Sunday, May 24, 2009


Yay for long weekend! Are you doing anything fun this weekend? I am totally jealous of Mel for going to Vegas, I want to goooo! :D

Today's post will be an assortment of random updates.

First of all, food! Last Friday, AbcgrrrL and I went to food and window shopping in SF Japantown, and I bought these beautiful and yummy looking mochis from Nippon-ya. Not only were the boxes pretty, the nochis themselves were too cute to be eaten!

White Bean Jam Bun (Higo no Ponpoko Temariuta)

Cherry Flavored Arrowroot Mochi with White Bean (Sakura Kuzu Mochi)

Also in Japantown, I brought home some mochi crunch (Arare), because I've been dying to try out the ever so popular Hawaiian Hurricane Popcorn that Wuzzy made all the blogger girls drool :) Unfortunately those cute packages of special popcorn are not readily available around where I live. Thankfully, Wuzzy kindly wrote about how to make your own hurricane popcorn at home, of course I was eager to try it out!

What do ya think? Lightly buttered fresh popped popcorn with mochi crunch and furikake with a sprinkle of seaweed, and dust of Li-Hing Mui Powder. Tastes 1000X better than my regular old popcorn, YUMMO!!!

Then yesterday, my best friend from college came to town to visit us, and she brought me birthday presents! To my surprise, she gave me a big box of See's Candies Lollypops, my favorite!!! and another box of chocolates, which I couldn't wait to try out as soon as I got home. Chocolate = happy me! :D

Something beauty related -- my nails from the other day. This was my first SUCCESSFUL attempt at doing any sort of designs without the help of stick-on nail arts! hahaha :) I used the LA Colors Art Deco Nail Lacquer in White on top of a pink nailpolish. Hopefully I can practice and do more complicated designs on my nails later, I want to be as good as Nikki! She's so talented with doing nail designs :)

Finally, an update on Project No-Buy Ban. As of 5/20, AbcgrrrL and I decided that we would be good girls and go for Project 20 instead. Of course, we are including skincare items in our project, which are obviously easier and faster to use up than makeup :) The goal we are aiming for is to give our half-used-sitting-in-the-corner products one more chance and finish them so they don't go to waste. I am sure a lot of you girls are guilty of the same thing :) We all love to try out different products, most of the time even before finishing our current ones. As a result, we have half used products that slowly get neglected. Please join us on our project and rediscover some old loves :) Of course, you don't have to do 20 if you don't want to, haha, every little bit counts :)

I've been doing quite good with mine, last time I counted I already have about 10 products and counting! I am so glad to be finishing off some produts that were half used, and finding out that they weren't so bad after all :) It also helped me control my impulsive purchases on new products, esp. when I think about all the ones I still need to finish. The more I use up, the more room I'll have for new hauls in the near future, right? :) I'll update you with pictures and short reviews of some of my used up products in the next post, please stay tuned!


  1. AWWW thank you for the sweet shoutout, girl! I love the nails you did :)

    I am hungry with the food and snacks you posted :D

  2. OMG 10 products already?? You need to make yours project 40 hahah since I'm 1/4 done with mine :( MMMMM the food looks so yummmmmmmy... I want more mochissssssssssssss. cry. I'm hungry..

  3. Cute nails! Nipon-ya is fun to shop at. I always walk in there and want everything. I love making my own hurricane popcorn too, much easier and tastier. Hope your having a fun holiday weekend.

  4. Mmmm... food, looks good. haha I see that Carol still has not started a blog :P .

    But good for you guys for trying to go for a no-buy at 20, I would love to try to do that but recently I've been too weak and have been buying more because of the recent makeup stuff.

  5. Good job with the no-buy lulu!! My makeup collection is ALWAYS incredibly small, b/c I liiiike it un huh un huh! HU HU HU xD~

    I'm VERY OCD about being able to fit ALL my makeup comfortably inside a 7"x7"x7", 3-drawer container. If it ever exceeds that amount, I know it's time to downsize LOL... and this box includes my brushes, eyelash curler, bobby pins, 2 watches, and sunscreen too! haha...

  6. omg the food! they look sooo yummy! and cute nails! :D

  7. awwww...i like your nails. first attempt? well its very pretty!

  8. Yea Japantown!! :D Those pastries look delicious and too cute to eat.

  9. cool that u have japantown, I don;t have japan town >.<
    yummy jam jam!

  10. mmm, i wish i can eat some mochi!

  11. those pastries/buns look delicious! and congrats on being well on your way to project 20 :)

  12. cute nails..n wonderfulfood..
    n TY for dropin by at my blog..
    nice blog of urs...following..:)

  13. your nails are so cute!! i love mochis... any mochis :DD the japanese does the best sweets xD

  14. love the nails, so cute!