Saturday, July 11, 2009

Quick Updates

House Update:

On Thursday, we got the keys to our new house. For the past two days, my parents helped us to clean up, set up the appliances, move some of the stuff they brought over for us. This weekend, we are hoping to move some of the big furnitures, such as bed, sofa, and TV over with the bf dad's help (because he has a pick-up truck), then over the next week or so, we'll slowly move everything little by little by ourselves. Since our apartment lease doesn't end until July 31st this time, we have a lot of time to move and set up the new place. I am so excited about my new house!!!

Guess what is the only piece of furniture that's already set up in my new house? My new vanity!!!  Mom and dad helped me to set it up and secured it against a wall (because it's so tall, you have to secure it onto the wall like those bookshelves in case it tips over). Then last night, we went to Ikea and bought overhead lights and mirror to go along with it. I'll show you guys the final set up once I am all moved in :)

Parents Update:

My parents left for their home this morning. I always get really sad and emotional when I have to leave them. I still remember during the first semester of college (my first time leaving so far away from home), I was so home sick, it was a feeling that I'll never forget! My parents live about 1600 miles across the country from me, and ever since I left home for college, I haven't been able to seeing them as much as I had hoped. So every chance we do get to see each other were such precious moments for us. I grew up as a single child, and I am very close to my parents. In my opinion, they are about the greatest parents a girl can ever have. They are driving home this time instead of flying, because they wanted to take lots of goodies for me when they are visiting since I am moving to a new house. It'll take them TWO days to get home. I hope they'll drive safely and arrive home all safe and sound! I miss them already :(

Blog Update:

Please be on the look out for a final update on my Project 20 Pan items. I had all the pictures organized and descriptions written in a Word document right before I left for vacation but never got a chance to post it. I will soon!

I apologize in advance if I don't update often for the next few weeks because of the move. We'll have to transfer our internet over sometimes soon too, hopefully the transfer won't take long because we both can't live without internet :p


Alright, off to the post office to change my address, then to Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy goodies for my new home :)

Have a beautiful weekend!! <3


  1. new furniture is soooo exciting LOL... I remember I used to not care about it when I got an apartment in college. My roommate and I just left the living room bare, and didn't think it would be a problem - HOWEVER it was like walking into a bat's cave every time we entered the place HAHA!! SOO not cool! I did NOT feel like a princess while living there, know what I mean? xD haha~

  2. Moving is sucha pain in the ass! But on the bright side, I love doing the decorating! :] Good luck with the move, and awww about your parents! I hope they get home safe too! Hope you come back to blogger soon, yay!

  3. Congrats on your Project20 pan and good luck with the moving thing.XX

  4. Awww, I can't wait to visit you! I wanna go home (maybe not, just a SF trip), and I wanna bring you back! Let's goto Japantown so I can pick out CUTE notebooks for school. And we can try eating at a different place this time :P Have you been to Banana Island?

    You do have the greatest parents ever. Stop trying to get adopted into my family. Adopt me (and my siblings) we need parents like yours! <3

  5. aww good luck with moving.. i know what you mean about missing the rents :( take it easy!

  6. I'm so excited with you, girl! Congratulations! I imagine how it feels like to hold the key to your new home. Yay! I'm hoping to get some answer by next week. Fingers crossed!
    Your parents are awesome!