Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lulu’s First Contest: Summer Celebration

Summer is finally here! Hooray for tons of sunshine, beaches, flip-flops, bikinis, and ice-cream! The summer of 2009 is especially special for me since I will be moving into my very first house soon!

I’ve also been blogging for 2 months now. From the very beginning when I didn’t even think anyone would come read what I had to write, to all the readers that I have today, I am thankful for all of your supports! I am also grateful for the friendship I’ve made through blogging, and all the wonderful girls I’ve met so far.

To celebrate summer and as a “thank you” to all my lovely readers, I am going to have a small

Summer Celebration Contest!

The Goodies:

- Cute mouse key chain (I had to pick her up because she has a pink bow on her tail!)

- Korres watermelon body scrub (because watermelon is my favorite summer time fruit)

- Hello Kitty stamp

- Urban Decay Lip Gloss in FIREWORKS (to celebrate the 4th of July – my favorite summer holiday because of the pretty fireworks!)

- A blue whale eraser

- And more…

The Rules:

Be a follower of my blog. If I get over 100 followers I will have more prizes for more winners!

Please post the contest information on your blog and help spread the words, please repost the link via comment.

Since I am moving into a new house soon and I need inspirations/suggestions on new things to shop for, please write in the comment box what is one item (or more if you wish) in your household that you cannot live without (doesn’t have to be beauty related), and why. 

Include your email address so I can contact you if you win (to avoid spammers, please make sure you write your email in “luluchinadoll at gmail dot com” format).

This contest is open to all of my followers anywhere in the world!

The deadline to enter will be June 19th, 2009 @ 5PM, PST.

I will use to determine the winner(s) upon contest deadline.

Also, if you are under 18 years old of age, please make sure you have your parents’ permission before entering.

Thank you, happy summer, and good luck!!!


  1. cooool.. ill get this posted up by tomorrow =]

    *yay for summer!

  2. oohh.. i'll post this soon lulu.. :D nice summer contest.. :D

  3. Hi! Here's my post about your giveaway:

    So the one item in my household that I cannot live without would be... my flat iron! It's beauty related, not really house related but yeah... I don't think I could do it twithout this tool! My hair looks like a mess when I get up in the morning eheh!

    Here's my email: gabyfauchon at hotmail dot com

  4. excuse me, just spread this on my blog and how about the suggestion? post in my post too??

  5. Totally going to join! It's super easy :) Thanks for holding this dear! I will join next time, I blog. :)

  6. going to post in too..:)

  7. CONTEST!! =D I want to join tooo~~!

    I'll get my post up at some point. =_= I still haven't even done that adorable blog award thingy. Been far too busy making things out of clay!

    As for the fingerprints..O_O I haven't had that problem! Although I find that I have to be SUPER careful with touching different colours, especially if you're working with white! Almost everytime I change a colour that I'm working with, I wash my hands properly, with a brush to get the clay off my hands. I also wipe down the surface I'm using and all the tools. It sounds a lot of hassle but otherwise you do get this nasty different-coloured/grey fingerprint.

    Not sure if you were referring to that...But good luck! And I'm looking forward to seeing your creations soon =P

  8. Hi Lulu! Congrats on your blogging progress! He he~

    1) I'm working on a post right now, so I'll put your contest info in there.

    2) One item I can't live without - my JUICER!!!!! Haha~ I'm really bad at making breakfast - I just have NO idea, and I don't want to think about it, so my bullet juicer is the way to go! I just throw in whatever fruits I have, a little yogurt and milk and VOILA! Instant breakfast! When I get my own place, I'll definitely be upgrading to the VitaMix juicer - *love*~

    3) miss dot wiggle at live dot com

    Right now I'm waiting for the hurricane of apps that'll hit me at the end of this month. I've just been drafting essays like crazy, using prompts that people posted online from last year's apps. I hope they didn't change it too much *crosses fingers*~

    How is the moving? Are you mostly done? The last time my family moved, my mom paid $600 for the transportation people!!!! Isn't that CRAZY? It just goes to show how much stuff we have - I'll definitely be craiglisting everything!!! lol... I figure we can always sit on the carpet haha~

  9. im a follower and blogged

    one thing i cant live without is my microwave

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  10. one thing i can not live without is the computer.. i could watch tv and do things that i love really entertaining.. another would be the refrigerator!! i need food for sustenance,, healthy foods.. stock up all those fresh fruits and veggies.. :D

  11. hey lulu!!

    i joined ur giveaway!! here is the link to my post:

    the following items i cannot live without in my household are:

    my cordless chargable vacuum, i LOVE it because its so small and portable, and it really cleans up the first on my carpet/floor! i dont really like those big and bulky vacuums... =/

    i also cannot live without my "anywhere hard surface clorox spray" lol, it really does clean the liquid, food, mess on your kitchen table top, etc (basically anywhere HARD surfaced) and kills 99.9% of bacteria! haha love it!

    email: krystalsdelacruz at gmail dot com

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  13. hi lulu i think the household item that i cannot live without is the microwave haha.anyway here is the my post thanks for the gieaway:

    email:vyxscen at yahoo dot com

  14. hi lulu. the one item that i wouldn't live without.. my bed!! u gotta lurve ur own bedroom :D

    Email: ying underscore 1729 at hotmail dot com

  15. Hi lulu, I'm entering your giveaway. here's my post:

    The items I cannot live without are my rice cooker (because I eat rice everyday! lol) and my hair dryer!

