Friday, August 14, 2009

Greetings from Canada!

Hello from Canada! I flew in 3 days ago for business. Today is the last day, then I'm flying over the weekend to go to another last minute meeting. While it's been really tiring, I've been enjoying my time in Canada so far. The only thing I wish I had brought along with me is a warm jacket because it has been chilly and raining here :(

In Vancouver airport:

The sign says "Welcome to Vancouver".

Once we got our rental car and the bf started driving, he noticed a sign w/ "Sortie" on it, and he was like, "what does THAT mean?!" I cracked up because it was an Exit sign, and he was reading the French version of it. Silly sillly!

Guess where I'm staying? It's an island near Vancouver called LULU ISLAND! Cool huh?! hehe I've already spotted a few shops around town with the name Lulu in it. A few of my "Lulu" sightings:

Lulu Hair Studio

Lulu Sweets Coffee

Lulu's Lounge in the casino.

The other night, I went to a mall nearby, and they have a pet shop with the cutest kittens and puppies. Once I saw the kittens, I just couldn't leave and stayed there for a long time watching the kittens playing with each other! I miss my Mia Catcat! She's been taken care of by Edna this week while I'm gone! Edna and her sweet sister have been soooo good with Mia! And I hope Mia can make friend with Summer and Peter :)

The lazy one laying down behind the scratcher post reminds me of Mia -- so laidback and doesn't care a thing about what's going on around her -- even though all the other kittens were fighting!

This tiny white one is the most aggressive one in the whole group, he kept chasing after everyone, and attacking other cat's tails. Doesn't look like it right? Looks can be very deceiving :p

The lazy kitten again. I love his/her flat face :p Looks so cute :)

Guess what I found? Ketchup flavored chips! I haven't tried it yet, hopefully it tastes good :p

And these are sooo good! Too bad I've never seen this in the States.

Now onto beauty related buys:

I spotted these Shiseido cotton pads at a drugstore. Canada drugstores are really interesting, not only do they sell lots of "drugstore products", they also have counters where they sell some of the higher end brands that are usually found in department stores in the US, such as Lancome, Shiseido, Clarins, etc. I've been wanting to try these cotton pads ever since Fuz mentioned it a few months ago. I was curious to see how it compares to the Suzuran ones from Sasa that I love. For 8 Canadian dollars, it was a pretty good deal! I tried it the other night and loved it! It's so thick, soft, and doesn't shed and make a mess. It soaks up liquid very well, and the pad is such a nice size that one would remove makeup from both of my eyes! Usually I'd need at least two Suzuran cotton pads to do the job.

I also bought this from the drugstore to help remove my week old, chipped nail polish. I forgot to remove them before I left, and only realized it after I got on the airplane. So unprofessional looking, right? I decided to give these nail polish remover pads a try because they'd be perfect to bring along on a trip, without worrying about spillage. And the package claims that one pad removes polish on all 10 finger nails. It really did, very easily too. The pad is not too big, yet it's saturated with nail polish remover solution, and is thick enough that it won't tear easily when you are rubbing it on your nails. Even though it sells for $4.99 (Canadian dollar) for 8 pads, I think it's worth it because of the convenience, perfect for on the go!

Sorry about the bad quality images. I had to upload all the pictures as their smallest size on blogger because the internet is oh so slow. I'll update more once I get back home :) Hope everyone have a fun weekend!


  1. Kitties!!! I bet it made you miss yours! Hope you're having a good time in Canada. You should find a lulu island tee for yourself. They do have Maltesers in some Asian markets or specialty European markets in the city, they have white chocolate ones too. Have a safe trip back!

  2. awesome, your in Canada! Ketchup chips so bomb! Wish I could have a bag myself right now.. SIgh* I'm just munch my U.S. flavor chips "cheese" flav now,so boring.

  3. wah~ nice...but thats so weird, liek what the heck canada's so close to cali....but we dont have awesome stuff like ketchup chips :p when u try it i wanna know if it tastes good !(cuz i love ketchup!...i put it on everything)aww...and the kittens r so cute

    (its ok about the quality....yours is much better quality then mines, my camera just sucks , yours is better )^.^ have fun your last day in Canada!!

  4. ahh! such cute cats! :)
    enjoy canada and let us know if the ketchup chips taste good or not.
    ha ha!

  5. Awww! You're in Canada! I'm so jealous! You must be having a great time! Lulu island!? Amazing! Haha. And the cats looks so cute!

  6. eeekk maltezers are my favorite and I love Ketchup flavored chips!!!! :) Enjoy!

  7. Omg I looove ketchuppy chips! delishimost. And is it hard to find Maltesers in the states?! :O whoah! I never knew that! good idea about those instant nail polish remover patches - Need to keep that in mind next time I travel!! :D Thanks honeybunch xx

    ps. {i did the tag blog thing that you tagged me with a while ago} :D xx

  8. Canada! Must be so fun! ^^ and you got a "Lulu" city! Hehe!!! Awww those Cara are just too adorable! I'm sure Mia catcat misses you too!

  9. Welcome back :) it's great that you found a hair studio named after you :) hope I can find something like that too :)

  10. ketchup chips from heinz are so addicting, never saw the lays. The Shisedio cottons are the softest! a total necessity.

  11. Yay you're "home" now :)

    Now you have a couple more items to add into your "LULU" collection. I hope you like it. Eugenia actually choose one of the colors of the headbands. Can't wait to hang out again tomorrow. I don't want Mia to go home!

  12. so cute that you were on Lulu Island! bet you're glad to be home though :)

  13. the kittens are so cute!! they r so much better than in malaysia; cats and dogs r just placed in a small cage and no toys and space for them.