Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hauls from last month

The hauls I'm showing today are not recent, they were the little ones accumulated around the end of last month while I was moving, so I never got a chance to post about them until now. Since I took pictures of them already, I might as well show them to ya :)

First the beauty related ones:

I've been wanting a hair crimper ever since Fuz showed us how she uses hers to help volumize her hair in one of her hair tutorials. I am always looking for good ways to give my fine limpy hair more oomph, so I was sold on the idea of crimping the roots of the hair to give them a lift. Every time I stop by the hair styling tool sections at Target, Ulta, Sally's, Walgreens...I was looking for this crimper but couldn't find a good one that I liked. Ulta does sell a hair crimper but it is really wide (2") and I wanted a smaller one because it will be easier to travel with. Finally I was able to track one down from This thing really works! I just crimp the sections near the roots on top of my head, and viola, bigger hair that lasts till the end of the day. I try to do this whenever I have time in the morning, and even took it on my recently business trip to Canada.

My Beauty Diaries Sheet Masks -- I found this in a nearby Asian grocery near my new home. I was really glad to find them sitting on the shelves because I've heard so many raves about this sheet mask. The pack I bought contains 11 different kinds/flavors of MBD masks so I can try them all and see which ones I will like the most. I can't wait to give these a try!

I know I am really late on buying this, but this summer has been so hectic with the moving and traveling, I finally had a chance to stop by my Asian bookstore two weeks ago to grab the last copy of the Queen (Nv Ren Wo Zui Da) magazine.

Also bought this L'Oreal Sublime Slim Tightening + Toning Treatment Gel for Abs. Not sure if this would be effective but at least I could use this gel to help message my abs after a workout or something. The gel is very fast absorbing and doesn't leave the skin sticky afterwards, and the smell is pleasant.

So last time I mentioned my favorite pens to use for school. A few of you responded and told me that I am not the only one who is particular about choosing the right type of pens/pencils to write with :) What about notebooks? This year I am hooked onto cute Hello Kitty notebooks -- I know, so not work appropriate, but for my own notes, I can use whatever I like, right? =)

More clothes haul -- this time from H&M. The tshirts are supposed to be made with organic cotton! They are very comfy and great for the summer :)

Last but not least, SO belated since I got this about a month ago -- I finally became an iPhone user --

A WHITE 32GB iPhone. I love it so much, and I am loving my iLife :p During the week before we installed internet at our new place, my iPhone was so useful! That was also when I learned to type on a touch screen super fast for all those emails that I was sending from my phone :p Byebye my pink RAZR!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Imomoko Haul

I ordered a few things from Imomoko this past weekend and the package arrived today! Yay for fast shipping! I've been "window shopping" online a lot recently, first it was trying to find that perfect purse I wanted for work, then it was going through all my daily essentials to see what else I need to stock up on before I start another makeup diet with Edna, then it was checking out all the goodies blogger girls have reviewed/recommended and making a long wishlist of new stuff to try out. Well, "window shopping" eventually leads to some actual shopping, so here is my small haul from Imomoko:

  • Stocked up on my favorite Naris Up pore mask -- I've been searching high and low in Mitsuawa and other local Japanese markets for weeks now but never found it again. Thank goodness Imomoko sells these!

  • Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Eye Serum -- This is my first Kevin BM product. I just ran out of my eye cream and want to try this one out. I am still constantly searching for my HG eye cream -- I mainly want to target on dark circles and fine lines. Any suggestions for me? Pretty please? <3

  • BeautyHair Thickness Supporter -- to volumize my fine, limpy hair :)

School is starting tomorrow! Even though I am done with all my required courses, I still plan on sitting in a class this semester just to learn the material -- to help with my thesis writing and also my job. I am just THAT good of a student, hehehe :p

I already prepared my notebook for tomorrow's class, and loaded pens and pencils into my pen pouch for taking notes. Here are some of my favorite pens to use for school -- Uni Alpha-Gel, which has the softest cushion ever, and is so fun to squeeze! I also like ink pens, especially the ones with super fine tips. What are some of your favorite writing utensils?

