Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello Kitty Haul

It was a beautiful day today, and the bf and I decided to go to an outdoor mall and hang out.

What's a day without some yummy chocolates! We stopped by See's Candies and out came about a pound of chocolates enough to give me a big smile :D

At H&M, I found a pair of sunglasses that actually sits perfectly on the bridge of my Asian nose. Unlike the ones I had before that slip onto my face instead of staying on my nose! I love H&M and F21 sunglasses, they are perfect for just tossing in the bag or keeping one in the car so my eyes could be protected from the sun wherever I go!

Also at H&M, I found a whoooooooole lot of Hello Kitty themed clothes and hair accessories in their girls section. Too bad I won't fit into their toddler tshirts, haha :p But then, I stumbled upon these...

Hello Kitty underwear in girl's size, hahahahaha. Don't laugh yet! The biggest size they carry is a girl's size 13-14 years old. I pulled one out and looked at it, thinking, this is no smaller than my own! Plus they were too cute to pass up and all came in a cute pink plastic bag (makeup bag for me?). Once I got home I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. So if you want some Hello Kitty panties, go to the H&M girls' section and pick out the bigger sizes among them, hahaha. At $14.90 for 7, it's not a bad deal right?

Since I'm in a HK hunt mood today...

HK PJ set:

and the HK shower wrap that I've always been eyeing on:

Now I can use this while I'm putting on my face stuff and doing masks after shower :D

We are never too old for Hello Kitty! hehehe :p

Saw this Zirh Face Bar in TJ Maxx, and since I've been hearing some blogger girls talking about this brand for their boyfriend, I decided to get this for the boyfriend to try. He likes bar soap better than liquid ones too (hence why LUSH Coalface is his fav). This one contains alpha-hydroxy that might help him to get rid of some rough spots along his nose. I'll ask him to do a review of this one too once he starts using it. (I already made that clear in the store when I bought it, haha)

Last but not least, a beauty buy for me. Please forgive me for getting this one since I'm still not officially over my Project 20 Pan yet (I need to update my list soon!). But this one was TOO good to pass up!

It's a Korres Olive Stones Scrub for Oily and Combination Skin. It was the only Korres products laying around on the shelf, and I couldn't find the price tag on the box anywhere! So being the curious girl that I was, I asked the cashier for its price since I know this sells for about $20 at Sephora. The manager of the store nicely offered me a discounted price of $1, yes you read that right, he sold it to me for ONE dollar! I was hysterical when I heard that, especially since I've been wanting to try this product from Sephora!

It's basically an exfoliating scrub that you use once a week. I'll try it soon and let you know how it is :)

Hope you guys are all having a fun and relaxing weekend, don't forget to show me what you are buying at Sephora tomorrow if you are going to grab some stuff during their double points event! :)

Oh and for those in the bay area who already watched Pixar's new animated-film Up, do you also have the urge to visit Fentons Creamery? hahaha we did last night! We ordered two sundaes and I almost had an ice cream overload, since their sundaes are huge! Next time, we are sharing one, haha ^___^


  1. WOWWW! can't believe you got that for $1, you lucky duck! please let me know how it is :D that and the zirh bar, trying to get my bf onto a skincare routine and he could use a good facewash bar thing.. hahaha.

  2. wow, nice haul and the blue HK is soo cute, I want the bow bow. haha xD
    hmm, Korres exfoliant? do a review ya.
    have a lovely weekends

  3. I have the HK wrap in PINK! OMG .... we can be TWINS!

  4. Random moment again ... the word = "focker" WTF?!

    I'm eating jello cups and Peter came over to hang out with me. He likes to eat jello and he's sitting here waiting for more even though we finished the cup!

  5. Love See's candies!!! The HK wrap is too cute.

  6. @ cleung341:
    See's is my new love! hehe I was looking at the wrapper of it, did you know the company is in SF?!

  7. wow..nice haul..:)
    n u got Korres for just 1$..??its a steal..a huuuge one..hahaa..:P
    n TY for following dear..!! :)

  8. those are cute hello kitty stuffs :)

  9. i think it's perfectly fine to buy HK undies!

  10. You got that scrub for a dollar? You're forgiven for abandoning Project 20 Pan for it hahaha.

    I just read you previous entries and, a dollar for shipping from HK? That is so cheap!!! Hope you don't mind me prying but what is in your second order? Hehe and how did you find their service? I suppose you chose air mail without tracking and all those stuff?

  11. wow hello kitty stuff! btw, i tagged you!

  12. Hello Kitty Haulin' lucky girl!!!! The bathrobe wrap is so cute! I've seen them before and never grabbed one. Your right it would be good for putting on makeup after the shower or relaxing with a mask on. I hope that I can still find one!

  13. omg..I luv Chocolate and your super cute HK buys. I totally need to drop by H&M now and buy those cute HK undies. A great buy for sure. I will look forward to the Korres review. =)

  14. hi lulu! about the supplies. i get them from michaels as well ><" i havent found a cheaper substitute yet but ill let you know :)

  15. $1 for Korres?!? Ah, you got a good deal. Tell us how it is!

  16. Love your HK stuff! BTW I've got an award for ya!

  17. OH MY GOD! $1!!!! Great value for money~!

    I love the HK stuff~ Cute cute! =D I thought I was the only one who wanted to buy 13-14 year old knickers. I saw disney princess knickers (sounds awful but they were actually kinda cute) in the Disney store, but my boyfriend promptly frog marched me out. ...

  18. Hello Kitty underwear!!!!!!!! HU HU HU HU HU HU HU!!!!!!! xD xD

    And I LOVE the bow on that shower wrap sooo cuuuuuuuute *drool*

  19. omg $!!!?!? Crazy!! haha. I want the Hello Kitty undies!! Going to go to H&M and hunt those down now hahaa.

  20. $1?!?! I think that's totally allowed for breaking your Project 20 pan - looking forward to your review of that later! and the Zirh face bar - my bf was looking at that one too :)