Sunday, June 7, 2009

Favorite foundation tag + initial review of Korres scrub

Chomsiri started a FOUNDATION tag!

She said: "I want to see ALL of your foundations! Then tell me, out of all, which ONE is totally your favorite! (If you dont do this tag, you will get a huge zit the next day)"

haha no one wants huge zit the next day!!! So I'm doing this tag as soon as I can to avoid my potential zits :p Just kidding hehe :p

So my current stash of foundations, BB creams, tinted moisturizers, and all things base makeup:

From left to right (top row) -

1. Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream

2. L'egere Multi White BB Cream

3. L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream

4. Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

5. Everyday Minerals Semi-Matte Mineral Foundation

6. Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Mineral Loose Powder 

7. Jane Be Pure Mineral Powder

Bottom row -

8. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

9. Rimmel Recover

10. Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enhanced Formula

I no longer use number 6 to 9. Those are the drugstore products I had when I was still a makeup noob and didn't wear makeup as often. Those are just sitting in my drawers nowadays.

These are the ones I still use often nowadays:

I used to use Everyday Minerals' mineral powder foundation everyday, until I discovered BB creams. Now the mineral foundations have been sitting there collecting dust and BB creams are the ones I reach for most often everyday. 

I still have so much Everday Minerals foundation laying around, but the good thing is they don't expire as fast as the liquid/cream ones right?

So which one is my favorite you might ask?

Of course the L'egere Multi White BB Cream! It matches my skintone well, doesn't feel heavy, controls oil on my face well, and applies smoothly and easily. This is definitely a re-purchase. Thanks to Fuz for introducing me to this :)


Initial Review on Korres Olive Stones Scrub

A few of you asked me to talk about my impression on this product. I got it for a super super discounted price on Friday. I tried it immediately during shower that night.

The product is for oily and combination skin. 

The olive stones cleanse the pores, removing sebum and dead cells, and giving immediate radiance to the skin.  It contains ground olive stones, olive tree and calendular active extracts, as well as active aloe. It also claims to be dermatologically tested, mineral oil free, silicone free, propylene glycol free, and ethanolamine free. 

The product comes out creamy with little pieces of ground up olive stones. It doesn't have any strong smell. I can't really tell what kind of smell it is, it has a really light fragrance, nothing too strong.

After gently scrubing this on my face, and rinsing off, my face felt immediately smoother and clean, like what you expect after exfoliating. It didn't hurt my skin like the harsh/coarser St. Ives Apricot Scrub from the drugstore. I liked the results, but the product is nothing spectacular. I wouldn't advice using this exfoliator more than once a week though since over exfoliating can harm your skin! For the price I paid for, I think it's TOTALLY worth it. But Sephora sells these at about $20 for a 40 mL (1.35 Fl. Oz) small tube....I am sure the product will last a while because just a pea sized amount would be sufficient every time. But if I have to pay full price for it, maybe I'd do more research on whether if there are better/cheaper alternatives first. I'll keep using this and let you know if my opinion changes after more uses.


Narita gave me an award!!!

It's an Adorable Blog Award. Thanks so much sweetie! :)

I award it to:

AbcGrrrL, Izumi, Fuzkittie, Eki, Miss Wiggle, ning * star, Chomsiri, Jian, Mayaari

and whoever is reading this. I wish I could keep going and tag everyone on my list but I need to head to bed soon :p


  1. Ohhh! I love Korres!! I should try that scrub! :) Legere BB cream is my all time favorite too! Its the only foundation I use. :)

  2. aw thanks for the award lulu! man, i really need to get my hands on bb cream! i have yet to try it. but its so expensive. around $40 or more each! and the spf is way too much tho -_- but still, ive heard so many great things!

    one time this lady tried to match my skin but it was too dark. i cant find one that matches my skin.

    i also want to try out skin food product!

    and i want Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer!!!! lol so much wanting

  3. mmm foundations! You are a neglecter of #6-9 (hahaha)

    I wonder if Mr David will start using your Korres scrub in the shower. He seems to like your selection of products :)

  4. Heehee... You know, I had the same problem with you with the foundations. =P I only use about two, so I sent the rest on their way~!