Then yesterday evening, the bf and I went to the mall again. We went to Dave and Buster's -- it's a restaurant + bar + arcade in one. We played all the archade games like little kids, it was a lot of fun! The bf hit the jackpot on the spin-the-wheel game and got us a lot of tickets :) Here are what I picked up for prizes -- they are huuuuge! :D

I also got a few tanks and simple t-shirts from Forever21, so comfy for the summer.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mauve It Over

Last night I was watching Shimmers54/Katie's drugstore haul video, and she mentioned a Revlon Matte Lipstick in 003 called Mauve It Over. The name sounded really familiar to me, as if I had just came across this lipstick very recently. As soon as I finished her video, I rushed downstairs to my makeup storage drawer and found the unopened lippy. My aunt gave me the lipstick during my last month's trip to Seattle. I never bothered to try it since I had so many other lipsticks/glosses to use up still. Plus the color in the tube didn't look all that special to me. After I got home from vacation, I tossed it in my "to be played with later" makeup drawer.
Image courtesy of

I ripped open the packaging and applied the lippy on my lips right away. Why haven't I discovered this one sooner?! The color of the lippy is not mauvy at all, it's more like a neutral pink shade that closely resembled my natural lip color. This is definitely my first MLBB (my lips but better) lippy! It's a matte color so there is no shimmer at all, and makes my lips looks very natural. It's great for everyday wear. Love love love :)

May's Giveaway!

May from May's Beauty Obsession just reached over 50+ followers, and she's holding a giveaway with many great goodies! Please go visit her cute blog :)

This is her first giveaway and she will pick the winner randomly.

Open to everyone!
1. Must be a follower.
2. Tell her your favorite face mask or eye cream.
3. Post about her giveaway on your blog (if you have one).

Contest will ends on Friday, September 25th @ midnight her time PST.

- P&J Whitening Serum
- Majolook eyeshadow palette (sorrie, don't know the name of the color)
- 5 Dermal sheet masks
- 1 Innisfree apple yogurt pack
- 1 Eki's flower clip
- some samples
*drools* <3

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sasa & weekend Haul

My Sasa haul is here!

Stocked up on my favorite nose pore strips (Kose Softymo Men's Nose Clean Pack). I like the men's version better because it's bigger than the regular version = more coverage at once :) I also like how it's black so you can see the results clearly, hahaha ^^

Bath salts -- ever since I moved and have a bigger, cleaner bathtub that I can take bath in, I've been actively buying bath related products every chance I get. I decided to try these because the packaging claims that the bath salts make the water hotter to help you sweat and get all the toxins out of your body? I tried one last night but I don't feel like it did anything special. However I do like the crackling sounds the bath salt makes when it hits the water. It also makes my bath water turn into a shade of pink = cute! The smell is pretty pleasant too.

Oil absorbing sheets -- stocked up on my favorite Clean & Clear one. Also decided to try one from Kose Softymo.

Nexcare Acne Dressing -- I've heard great things about this acne dressing from Mayaari. So I decided to try it out. I just happened to have a blemish popping out of my cheek and I couldn't wait to put this "acne sticker" on as soon as I opened the package. Let me tell you, this stuff works wonders! The next morning I woke up and and the red bump is gone! I am loving this so far!

Deep Cleansing Oil -- great way to remove makeup in the night.

Recently, I've been reading rave reviews about the magic of collagen powders. Users claimed that it helped them to achieve smoother skin, less oily T-zone, and reduced pore size. This Meiji one comes in powdered form (compared to the pill form from Fancl), and you take a spoonful everyday with water, juice or any drink of your choice. It reminds me of powdered milk that I used to drink as a baby. Smells kinda like that too :) So far I've been drinking a cup of this a day for 3 days, I can't say that I've seen any immediate results yet, but it hasn't caused any adverse effect on my skin, so I'll keep taking this and see if I can see any skin improvements -- I want my skin to be less oily during the day!

And of course, how can I get a Sasa package w/out stocking up on my favorite cotton pads -- Suzuran Attirer Puff!

Then Friday, the bf and I went shopping!

More bubble bath products from Bath and Body Works. I bought these white gloves to give my hands an occasional pampering while I sleep. I'd slather hand cream all over my hands, then put the gloves on before jumping into bed. The gloves help to retain moisture. The next morning I'd wake up with baby soft hands -- so good :)

I could never walk out of Sanrio store w/out buying some cute goodies -- notepads and more stickers to add to my sticker collection.

