Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap: Japantown Fun & SF Blogger Meet

Hello Monday! After a long day at work today, I am going to cheer myself up by updating my blog and organizing all the pictures from the SF Blogger Met that Fuz hosted Friday night!

Since the blogger meet was at 9PM on Friday, Abcgrrrl and I decided to take off work early during the day and hang out in SF beforehand. She picked me up on her way up to the bay and we headed out for Japantown!

I had so much fun hanging out with Abcgrrrl. We never knew we had so much in common, and we had so much things to say to each other. She is like my long lost best friend and I'm so glad that we found each other! She was such a sweetie and brought me presents, look at all that yummies she gave me! 

The Li Hing Sour Apples is the yummiest thing ever! I am so addicted to it, in fact I am chewing on it as I am updating right now. 

We stopped by every little stores in Japantown and admired cute stuff on the shelves, especially anything that reminded us of our kitties (we are both cat lovers). We both bought a bunch of yummy snacks. Look at the pretty packaging on these mochi boxes!

For dinner, she took me to her favorite Pho spot in town. They serve the yummiest chicken pho ever. If you are ever in SF, go get pho from Turtle Tower Restaurant!

After dinner, we drove to Bubble Lounge and were SUPER excited to be able to finally meet Fuz in person! It was also sooooo much fun to meet all the other bloggers and readers in the SF area. I had such wonderful times that night! 

These two pictures are from Mihoko's super cool portable printer. She was nice enough to print out multiple copies and gave each one of us some souvenirs to take home!

With Abcgrrrl and Fuz, Fuz is so gorgeous, and super tall! hahaha. Shoulda wore my high heels that night :p

Posing with our shots of kamikaze!

Some of us outside of Bubble Lounge before parting. Lookie all the Sephora bags :)

We all got generous presents from Fuz!

How did you know I've been wanting to try Boscia green tea blotting linens for ages?! Thank you so much! All your presents will be put to good use :) I am so glad you liked the stickers I gave you, haha and thanks for the compliment! 

Olivia also brought goodie bags for all of us. Thank you so much girl! That See's candy lolli is my favorite! It was gone as soon as I got home that night :) It was so wonderful to meet you!

This was my first time meeting other bloggers in person. I had a great time meeting them, and they are all so amazing! Even though it was everyone's first time meeting, but we all connected and acted like long time friends : ) Thanks so much Fuz for having all of us together, please come back to SF soon so we could all do this again!!!

Thanks so much to Audrie and her lovely boyfriend for giving me a ride home. Not only did we find out that we go to the same school, but that we are neighbors!!! We literally live in the building right next to each other, and I pass by her window all the time on my way home!!! hahaha such a small world, we were both shocked once we found out how close we live to each other. It was so nice to meet you Audrie, good luck on your finals and I hope we can hang out again soon!

For more pictures of the SF Pow Wow, visit these lovely girls at:





  1. Aw...Why wasn't I informed about this SF meetup? I missed this. =( Great photos and everyone looks great. =)

  2. Fun friday! :) Can't wait to do it again! Now, find me a neighbor I can be friends with :P

  3. awwwww u ladies loook lovelyy!!!! omg lihing sour apples!! those are one of the best candies ever LOL!

  4. Hi Lulu!!!
    It was fun meeting you. The bf had fun too. Next time you're in the city def give me a call.
    Jtown really is fun to do a lot of window shopping isn't it?

  5. @ cleung341, omg Carol you NEED to start a blog, go go go :) :) Thanks so much to your bf for taking all the lovely photos for us!!! I hope he wasn't terribly bored :p I'll def give you a call when I go to the city, we need to hang out more :)

  6. face mask!! I AM SO JEALOUS!! lol my mom stole all mine. haha she says she neesd them more than I do

  7. ooo cute pics! lately im obsessed with face masks!!

  8. aww, how nice...
    i spotted something, Fuz's legs are very pretty! haha xD

  9. Yay!! You're pretty tall, actually, you're not too much shorter than me without heels, and I was wearing 2 inch heels! Hehehe!

    Thank you for everything girl, gotta do it again!

  10. Hi Lulu! I was that random girl that came and left ahaha... anyways i just wanted to say hi and that I'm glad to have met you even though I didn't get to chat enough... maybe we need another blogger :D

  11. Yay you guys got to meet!! how cool!!! I wish I was able to join you guys! it looks so much fun!!!

  12. Awesome to hear that you and Abcgrrrl had a blast!! You girls look smashing! =)

  13. Awww I'm so jealous about the meet up! What great pics, and you girls all look so pretty... And all those sephora bags! :D

  14. Hahaha I like your headband! The Li Hing sour apples look yummy but I'm too chicken to try sour candies!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting ^^

  15. Hiya thanks for commenting!!

    the gathering looks fun! Fuz does look tall! xD nice haul i love mochis too :D

  16. aww, looks like you all had a great time at the meetup!