Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally settled in!

Last night, I unpacked the last box of books and organized them on the bookshelf in the livingroom. Which means, we are officially all settled in our new house! The garage still needs some organization, and we still need to get an extra couch for the livingroom and a bed for the guest bedroom, but we'll just slowly take care of those in the future. This weekend I'm making the bf organize all his tools that are scattered everywhere in the garage...*sigh* boys...

So today, I am posting a much belated post to show you guys what my new vanity area looks like :)

I bought the vanity table from IKEA from the MALM collection. The matching mirror fits perfectly with the table and the two sides could be folded inwards.

From left to right on the table, I have: body care products, face care products, body sprays/perfumes that I use most often, makeup removers/alcohol/hand sanitizer, Q-tip and cotton pads, my vanity mirror that lights up when you tap the base, face brushes in a Hello Kitty container from the bf for my birthday, eye brushes, a clock to keep me on time in the morning when I do my makeup, hair brushes, and finally, hair products -- all neatly organized in their own containers/baskets :)

The big drawer pulls out and the inside is divided into 4 compartments and all lined with felt trays. The left most tray holds some travel brushes, Kleenex, face wipes. Second one on the left has my Everyday Minerals foundations (which I haven't been using recently after I started using BB creams), and eyeshadow palettes. Then there are my nail polishes and nail care items. The right drawer holds hair stuff -- hair bands, hair ties, and some jewelries that I use most frequently. I love how big and roomy these drawers are!

Then under the table I have a blue drawer where I put some hair tools, extra cotton pads and Q-tips, extra brushes, and new makeup stuff that I have yet to play with. The white drawers contain my makeup that I use everyday.

Since I was lacking a good chair tall enough for me to see myself in the mirror (the table is really high!), last week, the bf went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and got me this cool looking bar stool that is perfect height for the table :)

My Q-tip container! I was browsing through the Japanese store a while ago and the bf found this for me! Isn't he good at spotting cute stuff for me? hahaha...It's perfect, it's pink, it's a cute piggie that reminds me of Edna cuz she loves piggies :p, and it already has my name printed on it! It's made for me! hahaha

Isn't this the cutest trash can ever?!

And finally, sleepy Mia says: "I love my new home, g'night meow!"
(Look at where her leg is! Doesn't she know it's stinky to put her foot right next to her head?)


  1. love it! so organized :)glad its done so you can now relax with mia :)

  2. I like your vanity table, you're so organize.

    How sweet? The bf found you the perfect bar stool for your vanity and the piggy q-tip is too cute.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. i love the cat picture the best. maybe it got tired looking at u fixing ur table.

    RYC: thanks for ur comment. :) it's really sad to see big dogs in small cages.

  4. WOW! omg lulu. i LOVE your vanity!! theres so much room!! jealous!

  5. Omg, your vanity table is SO NICE! I LOVE IT~! <3 I want one to now, haha =b

  6. AHHH you're finally showing off your vanity in your 2nd bedroom ... no wait scratch that... YOUR CLOSET!

    MIA CATCAT IS SO CUTE!! And no, that fuzz ball didnt stink! I want to cat sit her again :)

  7. awww too cute,i wish i had that HUGE and wide the

  8. Looks good! Has Mia tried to stick her paws in the space where the drawer is and pull the drawer out? My cats seem to like to do that. My vanity is pretty full of stuff now. I'm jealous because you have the mirror, but really it looks great!

  9. that table is my dream vanity. i would get one but our place is too small. its the perfect vanit table to put all kinds of makeup. so much room on top and inside the drawer. its just soo nice.

    thats cool that youre all settled in :) have fun at your new place.

  10. your new vanity is so pretty and well organized. I'd love to have something like this too.

  11. Congrats on moving into the new house! Oh my gosh you have the best vanity! So organized, roomy, and lovely. I love your mirror too. Great post!

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    Thank you!

  12. Congrats on the move! I love your vanity area! Makes me want to redo mine. :D

  13. glad to hear you're finally unpacked - haha I still have boxes sitting in my apartment from when I moved =T loooooove the MALM vanity! and the cute stool that you found too

    I'm noticing very quickly that cats will fall asleep in the oddest positions, lol

  14. OMG!!! u r so organized, gosh i wish i can be like that, ive been cleaning today also

    lol, everything is adorable, even the trashcan and Q-tip container......!

    aww...Mia's so cute >_<

  15. i love it!!! esp the chair.. hello to mia..hihi