    Thank you for throwing this fun giveaway, girl! <3<3


    i can't live without my computer and/or laptop! i just have to bring it/them with me should I move out somewhere! And no, a new desktop pc or laptop will not do. =)

    mgna15 at gmail dot com

  17. Ack, I don't have a blog otherwise I'd post about your awesome contest!

    I'd say, I can't live without a comfy armchair! That's right. When I'm tired after a long day and want to relax, I love sinking into my pink comfy armchair with tons of pillows. It's soooooooo comforting.

    I think it's my most beloved piece of furniture. It's so relaxing, I read all my novels in it and it's big so I can curl up right in it!

    Thanks so much, my gmail is Lillian.Y :)

  18. yay another contest! I luv to join I'll post the link later :)

  19. Hi Lulu!
    Here's the link that I've posted a reminder about your giveaway:
    - I can't live without my computer! But that's not going to help you with home shopping... I need a microwave! My microwave broke a couple months ago and my family went without one for almost a month and a half... It was so inconvenient! We had to reheat beverages in a pot with boiling water and all leftovers had to be reheated in a pan. Gah! Hope this convinces you that a microwave is necessary hahah!
    My email is ixheartbear at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  20. Hi Lulu, here's the link:

    I can't live without my computer because it helps me stay connected with the world . I can't also live without my toothbrush with matching toothpaste ofcourse ahaha. But since you're moving into a new home, you have to find, a very good blender, healthy fruit shakes & smoothies are yummy! xD

    My email is twinsouls888 at gmail dot com

  21. I'm following your blog :)
    My mail:

    One thing in house... hmm... maybe my cute mascots haha, in my room :) I love cute things.


  22. i'm a new follower... i can't remember where i found your blog :S sorry....

    i posted about it on my blog:

    the household item i can't life without is toothbrush *how obvious*. but its serious! we can never forget your toothbrush and toothpast wherever we go...

    email: ritamlemos at gmail com


  23. Hello :)

    ** I am a new follower

    ** here's the link to my blog post of your contest

    ** & to respond to your question.. Besides the obvious house hold necessities, micro, fridge, etc, I'd have to say a WATER BOILER! It's the most amazing & useful thing in the world. All you do is put water in it and it'll boil the water for you and keep it warm until you're ready to use it. It's perfect in the mornings for coffee if you drink instant or hot chocolate or tea. I also use it when making Cup of Noodles and other instant noodle snacks. It's just really convient and makes things a lot easier.
    Here I put a link so that you can see what I'm talking about.

    Thanks for having this contest :)



    My one must have in my bedroom is my beanbag.. It's what I sit on, nap on, read on, watch tv from, do my make up from etc. I have two. I admit a fake leather one is better than a fabric one tho. Another must have is a simple drawer for all your products. It saves you time searching for them. Make up in one draw. Creams in another. Body in another draw, Hair tools in the bottom. But yeh I huess you get the point lols.

    Thanks for opportunity. Like the blog. Keep blogging :D.
    Shan x

  25. hey Lulu... here's my post

    and a few things that I cannot live without in my house hold is my computer, my tv, & my karaoke machine... Cant live without blogging & watching makeup guru's & lovers like me... can't live without watching CSI & DIY home projects & HGTV!! And I love singing, and I dont have a stereo, so I use my karaoke machine as a cd player too!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway... and keep on blogging...


  26. Hi, sweetie!
    Sorry it took so long to join. I wanted to help to spread the words. Have been busy with the house hunt. Now I really imagine what you went through. I have to congratulate you again. Great job!
    I've posted your contest here:
    I like IKEA stores. Very affordable but cute furniture. AND now they're going to have a Summer SALE 20-60% off June 19 - July 5, 2009.
    Isn't it perfect timing, sweetie. I love their beds and couches. Please check that out!
    znarita at gmail dot com
    Thanks for the contest!

