Monday, June 22, 2009

AbcGrrrL loves me!

Time for a weekend update! Hope everyone had a great weekend, and all the girls that went to IMATS, yes you! I want to hear all about it and your haullll!!! :]

My weekend was pretty relaxing. On Saturday, the bf and I had hotpot for lunch at the Far East Mall in Richmond. While I was walking around, I spotted something familiar in the middle of the mall -- it was The Face Shop! Appearantly the Santa Clara store is thinking about opening another store in the bay area, and they are testing out the market in Richmond. So all you east bay girls, we might have our own The Face Shop soon! :)

Since AbcGrrrl (Edna) was driving to SF for Father's Day weekend, and we had planned on meeting up that afternoon on her way up, I called her in excitement to tell her to stop by and check out The Face Shop and meet there instead.

It was really exciting seeing Edna again, and this time I got to meet her sister as well :) We each brought "love bags" for each other, with stuff that we've been collecting for one another since the last time we've met. 

Edna LOOOVVES me!! Look at all the goodies she carefully picked out for me, and my kitty-cat Mia too! She knows Mia liked a special treat that her cat Peter also liked, and gave me more :) She got me more Li Hing sour apples! She gave me a bag last time and I couldn't stop raving about how yummy those were. If you haven't tried it, you've got to try this Hawaiian snack...yummiest thing ever! 

Of course, what's a beauty blogger w/out beauty products! Edna got me my first 2 China Glaze nail polishes, including "For Audrey". A while ago she was asking me whether if I have that color, and I told her no. Now I know why she was asking! You sneaky sneaky :p She also knows that we both love the Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner, and gave me another one in R.S.V.P -- a great color to add to my collection. That Benefit Kitten body puff is just the cutest thing ever, and she knows I'm a sucker for anything cat related :) Then she gave me a sample of Benefit That Gal primer to try, because she told me it was one of her favorites. I'll try that soon and let you all know how it is! The orange tube is the warming lotion that Fuz mentioned in one of her Imomoko hauls before, it's suppose to warm up your body on contact for those chilly days. We both thought this would be perfect for the chilly SF weather, I can't wait to try this out! (just have to wait for the weather to cool down soon! haha) Edna also gave me her Bumble and bumble thickening spray. I always complain to her about how flat my hair is and that I'm always looking for products to volumize my hair. So she gave me hers to try! 

I am saving the best for the last to introduce! Not only did she write me a sweet love note, but check out her cute business card!!! They have the cutest design in the back! Thank you sooooo much Love! I love everything you picked for me, and I can't wait to see you again soon :D

So back to The Face Shop, here is what I got, not so much (...wait till you check out Edna's haul :p). We both gave each other the Okay to purchase some stuff this time because 1) we never get to visit The Face Shop since the store is so far away from us, and it was rare that they came to the east bay, 2) we are (almost) done with Project 20! I'll update on that in a later post :)

More sheet masks, a green based primer (which works really well on evening out my red cheeks), and an apple flavored hand cream that smells oh-so-good and looks sooo cute! 

Also, the sales lady told us that if you go to their website, and see anything you liked. You could call their Santa Clara store, and they could ship the products to you! Here is their business card w/ contact info:

On Sunday, we went to visit Mia. She's being taken care of by the bf's dad while we are preparing to move. 

This is Mia during her car ride:

A picture of her shamelessly licking her foot and giving me the dirty eyes:

I also bought some pretty beads and another thin-nosed plier for doing my crafts. I'll talk more about my recent creations later :)

And finally, I'll finish off the post with my golden kiwi! I tried these bigger, sweeter version of green kiwifruit during my trip to New Zealand and loved it! So I was really excited when I found some in the grocery store. It's sooooooo good!


  1. great items, I have some bead items to do too. Beginner :)

  2. You are right, I do LOVE you <3333333

  3. I'm giggling @ Mia's pictures! Summer & Peter would FREAK out if they're not in their crate during their car ride!! They're going to the vet in Aug (@ Davis), which one should be crated and which should roam free? I think Summer / Peter should be free. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Oooh, Edna sure loves you!!!

  5. yum! the golden kiwi looks delishimost :)
    Awww! Mia is so cute :3 =^.^=
    and your haul *gasp* so lovely!! :D you deserve it though :)

  6. golden kiwi? i'm sure it's great if you say so! i baked soem more "hot lava" cupcakes and fed a bite to my husband, then he stopped playing his game to eat some more! LOL.

  7. oOo LOVE THE GOODIES FROM EDNA! ahhh and that kiwi looks yummy!

  8. ohh what a sweet package!! everything looks so nice and her business card are so kawaii!! love your haul! I cantwaitto see your creations! :D

  9. Oh. My. God. I was JUST THERE at the Face Shop like, a week ago!!!! O_O Have I ran into you before LULU???!!!! Hahahhaa xD When I was there, I was more interested in the bakery store tho.. lol... and also the Korean massage store. (My two other faves besides beauty - eating and relaxing.) ;D

  10. how sweet of Edna!!! cant wait to see what you make with those beads :)

  11. What a cute cat!
    I like kiwi too.
    And I envy your goods <333


  12. oh wow so much stuff from edna! :D

  13. cool stuff!! aww, mia.

  14. mmm golden kiwi :)

    what nice gifts from E :) I sooo want to go to a Face Shop store, but I think the closest one is still 2 hours away =T maybe I can talk my bf into going to the NYC pow wow a little early so I can check out the store on the way up, haha

    ooh, whatcha makin with all those beads?

  15. aww! MIA is too adorable!! yes Edna is the sweetest ever!! Ohhh Aubrey! I so want that color in a long timeee!! ahahaha!

  16. OOOOo look at all the goodies! your love package to Edna was pretty big too! haha

  17. Mia is so adorable! And I love all the stuff Edna gave you, she's such a sweetheart! Can't wait to see your creations ;)

  18. your cat is such a cutie!!
    i wonder how long the warming lotion lasts

  19. Hi! New reader here! Thanks for the address to The Face Shop. I live in the east bay and I've been looking for this place. I tried yelping it and I couldn't find it. But it works out since I'm always in Santa Clara all the time. hehe Thanks! Do you know of any other "Asian" skincare/make-up stores in the bay?

    Thanks again!

  20. @Anonymous, Hi! Thanks for reading my blog!! I don't know how to contact you back, so hopefully you see my message here to you!

    I'm glad you can visit The Face Shop now! There are a few other skincare/makeup stores in the bay that I've visited. First of all, San Jose has two japanese super market that carry some Asian beauty items -- Mitsuawa and Marukai. I personally think Mitsuawa has better selection, plus it's near Kinokunya (the Japense bookstore) that carry a TON of Asian beauty/fashion magazines and lots of cute stationaries :)

    Also, the plaza where The Face Shop is at, is actually full of Korean stores. When you are in the parking lot facing all the stores, on your right hand side is The Amore, they sell a lot of Laneige stuff. Make sure you check that out when you visit The Face Shop!

    My other favorite place to go to is Japantown in SF. They have a bunch of good stores too :)

    Hope that helps!!!

  21. Hi! Thanks for the response. I knew I forgot to include my contact info haha. I haven't figured out blogger just yet. But yay, the same plaza has an Amore store that's great! Oh I think there's an Ichiban, I think that was the name at Tanforan Mall. I was in the area a few weeks back and it was coming soon. So it should be open by now. Just an FYI. Thanks again!