Friday, August 7, 2009

11 Things That Make Me Happy!

I got tagged by sweetie Diana (Mayaari) to do a tag on "11 Things That Make Me Happy". (By the way, Diana makes pretty jewelries, make sure to check it out!)
1. Collecting anything and everything: from postcards to pretty stickers to pens/pencils to stationaries with cute prints on them...I love to collect them all. It has become a ritual for me to purchase postcards wherever I go, and I love receiving postcards from friends who will visit a foreign country or a new place that I've never been! And lately, I've been obsessed with collecting Hello Kitty stickers :)
2. Mia
she makes me so happy every time I go home and see her by the door. When I'm happy, I like to hug her; when I'm feeling down, I also want to hug her. She is a sweetheart -- especially lately since she had to be away from us for almost a month because of our move. But she's liking her new house so far, more room for her to run around in :p
3. Surprises: surprise presents, surprise parties, surprise flowers just because...surprise me! I love it!
4. Cooking and baking: it's my calming therapy. I actually look forward to cooking and feels deprived when I don't make a home cooked meal for a while (like when we were moving and the kitchen wasn't ready). I love trying out new recipes or just come up with my own dishes once in a while. I also love it when people compliments on my food -- one of the reasons why I love potlucks, haha :)
5. Shopping: it could be anything, groceries (fun), clothes (yay!), and makeup/skincare (double yaaayyy!)...even window shop is good for me if I have nothing else to buy :) It is especially fun when I shop with a friend -- I look forward to this coming weekend -- a special friend might be coming to visit me and I can't wait for our shopping spree!
6. Travel: I love visiting new places. So far this year I have travelled to New Zealand, Seattle, Colorado, and next week I will be going to Vancouver. Please suggest any fun things to do/places to visit in Vancouver if you are familiar with the city, thanks :)
7. Crafts: I love visiting Micheal's and browse through the aisles to get new crafting ideas. Recently I have been obssessed with polymer clays (oven-baked clays), I will make a post showing you my new creations soon.
8. Organizing: I like my rooms to be neat and organized. It bothers me when something is misplaced in the house (that's why I chase after the bf everyday to tell him to put things back!). I also like to make lists -- to do's, to buy's -- lists for home, for office, for school...
9. Movies in a theater: the atmosphere, the people, the smell of popcorn and a good film showing on gigantic screens = happy time :)
10. Snow: Snow became a rare sight ever since I moved to California a couple years ago. Back home during junior high and high school, it'd snow every winter, and snow days make me super happy! Snow days means no school, and I get to go shovel the snow off of the driveway, build snowman, go sledding, and have an awesome snowball fight. I'd always get too excited to sleep on a snow days, and in the morning I'd be the first in the house to wake up, turn on the TV, just to find out if school is cancelled for that day.
11. Internet -- blogger/youtube/my iPhone/receiving emails: I grouped all of these together because seriously, I need to check and use them every day, how else can I keep up with what's going on in the blogger/youtube world and know all the awesome products to buy and things on sale! Most importantly, making new friends here everyday :) I am also always on my iphone checking my emails, replying them, using Twitter (follow me!), and chatting away. Gotta love my iLife!
TAG time! I am tagging...
Miss Wiggle
Shanghainese Dumpling
I received an award from Miss Wiggle! Thanks sweetie :) Sorry I waited so long to put this up!


  1. oh, your kitty is such a cutie. I would hug her all the time :)

  2. Can't wait to see your new polymer creations!! LOL very true about the last one! And OMG your cat is so cute! lolcats much :D thanks for tagging me honey! will try get to it soon but I'm a bit of a slacker :P (shhh it's summer hols ;) my excuse! xx

  3. I think we are similiar ^^
    I like collecting many things too. Especially cute stuff, japanese comics and cosmetics.
    Wow! your cat is so cute <3333 *pet pet*
    I wanna have a cat. But I will have mice haha :D
    I am going to buy them in the end of my vacation.
    ok, see ya, take care ^^

  4. i love cooking too. it's therapeutic.

  5. Love that pix of baby Mia :) Is it me or do we just stare at our baby pix of our cats and wish they were that puny again? hehehe

  6. Thank for the birthday greet! Your cat is too too tooooo cute!!

  7. Thanks for tagging me, dear! GAH, I'm so behind on posting~

    I love organizing too! My BF's moving away for school, and I'm totally all about containers and drawers. IKEA & Target, here I come! I told him I want to put up a gajillion photos of myself on his wall! HAR HAR HAR HAR! This will shoo-away evil boyfriend-stealing spirits LOL... I know I know, possessive much? xD

  8. Mia looks so tiny in that pic! bet you miss her lots while you're on travel. lots of great things on your list - right now a cold snowy day sounds so nice!