I've always wanted a small wrislet to carry around some essentials -- cash, ID, keys, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, etc. when I have to go do a quick run to the grocery store, or out for a quick dinner, without having to carry my bigger purses around. This Coach one has two compartments -- the buckle opens up to one pocket and the zipper in the back opens up to another, and is just the perfect size for me.

Also, I've been searching for the perfect purse for work/school -- when I found this, I knew I had to get it. It is just the design I'm looking for. It's roomy enough to put notebooks and files, or even my netbook inside. I love the pink bow on the handle -- it adds a cute touch to the otherwise boring black purse. The inside is PINK too!

I can't wait to use this next week!

And finally, Mia of the Day picture:

Mia hard at work -- massaging the big dog.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! <3

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally settled in!

Last night, I unpacked the last box of books and organized them on the bookshelf in the livingroom. Which means, we are officially all settled in our new house! The garage still needs some organization, and we still need to get an extra couch for the livingroom and a bed for the guest bedroom, but we'll just slowly take care of those in the future. This weekend I'm making the bf organize all his tools that are scattered everywhere in the garage...*sigh* boys...

So today, I am posting a much belated post to show you guys what my new vanity area looks like :)

I bought the vanity table from IKEA from the MALM collection. The matching mirror fits perfectly with the table and the two sides could be folded inwards.

From left to right on the table, I have: body care products, face care products, body sprays/perfumes that I use most often, makeup removers/alcohol/hand sanitizer, Q-tip and cotton pads, my vanity mirror that lights up when you tap the base, face brushes in a Hello Kitty container from the bf for my birthday, eye brushes, a clock to keep me on time in the morning when I do my makeup, hair brushes, and finally, hair products -- all neatly organized in their own containers/baskets :)

The big drawer pulls out and the inside is divided into 4 compartments and all lined with felt trays. The left most tray holds some travel brushes, Kleenex, face wipes. Second one on the left has my Everyday Minerals foundations (which I haven't been using recently after I started using BB creams), and eyeshadow palettes. Then there are my nail polishes and nail care items. The right drawer holds hair stuff -- hair bands, hair ties, and some jewelries that I use most frequently. I love how big and roomy these drawers are!

Then under the table I have a blue drawer where I put some hair tools, extra cotton pads and Q-tips, extra brushes, and new makeup stuff that I have yet to play with. The white drawers contain my makeup that I use everyday.

Since I was lacking a good chair tall enough for me to see myself in the mirror (the table is really high!), last week, the bf went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and got me this cool looking bar stool that is perfect height for the table :)

My Q-tip container! I was browsing through the Japanese store a while ago and the bf found this for me! Isn't he good at spotting cute stuff for me? hahaha...It's perfect, it's pink, it's a cute piggie that reminds me of Edna cuz she loves piggies :p, and it already has my name printed on it! It's made for me! hahaha

Isn't this the cutest trash can ever?!

And finally, sleepy Mia says: "I love my new home, g'night meow!"
(Look at where her leg is! Doesn't she know it's stinky to put her foot right next to her head?)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Greetings from Canada!

Hello from Canada! I flew in 3 days ago for business. Today is the last day, then I'm flying over the weekend to go to another last minute meeting. While it's been really tiring, I've been enjoying my time in Canada so far. The only thing I wish I had brought along with me is a warm jacket because it has been chilly and raining here :(

In Vancouver airport:

The sign says "Welcome to Vancouver".

Once we got our rental car and the bf started driving, he noticed a sign w/ "Sortie" on it, and he was like, "what does THAT mean?!" I cracked up because it was an Exit sign, and he was reading the French version of it. Silly sillly!

Guess where I'm staying? It's an island near Vancouver called LULU ISLAND! Cool huh?! hehe I've already spotted a few shops around town with the name Lulu in it. A few of my "Lulu" sightings:

Lulu Hair Studio

Lulu Sweets Coffee

Lulu's Lounge in the casino.

The other night, I went to a mall nearby, and they have a pet shop with the cutest kittens and puppies. Once I saw the kittens, I just couldn't leave and stayed there for a long time watching the kittens playing with each other! I miss my Mia Catcat! She's been taken care of by Edna this week while I'm gone! Edna and her sweet sister have been soooo good with Mia! And I hope Mia can make friend with Summer and Peter :)

The lazy one laying down behind the scratcher post reminds me of Mia -- so laidback and doesn't care a thing about what's going on around her -- even though all the other kittens were fighting!

