all time favorite masks. Pink recently also talked about it on her blog. It is this black mask that drys up to a firm film and you have to peel it off. It literally grabs onto all the gunk and little hairs on your face and pulls them clean, so amazing. But it also hurts a lot at first if you are not used to it. So be careful and pull slowly if you want to try it. It's suppose to help whiten your face too, I do notice an instant brightening afterwards, but it doesn't last long. It leaves my face feeling super clean and smooth. 

4) Kose softymo Men's Nose Clean Pack

I bought the men's version of this nose pore strip because it's suppose to be bigger in size. I decided to give this one a try since the regular one was out of stock at the time. I like how it's a black pore strip so it's really easy to see all the yuckies you can pull out from your nose, hahaha.


Also included in my haul were the Mentholatum Acnes Oil Contol Film, I got this to try out and compare to all the other oil absorbing sheets I've used. 

I also got two packs of the Suzuran Attirer Puff, it's the best cotton pad I've ever used. It's so soft, and yet durable enough that it doesn't tear and leave cotton pieces on your face. Best of all, it's super cheap, about 2 bucks for 240 pieces! I use these to apply my toner, to remove makeup and nail polish, and just about everything! I always try to buy a few packs to stock up when I shop at Sasa.

Finally, since I spent over $75, they included a little sample of a whitening serum. I kinda wished it was bigger, haha.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want me to review anything :)

Look who else is here to check out my haul:


  1. hi dear, can u do a review about the ATTIRER PUFF? curious =P
    Naris up eye mask is cute. lovely haul. love it love it!

  2. Love your hauls! I know what you mean about those online hauls! takes a looooonggg time but when we receive the products, they really are worth the wait :) Can't wait to see how they goes :)

  3. love the haul! i too need to find a really great eyecream before i get wrinkles around the eyes! ahhhhh.

  4. i love skin care products but i have never heard of these brands =X lemme know how it goes!

    your cat is adorable

  5. i need to start investing in skincare items! =X tell me how it goessss !

  6. whoaaa so many masks!!! I love face mask too. The wrinkle eye mask looks interesting. Let us know how well it works!!!

  7. Nice haul!!! The eye masks look interesting! Please update on how you like all those masks, hehehe.

  8. Suzuran attirer!! Aren't they incredible?? Let us know which masks you like the best!

  9. Nice haul! BTW, if you pay a little extra for shipping (they have an express option or something) you can get your order w/in a week...if you're ever really eager the next time you order :) Those Naris Up eye masks look interesting - I like the Silk Whitia eye masks, they look like Batman's mask, haha

    you should definitely try out the Laneige sleeping pack - I've been trying out the purple O'slee mask (pore refining) and it's alright, but the Laneige one makes your skin feel soooo soft the next morning!

  10. Meow, Kitty cat :) What's her name? I agree, I think that Summer and your kitty has the same color tag. It's the Pink heart from Petsmart :) Summer Catcat just turned 3 today (5.5). I can't believe how much she's grown! *sniffles* How old is your lil fuzball?

    HUGE haul. I'm keeping my eye on you. NO MORE HAULING until you hit pot! However, I want to try- Kose Medicated Seikisho Whitening Mask. Sounds so good!

    That's cool you live in Berkeley. It's such a chill college town/city. Did/Do you go to school there too?? Yah, new houses go for sooo much in the bay area. I live in Sacramento (North Natomas to be exact), and commute to Davis for school. I'd rather commute than to have to live by noisy college kids. My BF and I have been thinking about buying in Sac since the prices are so low, but we're afraid of investing then finding out the property will still go down in price. Plus, I dont' know if I really want to settle down in boring Sac-town and work, and have a family here for the rest of my life... I seriously feel like the token Asian girl in my neighborhood...

    It varies month to month how many times I go back to SF. Last month, I think I went back almost every weekend and stayed for 2 days during the week. This month, I'm probably going back once for Mother's day.

  11. There was a sale on a bunch of the SW masks a couple months ago on sasa, that's probably why they were/are sold out (for that kind of deal it's totally worth breaking a no-buy, haha)...don't mean to entice you with more stuff to try while you're still on your ban =T but at least you can make a list & prioritize what to get when you're off your ban!

  12. Hi Hon..

    BOO! You've been TAGGGGED by ME! Lets play!! Check out my post for the tag!


    I just realized we write longassssss comments to each other. Wanna email instead?

  13. I love Attirer cotton puffs too! They are my favorite. When I finally put in my order for sasa I was upset they limit the amount you can purchase on any single item.. I was gonna order 10... =/ I bought masks too.. but my shipment barely went out yesterday because my paypal payment had issues. Oh.. your in Norcal, hmm... well glad you found that market that sells all asian products. There are a ton in soCal...