    I've never tried any Korres products before, so thanks for the review!

    Awwww, also thanks for awarding me by the way.

  5. wow that's a wonderful collection of foundation and bb cream :) thanks for sharing

  6. everyday minerals clogged my pores :( i'd have to use a really good face wash to remove it or wear primer under it, but it never gave me a dewy finish that liquid gave me.

  7. woah you have so much base makeup!! :P thanks for sharing tho... i have tried the skin food bb cream and EDM foundation powder.. i keep switching haha but Dior seems like a keeper for me!

  8. Thanks for the award Lulu doll!! :] Yay for L'egere, haha! The scrub sounds great. How do you like the Skinfood Aloe?

  9. Mmm! Great foundations - I see alot of people have Rimmel. I might go and try it now, lols :)

    And Congrats on getting choosen for the adorable award. Yeee =)

  10. love your foundie collection! i agree with the l'egere bb cream. :)

  11. I'm actually use a powder foundation from Dior called X4 control pore control. I'm loving the effect it gives on my skin. Im not sure if it released outside asia tho :/ Here in Japan they sell case and foundation separately! haha, so i might get refill. Although Fuz got me tempted with RMK powder foundation. I dont really use liquid cos it takes too much time and I like sheer-medium coverages

  12. Ooh~ I love L'egere too! I just bought it a couple wks ago~ It's so natural.
    I bought the Watermelon Body Scrub from Korres at Marshall's two months ago, it was such a good deal too! I love it as well, TY for the review :)

  13. i use to love the l'egere but fell in love with the banila co. bb cream lately! you gotta give it a try :D

  14. Thank you for the award dear Lulu!! :D

    And yep, it's for professional school - it's totally craaaaazy duuuuude! I'm like, up to my neck here!! Man... gotta find a way to procrastinate.. oh wait, I already am! hahaha~

  15. yep you should come to asia!! im thinking of staying in Japan for now, maybe a few years? who knows! BB creams didnt work for me, the colours did match my skin and they contributed to a lot of blocked pores in my skin (check my skin post) i think the missha was part of the culprit :P you dont have it so its okay!

  16. i meant bb creams colours didnt match my skin* lol

  17. ooh i am totally curious abt this scrub!!

  18. wow..nice collection of foundations..:)
    n finally the korres scrub is out on u..hahaa!! :P

  19. I <3 me some L'egere Multi White as well, haha...that Korres scrub looks pretty cool!

    Oh, the eye drops I've been using have been these: the antihistamine in them really helps, but you can't use em too often because of that, so I use regular drops as well..and apparently you're supposed to take contacts out before using them, which I haven't been doing o_O oh well! they still work!

  20. whoa you have tons of foundations! haha. I have the Skinfood Aloe BB as well, and use it pretty much everyday! I wanna try the L'egere that everyone has been raving about!

  21. Hi!
    Oo I got the Korres Body Watermelon scrub--it smells so divine.. But sometimes you have to be careful about the beauty products in Marshalls/TJMaxx because I checked some of the other watermelon scrubs (they had a lot) and some of the coloring changed from grey (original color) to tannish (expired??). But they're pretty good otherwise! I'm such a bargain hunter as well haha :)

  22. i found one on ebay. mine was given to me as a gift when my friend went to korea

  23. i have tha maybelline mousse foundation too ,so far its the best,i apply my brtc bb first then the maybelline need to got to MUA to get my prom make up fixed

  24. thanks for the advice on the chocolate lava! i will have to try that. <3

  25. hi lulu.. could you pls annswer my question on my cbox?? i am really interested with rimmel recover.. are the shimmers/glitters big or noticeable?? how is it.. i will really appreciate your reply. tia,,

  26. thank you lulu... ohh that's good to hear.. i will be purchasing one soon.. :D thanks for your reply.. :D