This tiny white one is the most aggressive one in the whole group, he kept chasing after everyone, and attacking other cat's tails. Doesn't look like it right? Looks can be very deceiving :p

The lazy kitten again. I love his/her flat face :p Looks so cute :)

Guess what I found? Ketchup flavored chips! I haven't tried it yet, hopefully it tastes good :p

And these are sooo good! Too bad I've never seen this in the States.

Now onto beauty related buys:

I spotted these Shiseido cotton pads at a drugstore. Canada drugstores are really interesting, not only do they sell lots of "drugstore products", they also have counters where they sell some of the higher end brands that are usually found in department stores in the US, such as Lancome, Shiseido, Clarins, etc. I've been wanting to try these cotton pads ever since Fuz mentioned it a few months ago. I was curious to see how it compares to the Suzuran ones from Sasa that I love. For 8 Canadian dollars, it was a pretty good deal! I tried it the other night and loved it! It's so thick, soft, and doesn't shed and make a mess. It soaks up liquid very well, and the pad is such a nice size that one would remove makeup from both of my eyes! Usually I'd need at least two Suzuran cotton pads to do the job.

I also bought this from the drugstore to help remove my week old, chipped nail polish. I forgot to remove them before I left, and only realized it after I got on the airplane. So unprofessional looking, right? I decided to give these nail polish remover pads a try because they'd be perfect to bring along on a trip, without worrying about spillage. And the package claims that one pad removes polish on all 10 finger nails. It really did, very easily too. The pad is not too big, yet it's saturated with nail polish remover solution, and is thick enough that it won't tear easily when you are rubbing it on your nails. Even though it sells for $4.99 (Canadian dollar) for 8 pads, I think it's worth it because of the convenience, perfect for on the go!

Sorry about the bad quality images. I had to upload all the pictures as their smallest size on blogger because the internet is oh so slow. I'll update more once I get back home :) Hope everyone have a fun weekend!

Friday, August 7, 2009

11 Things That Make Me Happy!

I got tagged by sweetie Diana (Mayaari) to do a tag on "11 Things That Make Me Happy". (By the way, Diana makes pretty jewelries, make sure to check it out!)
1. Collecting anything and everything: from postcards to pretty stickers to pens/pencils to stationaries with cute prints on them...I love to collect them all. It has become a ritual for me to purchase postcards wherever I go, and I love receiving postcards from friends who will visit a foreign country or a new place that I've never been! And lately, I've been obsessed with collecting Hello Kitty stickers :)
2. Mia
she makes me so happy every time I go home and see her by the door. When I'm happy, I like to hug her; when I'm feeling down, I also want to hug her. She is a sweetheart -- especially lately since she had to be away from us for almost a month because of our move. But she's liking her new house so far, more room for her to run around in :p
3. Surprises: surprise presents, surprise parties, surprise flowers just because...surprise me! I love it!
4. Cooking and baking: it's my calming therapy. I actually look forward to cooking and feels deprived when I don't make a home cooked meal for a while (like when we were moving and the kitchen wasn't ready). I love trying out new recipes or just come up with my own dishes once in a while. I also love it when people compliments on my food -- one of the reasons why I love potlucks, haha :)
5. Shopping: it could be anything, groceries (fun), clothes (yay!), and makeup/skincare (double yaaayyy!)...even window shop is good for me if I have nothing else to buy :) It is especially fun when I shop with a friend -- I look forward to this coming weekend -- a special friend might be coming to visit me and I can't wait for our shopping spree!
6. Travel: I love visiting new places. So far this year I have travelled to New Zealand, Seattle, Colorado, and next week I will be going to Vancouver. Please suggest any fun things to do/places to visit in Vancouver if you are familiar with the city, thanks :)
7. Crafts: I love visiting Micheal's and browse through the aisles to get new crafting ideas. Recently I have been obssessed with polymer clays (oven-baked clays), I will make a post showing you my new creations soon.
8. Organizing: I like my rooms to be neat and organized. It bothers me when something is misplaced in the house (that's why I chase after the bf everyday to tell him to put things back!). I also like to make lists -- to do's, to buy's -- lists for home, for office, for school...
9. Movies in a theater: the atmosphere, the people, the smell of popcorn and a good film showing on gigantic screens = happy time :)
10. Snow: Snow became a rare sight ever since I moved to California a couple years ago. Back home during junior high and high school, it'd snow every winter, and snow days make me super happy! Snow days means no school, and I get to go shovel the snow off of the driveway, build snowman, go sledding, and have an awesome snowball fight. I'd always get too excited to sleep on a snow days, and in the morning I'd be the first in the house to wake up, turn on the TV, just to find out if school is cancelled for that day.
11. Internet -- blogger/youtube/my iPhone/receiving emails: I grouped all of these together because seriously, I need to check and use them every day, how else can I keep up with what's going on in the blogger/youtube world and know all the awesome products to buy and things on sale! Most importantly, making new friends here everyday :) I am also always on my iphone checking my emails, replying them, using Twitter (follow me!), and chatting away. Gotta love my iLife!
TAG time! I am tagging...
Miss Wiggle
Shanghainese Dumpling
I received an award from Miss Wiggle! Thanks sweetie :) Sorry I waited so long to put this up!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

