Thursday, June 18, 2009

100 Followers :D

Yayyyy officially has 100 followers! Thanks so much to everyone who is following and reading my blog! 

Just a reminder that my contest is ending tomorrow! Thanks for those that already entered and gave me great suggestions for things to buy for my new house! If you haven't joined yet, click HERE to join! As promised, since my followers have increased to more than 100 since this contest started, I will choose more than 1 winners (possibly 2 more?) tomorrow and will be sending out surprise prizes to those lucky ones :D

Sorry that I haven't been updating this week, life has been extremely stressful, especially with stuff to deal with for the new house. Please on the lookout for new posts soon!


  1. Yay congrats!! Can't wait to see the winners haha

  2. congrats on 100

  3. Congratulations, hun!
    I really liked the idea of us discussing home decor. I hope I'll get something very soon!

  4. 101. YAY! :) See u Sat or Sun? I have your LOVE package! (well... love bag?)

  5. Congrats for 100 followers! it'll get to 200 in no time :)

  6. yay! congrats on reaching 100 followers! feels great, doesnt it?! hehe. cant wait to hear the winners *crosses fingers*.. lol..