Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm baaaack! (from Seattle)

Oh how I missed blogging! Apologies for being M.I.A for the past week and half, my parents came to California to visit, and we drove to Seattle for a week-long vacation to visit the rest of the family there. I was so deprived of internet last week, I am so glad to be back!

Seattle was beautiful! While this was not my first time visiting, it was the best time I've ever visited Seattle -- no rain, sunny, mild temperatures throughout the entire week, so unlike the rainy, cold, and cloudy Seattle that I am used to visiting. I think it's because I brought the sunny California sun over :)

We visited so many places in Seattle.

  • Last Saturday we hiked to the Big Four Ice Caves, that's the bf playing with the snow, we don't see too much snow in the Bay Area, so he was like a little kid in the snow :p

  • Then on Monday we took grandparents to try dim sum for the first time and visited Chinatown. In the afternoon I went to Seattle Downtown to meet up with my college best buddy/roommate. She just finished her med school board exam and also went to Seattle for vacation! While waiting for her, I bought:
  1. ghd Fat Hair Lotion for All-Over Volume -- I requested a sample of this from Sephora a while ago and loved it. I spotted this in the store and grabbed a full size bottle this time. (Click here to read my initial review on this product)
  2. stocked up on my favorite oil absorbing sheets from Daiso Japan. (Click here to read my reviews on oil absorbing sheets)
  3. got a sample of the Shiseido Dual Balancing Foundation to try from Nordstrom.
  • On Tuesday we visited the Boeing company, went on a tour to see how airplanes are made! But these from the gift store drew my attention instead:

More Hello Kitty stickers to add to my collection :)

  • Wednesday, we visited Mt. Ranier. We were hoping to hike up the mountain, but little did we know, the leftover snow form last winter still hasn't melted and covered up the trail completely! So we climbed up the snow-covered mountain instead, I slipped and fell a few times, but don't worry, I didn't break anything, hahaha :p

That's the bf in front, while me (w/ a tree branch I found as a walking stick) climbing slowly behind :p

Victory! :D It was BEAUTIFUL up there!!!

Rainbow over the waterfall.

Mt. Ranier from afar.

  • Saturday was Independence Day in the US. My aunt and uncle insisted that we go see the Seattle 4th of July fireworks. It turned out to be the most amazing fireworks I've ever seen, because the Seattle one was in sync with music! Also, we were able to see it up close from Gas Works Park. Usually, the one in San Francisco would be covered up by heavy fog and Pier 39 would always be too crowded to even see anything clearly!

Seattle Downtown view

Smiley face fireworks :)

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Last but not least, some Washington Ranier cherries :) They were so huge and oh-so-sweet!

(This picture is to make Edna drool :p)


  1. The pics of Mt. Ranier look gorgeous. Glad you had a fun trip. Welcome back.

  2. Good haul and beautiful pics!!

  3. Yay for the "naturey" pictures! It's like I was there (in spirit) and didn't have to climb/walk up at all! PERFECT!!!

    And YES I am drooling over the white cherries. I have some in my fridge but they're not as big. mmmm...

  4. Welcome back LULU!!!! I SOOOO wanna go to Seattle! A friend of mine lives there and I'm so jealous~ I'm a big walker, and he says Seattle is a great place for walking 'cus of its city-nature-y combo. *SIGH*

    You guys look cute up there! OMG your BF reminds me of my uncle~ xD Not that he looks old - just the way he stands for pictures, his attire, and the facial expression (or lack thereof)~ LOL~

  5. Yay, thanks for sharing the pictures! :D & I'm really glad that you're back :)

  6. welcome back!! thanks for sharing with pics of your trip! beautiful pics! cant believe i still see snowww hahah! esp cuz its summer now.. and omg those cherries look so niiiice and yummy!

  7. awesome, wb~! ive never been to seattle gotta check it out sometime. Cherries=yummy.

  8. Whoa @ the snow! I want to be able to see snow. Can you send me some? Haha. It's so hot overrrr! Ahhh. And wow at the fireworks, I haven't seen fireworks in sucha long time. & the view looks sooooo good! =] Ooh. AND OH YEAH, Welcome back to blogger!

  9. hahah no, i have yet to buy a lotto ticket. lol &your right i cannot LIVE without internet either. hahah

  10. all that snow on Rainier looks great - my bf would be so jeaouls that you got to go there!

  11. Hi, sweetie! Awesome pictures! Snow looks amazing! Looks like you've had a lot of fun there. Cherries look so yum yum!

  12. Woow look at that breath taking view, and you're wearing SHORT SLEEVE in the snow?? hehe