  27. hey,im a new follower,just found ur blog
    the link

    the only ones household item i cant live without are my pillows !it doesnt matter i have no bed,i need pillows !

    my email verina_eve at hotmail dot com

  28. hello...i blog this about in
    check it out..thanks..
    a thing that I cannot live without in my house a washing's hard if only hands that you will use when you are washing your clothes..that's for me..
    i hope i can have laptop...but it's so expensive...
    here's my email add
    jessa_capricorn at yahoo dot com
    thanks again....mwuaahh!!!

  29. Heya!

    Here's my blog post:


    One thing in my house that I cannot live without?
    My beauty train case and my bed. I cannot survive without them. I love sleeping, and I read, study and sometimes even eat on my bed!

    tamara dot milost at gmail dot com

  30. I am a new follower of your blog :)

  31. one thing I can't live without is my microwave.With us sometimes eating supper at different times-my 2 sons working etc.-its handy for warming up leftovers.
    thanks for having this giveaway

  32. Hi! Here's my post about your giveaway:

    And the one and only thing would be the coffee machine, because I can`t begin my day without coffee. I am caffeine addict :)

    Here's my email: glamorouxx gmail dot com

  33. YAY.

    kikixi0ng at hotmail dot com

    One thing in my house I can't live without are my soft pillows lol.

  34. I am a follower (#92).

    And I blogged:

    One thing I cannot live without in my house: hmmm, I would really miss my waterpik showerhead if it was taken from me. I love how it massages me in the morning. It makes my day.

    email: shopgurl101 at gmail dot com

  35. one household item i cannot live without is air freshner like febreeze. I really love that stuff. I have them all over the house :)

  36. oh my email add is rebekkah.celest at gmail dot com


  37. i'm joining!!

    one household item that I cant live without is aromatizer from the bodyshop, because it helps me to gain more good sleep and relaxes my inner self


    marygracedecena at yahoo dot com

  38. one household item, microwave as it is magic to make food!


    follower :)

    sherrygo at hotmail dot com

  39. Hiiii Lulu! I enter your giveaway!

    House hold items that I can't live without?

    - Toilet: Does that count? OMG. I think it's the best invention made by man kind, eveeeeer!

    - Cordless Vacuum: It's so useful, especially to remove spilled food, hair, e.t.c

    - Duster/Rag: I hate Dust, it keeps the room clean.

    You can find my post here:


  40. Oh yeah, my email is:
    mszcheysser at hotmail dot com!

  41. hey girl..I just enter in your contest. Check my blog out for the answer... my email is:

    tna dot yang at gmail dot com

    THanks..let me know if you have any questions to ask me...

  42. im a follower and blogged

    one thing i cant live without is my computer

    c2221 at ymail dot com

  43. i am a follower and here is the link to my post!

    one thing i cannot live without is clorox wipes!

  44. i am a follower!
    ( i mention the giveaway at the end of my post :D )

    if there's one thing i definitely cannot live without at home, it's the swiffer. we don't have much carpet, and dustballs collect so easily.
    another thing that's more beauty related is rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. i use it for cleaning and personal use--definite necessity.

    my email is flyfarawayy at yahoo dot com. thanks for the giveaway! :-)

  45. Hey Lulu! I am a new reader of your blog and I am following it.

    My email is: huaiannt at gmail dot com

    The link to my post is:

    One item in my house that I simply cannot live without is my pillow (or, in your case, a good pillow). Seriously. I'm talking, a nice, high quality, fluffy pillow. It makes a world of a difference. Even my boyfriend who has always said his cheapy pillows were the best finally gave in and said my nice, fluffy, not-cheapy pillow was awesome and definitely worth the price. :)

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

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  47. Hey hun,
    I'm a new follower. I'm so looking forward to this summer. Watermelon's are my fave fruit in the summer too! I added your giveaway to my list of contests/giveaways on Blogger:

    Check out the link for other giveaways & contests that are going on.. maybe you'll find something that you want to enter!

    Umm, one thing that I cannot live without. Hmmm.. there are a lot of things that I can't live without in my house, but since you're moving into your 1st house I think you're kinda looking for answers that might help you out. In that case, I'd have to say that one thing I cannot live without in my house is a full length mirror. I think it's very important for women to have one of these in every home, either in the bedroom or in the foyer/lobby area somewhere close to the main door so that you can have a quick glance at yourself before you run out the door. I know it's important for me to have one because I always like to look presentable no matter where I go (even if that means making a quick trip to the grocery store) cause you never know who you might see. Another thing I cannot live without in my house is a clock! But that's also because I don't wear watches & it's easier to look at a clock rather than checking my cell phone for the time.

  48. Oops, forgot to leave my email. It's miss.saimshaikh at gmail dot com :)

    Good luck to everyone who entered

  49. Hi! :)
    This is my contest entry:

    And one household item I cannot live whitout?
    My bed lamp :P Because I can read before I go to sleep :)

    My mail is helena dot milost @ gmail dot com