Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June Favorites

I had my June favorites picked out last week while on vacation but never got a chance to blog until now. Better late than never! So here it is:

♥ MAC Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15 -- Who can resist Pink Fish! :p Good lip moisturizer, and gives my lips a nice hint of color. Also, I love that it has SPF in it, lip moisturizer/color and sunscreen in one!
♥ MAC HK Beauty Powder in Pretty Baby -- A really pretty pink blush, shows up very lightly, but enough to give my cheeks a very soft glow.
♥ L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl bb cream -- I used this product all week during my Seattle vacation because I love it's runnier and lighter texture for the summer days. It is a shade darker than the regular L'egere White Multi bb cream in silver tube, but it is perfect for me during the summer since my skin got a bit more tanned.
♥ TheFaceShop Moisturizing Clear Makeup Base 01 Green -- It's a green primer that is suppose to neutralize the redness on your cheeks. I got this from my last TFS haul, it was only around $6. For the price tag and how well it works, this is definitely a re-purchase in the future!
♥ Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream Sunscreen SPF 32 PA+++ -- Best sun protection eye cream I've ever used. It doesn't sting the eyes at all, and even helps to even out my skintone around the eye area.
♥ Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion for Face/Body Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF55 PA+++ -- haha what a long name! This is my HG sunscreen of all times. It goes on smooth, mattifies my face, and helps my makeup stay on longer. It doesn't feel heavy or greasy on my face at all. Also, I love that it's SPF55 PA+++, I didn't get sunburned at all during vacation last week! Love love!
♥ Kracie Naive Natural Deep Cleansing Oil -- Cleans away all the makeup on my face. It feels so clean afterwards, and not drying at all. It emulsifies well with water, and leaves no oil residue after cleaning. It's made with olive oil = good for you :)


  1. Nice favorites! I really like MAC tinted lip conditioners too :)

  2. Hey Lulu! Where's the Face shop in the bay area? I didn't even know there was one until I saw the post that you and Edna went there. I'm so bad about using my HJ stuff, it just looks so pretty brand new!

  3. I luv all Shiseido products and I also use that Shiseido sunscreen. Thanks for sharing your June favs girl. =)

  4. i've always wanted to try bb cream! and i MUST get my hands on a pink fish TLC!

  5. Yay! 2 HK products. I love HK TLC in PInk fish, but I can't keep posting that on my monthly favorites, or CAN i??? .... I should try the "pink" BB cream 2m. I'm so baddddd!!!

    I should try the eye sunscreen... since I just lather my sunscreen on in the morning all over my face :P

    YAY 2 blog posts in 2 days/nights :PPPPPP LULU IS BACK FOR BUSINESS!!

  6. I always love reading your monthly favorites.:) Can you share what your foundation number is in MAC, just for reference so I can have an idea if L'Egere Waterdrop will be okay for me (NC25)?:) Thanks in advance!^_^

  7. wow..nice favs..n well.u found ur HG sunscreen....
    nothing seems to suit my skin now-a-days..im worried..anyways..off my worries..

  8. oh, shiseido sunscreen, the powder pact one is pretty good, so sad, it was discountinued >.<

  9. great faves - I hear the shiseido face sunblock is really good, but I'll have to add the eye one to my shopping list :) I use the same cleansing oil - isn't it wonderful? and so cheap too! I started using it in March/April and have barely put a dent in the bottle, lol

  10. @ cleung341 -- hehe get your blog already Carol! that way I can leave you messages :)
    So the only faceshop store is in Santa Clara, but a couple weeks ago, they had a stand inside of the pacific east mall in Richmond (where Ranch 99 is) because they were "testing the market" over there. That's how Edna and I got to shop there! Hopefully *cross fingers* they will open an actual store there soon, you've got to come visit me if they do, and shop! hehehe

  11. Nice! gotta love the Shiseido stuff!!

  12. Thanks for sharing, hun! Very nice faves! Love Shiseido! The TFS primer was $9 in LA shop. I guess their price differs on locations. I'ma buy after my 20 pan...hahaha!