July Favorites!

I AM BAAAACKKK!!! Sorry for being missing from the blogger world for so long, and thanks so much for all the well wishes and good lucks about my moving. I am happy to say that we are now all moved and settled in at the new place. There are still many boxes laying on the floor that needs to be unpacked and organized, but all the essentials are set up, and our internet is finally fixed as of right now! (the BF had to call AT&T a couple times to fix problems from the transfer)
I'll keep today's post short and sweet with my July favorite items. I have so many more make-up posts (no pun intended, hehe :p) that I need to make, so please stay tuned. Some of the upcoming posts include:
- My new vanity
- Recent haul
- Trips
- Prizes and love packages
- 10 regretful buys
- ... and more

Now onto July favorites. Surprisingly I didn't include any makeup items in last month's favorites. I didn't get to wear a lot of makeup during July due to our slow and tiring move, plus a few days ago I caught the cold bug and didn't feel too well to put on any makeup. I tried my best to follow up with my skincare routine despite the change of lifestyle and lack of rest/sleep.
(Sorry for my blurry iPhone picture, camera is still packed away :-/)
♥ Mandom Hair Water Morning Fix -- Sweet floral smell hair detangling spray that I spray onto my hair every morning to make it smell nice and make it easier to brush. I like how you can purchase refill bottles once you use it up, and the refilles comes in a paper carton for a cheaper price!

♥ Wild Ferns New Zealand Manuka Honey Hand & nail Cream -- purchased this hand cream during my trip to New Zealand this winter. Love love the smell of this cream...hmm honey. It's nourishing enough for my hands every night before I go to sleep.

♥ Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator -- won this from Edna's contest. Thanks sweetie! I've been using as my morning serum. It makes my face smooth and it's non-greasy. So far so good. More detailed review on it later!

♥ Revoin Instant Nail Gloss
-- I put this on in between my weekly nail polish application to nourish my nails. It gives my nails a healthy shine. It contains vitamines C, E, panthenol, and Arctic berry oils to nourish and condition nails. Smells really great too (green tea & lily scent). I love its fast drying formula.

♥ TheFaceShop Apple Hand Lotion -- I can't believe I left this out of my June favorites last month. Bought this when Edna and I shopped at TFS during her last trip to the bay. It smells heavenly, like apple candies, but better! hmmmmm and I love the cute apple shaped containers it comes in.

♥ American Beauty Ultimate Diamond Restorative Anti-Aging Cream -- I won this in a contest last month (more details in upcoming posts). It's suppose to contain diamond powder! Is is a pretty rich cream, but when applied, it doesn't feel heavy even for day time use. So far so good, I hope it will help me to brighten up my complextion and make my skin look more even just like it claims :)
♥ Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Lip Balm -- bought this in New Zealand also. I've been using it every night before I go to bed. It keeps my lips moisturized for the whole night, and smells so nice!

♥ Reviva Labs Rosewater Facial Spray -- I've been using this as a facial toner. It sprays nice and evenly on my face, and smells so nice!
♥ Crabtree & Evelyn Goatmilk Hand Recovery Cream -- it's a hand treatment that exfoliates and moisturizes. You put it and rub it around for about a minute then rince off, pat dry. Instantly softer and smoother hands afterwards. This has been so helpful during my move as all the packing and unpacking have made my hands rough and dry.