Friday, June 5, 2009

My Latest Obsession: Jewelry Making

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to all my new subscribers. I started this blog just barely 2 months ago, and I've been receiving so much nice comments from all my readers, and it is your encouraging words that keep me motivated and keep me going! Thank you so much to the lovely beauty blogger community that welcomed me with open arms! Reading blogs and blogging is addiciting! hehe ;)

You know what else is addicting? Making jewelries! Once I started I just couldn't stop! Ever since I received my new order of Swarvoski crystals on Tuesday, I've been making new creations. So today, I am going to show you what I've made so far :)

This simple piece is inspired by Steph (DSK Jewelry)'s moon and star collection. Thanks Steph for inspiring me to make beautiful jewelries! Steph has a huge collection of Swarvoski crystal jewelries, and if you guys want pretty necklaces, go to her! She also makes custom orders so if you see a color or a design that you liked on her site, feel free to ask her :)

This bracelet is made for my best friend. Simple yet shiny and colorful. I hope she likes it :)

A dainty necklace with pink hearts, purple butterflies, and two tiny flowers to accompany the butterfly. This reminds me of my favorite season, spring.

A multi-layered design:

More details:

A pink heart overload bracelet:

One of my favorites -- blue starfish with 4 tiny dainty flowers:

Similar style but pink stars and pink flowers for my cousin:

Another very springy necklace with tiny flowers and butterflies:

Finally, a big purple brooch that had a broken pin, so it was converted into an antique looking necklace:

And a tiny cell phone charm to match my pink phone:

I've used up almost all the crystals I ordered from Time to make another order soon and keep making pretty jewelries. Next time, earrings! hehe :p


  1. Lulu, the jewelery is lovely!

  2. @ cleung341
    Thanks Carol. Wow you still haven't slept? We both are night owls :p

  3. wow looks so pretty! I am loving the moon and star combination!

  4. wow..u r toooo gud..the pieces are lovely..<3..:)
    ur bestfriend n cousin must be lucky..haha.. :)

  5. pretty! how long does it take to finish one piece?

  6. ahhh so pretty! i've been looking for a blingin charm bracelet! with hearts- glitter, bling, all of that!

  7. Way too cute! So instead of talking to me all night, you've been a busy bee with your lil jewelry creations!! I hope your nails are ok.

    WHAT?! Your favorite season is SPRING NOT SUMMER?!! Summer is glaring at you!

  8. HAHA my word verification was "chest" hehe

  9. lulu! your jewelry looks so cute!

  10. It looks like you're having fun ^_^

    I just started making cell phone charms too, I got a whole sale offer, but I think it's too much of a pain to make 1,000 of them lol, you know what I'm saying??

  11. shiny thingsss! yay!

    i sent u a invite to my cooking blog, its actually a dead blog but i might revive it haha

  12. they look really nice! i recently got into making jewelry too! dsk is such an inspiration!

  13. lmao no way!! too much work, I don't want arthiris! even though..i will probably get it one day. lol

  14. the multi-layer necklace is really pretty! very clever to turn the brooch into a pendant - it's so pretty and now you have a new way to show it off :)