Friday, May 1, 2009

Trying gradation nails

I love the way gradation nails look, especially the ones with lots of sparkly glitters, so cute! Today I attempted gradation nails for the first time.

With flash on:

Regular light:

I finally got home early enough today to be able to take photos without flash on. But it's still quite gloomy outside since it's been raining, boo rain...why do you have to come when my weekend is finally here!

What do you think? I am happy the way it turned out for my first try :) It's so cute and girly, perfect for the spring time.

And all the nail polishes used for this nail:

OPI base coat, L'Oreal Mauve Magique Crystal (a sparkly mauvy-red polish), Maybelline Clearly In Love (Valentine's day edition with fine glitters and silver hearts all over), TheFaceShop (in WH005, it's a clear polish with glitters and silver stars in it), Sinful Colors in Pinky Glitter (Mayaari gave this to me in her contest prize) -- love love love!, and last but not least, a top coat. 

I went to Costco the other day and found these:

They are those ultra thin space saving clothes hangers that helps you to maximize your closet space compared to regular hangers. They are all black and are covered in this fine velvety kind of cloth. Comes in 50 of them in a box for $14.99 at Costco, the best deals I've ever came across for these. I dragged 2 boxes into the cart, the bf gave me a doubtful look and said, "are you sure we need 100 of them?", to which I replied, "oh yes just wait till we exchange all our crappy hangers to this once we move, we might even need more!" :p So if you guys want to give these hangers a try so you can empty out some more closet space and get more clothes for the soon approaching summer, head over to Costco! haha :)

I am soooo glad weekend is finally here! Happy Friday and have a fun weekend you guys! :)


  1. Your nails look amazing. Where are you graduating from? I have been neglecting my MSF duo this month. What I did was, I used a kabuki brush to use the natural side as a finishing powder to set my makeup, and the shimmery side, I used a small brush to pick it up, I used the MAC HK 109 LE brush since it's small enough to pick up one side. The kabuki brush I used was the Toofaced kabuki. Hope this helps :))))))))

  2. LOL, how stupid of me. I was reading the text way too fast that I mistakened the U for an A. Good luck with the MSF duo. YOu can also sweep both sides with a kabuki or brush and have a slight shimmer on your face :) I've only done that once

  3. your nails are cute!
    i still SUCK at doing gradation nails

  4. The nail design looks pretty and cute. =)

  5. so pretty!! i have to go buy glittery nail polish now !! :D

  6. You did a great job~ Very cute!

  7. You did a great job on your nail. So pretty! Man, I gotta look for those hangers at Costco.