Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Update and my no-buy ban

Just got home 2 hours ago (at 11PM), another exhausting day. We got called by our agent at work this afternoon to go to her office to sign the paperworks. The good news is, we just made our FIRST offer on a house we liked! Now let's all pray that it'll go through and we'll get the house :)

Since May 1st, I've decided to give myself a ban on buying any make-up and skin care products until I meet my goal of completely using up 10 products. The reason being that I have stocked up too much products that needs to be used up, and the more I finish now, the easier it'll be for me to move later. Imagine carrying 5 big boxes of bottles/jars/tubs of skincare products and another 3 boxes of makeup when I'm moving! hah! Also, I need to save as much money as I could for the house I am buying. And honestly, I shouldn't be buying for a while since I started hauling like crazy since 2009 came around, and I should have enough products to last me a looong time!

I was inspired by Lollipop26's Project 10 Pan, but I am cutting myself some slack and will include skin care products. This is because I think it'll take ages for me to hit pan on ANY of my makeup products right now since most of my stuff are still new -- I already threw away all the old ones last month :( I figured this will also give me an opportunity to finally finish up all my half-used products and perhaps re-discover some old love :) This ban will be lifted until I hit 10 products (I originally wanted to make it 20, but nah...hehehe) [EDIT 5/20/09: Let's make it 20!!! I think I got off to an easy start because when I started on my no-buy ban, I happened to be running low on a bunch of products, as a result, I was able to hit 10 easily within the past 20 days. Therefore I wanted to make it 20 just to be fair], OR once I pay off all the down-payment and all the required fees for my future home, whichever comes sooner. I hope it's the latter :p

I'll be updating with my progress on my blog. I will also talk briefly about each product I've used up, and let you know how they are. If this is fun, I might continue doing this even after I lift my ban since if I used up a product completely, it probably means I like it to keep using it right? i.e. Korres body butter! It's looooove!

Let's get started:

Product #1: Zim's Crack Cream

It's a soft and silky care for dry, cracked skin on hands, feet, elbows, knees, and cuticles. I bought this from Walgreens to help heal my dry heels. My feet tend to be extremely dry and cracked during the summer EVERY SINGLE time I wear flip-flops, it's REALLY annoying! So every night after I shower and before I go to bed, I slather foot cream on my feet. Sometimes during the winter when my heels need extra care, I even put on a pair of cotton socks to let the lotion to its work while I sleep. Ever since I started this routine, my heels have never cracked or gone extremely dry, yay!

I guess the word "crack" really caught my attention while I was browsing through Walgreens, I hate cracked heels! The cream smells very herbal-ey, I don't like it at all. But I didn't care much since it's on my feet anyway haha. This and Ped-egg keep my heels soft and smooth :)

Product #2: CARMEX lip balm

This little yellow tube works WONDERS to protect my lips from getting chapped. It also heals chapped lips super fast. It's a must have for me, especially during the winter weathers. Best of all, it's not pricy at all. You could also find this at Walgreens, or any drugstores.

It kinda smells like medicine -- not the most wonderful smell in the world. But it disappears after a while.  Yay for moisturized lips. I use this product before I go to bed at night. It tends to be on the greasy side, so I don't like to use this during the day, plus I prefer a lip balm with SPF for day time use. 

That's it for today. I will be dreaming about the house tonight, hahaha :)


  1. oh... did u get some when u were here? or is it avaliable in the states? lol

  2. YAY! I'm glad you're in for lollipop26's Project 10. WOOOHOOOO! Now i have a motivator! YOU:)

    Which part of SF do you live now? I really hope I can move back to the bay area after I'm completely done with school. The only thing that lured me here is the nice nice niceeeee weather in the summer + newer houses.

    You know what's crazy? I live in a condo complex (I'm renting now), and we live in this quad layout. (One residence in each corner in our building), well ... we have NO neighbors... meaning the other 3 "residents" = foreclosed and or trying rent out their place. We moved here in mid Feb and we see/hear ppl walking in and out looking and the other places but nobody caved in to becoming our neighbors. It's kinda scary, yet I kinda like it cuz our area has less human traffic.

  3. Crack cream!! Hahahaa, I thought it's for the butt at first... :P

  4. wow i must try that crack cream cuz i too have cracky heelsss!! ughh i hate itt. and i love carmex!

  5. LOL! fuz's comment made me laugh!

    that's a good idea about the no buy thing & hitting pan.
    i'm sitting here wondering if i ever hit pan on anything. lol only face stuff, that's for sure. but then i stopped buying eye shadows so i'm proud of myself. i actually haven't really been wearing make up. but i also haven't really bought any. so i guess i need to make a different sort of goal. haha

  6. You know..

    I thought I was only the only that noticed the Carmex smell... Haha (: But it does work wonders.

  7. lol crack cream? I might have to look for that the next time I'm at Walgreen's, my feet go through the same thing each summer. Oddly enough, the pedegg seems to make my heels worse after I use it now =T I'll stick with scrubs/exfoliating products (it'll be easier to hit pan then, haha)

  8. we could do a swapif youd like? :)