Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hauls from last month

The hauls I'm showing today are not recent, they were the little ones accumulated around the end of last month while I was moving, so I never got a chance to post about them until now. Since I took pictures of them already, I might as well show them to ya :)

First the beauty related ones:

I've been wanting a hair crimper ever since Fuz showed us how she uses hers to help volumize her hair in one of her hair tutorials. I am always looking for good ways to give my fine limpy hair more oomph, so I was sold on the idea of crimping the roots of the hair to give them a lift. Every time I stop by the hair styling tool sections at Target, Ulta, Sally's, Walgreens...I was looking for this crimper but couldn't find a good one that I liked. Ulta does sell a hair crimper but it is really wide (2") and I wanted a smaller one because it will be easier to travel with. Finally I was able to track one down from This thing really works! I just crimp the sections near the roots on top of my head, and viola, bigger hair that lasts till the end of the day. I try to do this whenever I have time in the morning, and even took it on my recently business trip to Canada.

My Beauty Diaries Sheet Masks -- I found this in a nearby Asian grocery near my new home. I was really glad to find them sitting on the shelves because I've heard so many raves about this sheet mask. The pack I bought contains 11 different kinds/flavors of MBD masks so I can try them all and see which ones I will like the most. I can't wait to give these a try!

I know I am really late on buying this, but this summer has been so hectic with the moving and traveling, I finally had a chance to stop by my Asian bookstore two weeks ago to grab the last copy of the Queen (Nv Ren Wo Zui Da) magazine.

Also bought this L'Oreal Sublime Slim Tightening + Toning Treatment Gel for Abs. Not sure if this would be effective but at least I could use this gel to help message my abs after a workout or something. The gel is very fast absorbing and doesn't leave the skin sticky afterwards, and the smell is pleasant.

So last time I mentioned my favorite pens to use for school. A few of you responded and told me that I am not the only one who is particular about choosing the right type of pens/pencils to write with :) What about notebooks? This year I am hooked onto cute Hello Kitty notebooks -- I know, so not work appropriate, but for my own notes, I can use whatever I like, right? =)

More clothes haul -- this time from H&M. The tshirts are supposed to be made with organic cotton! They are very comfy and great for the summer :)

Last but not least, SO belated since I got this about a month ago -- I finally became an iPhone user --

A WHITE 32GB iPhone. I love it so much, and I am loving my iLife :p During the week before we installed internet at our new place, my iPhone was so useful! That was also when I learned to type on a touch screen super fast for all those emails that I was sending from my phone :p Byebye my pink RAZR!


  1. Nice haul! I've always wanted to try My Beauty Diaries Sheet Masks. Let us know how they work for you..

  2. OMG! I really want those magazines!!! jealous* >.< Nice Haul!

  3. yay... i like beauty diaries mask... hope u will like the pearl powder one!
    hooo... u are thin enough already, still wanna become thinner??
    the crimming iron is interesting! review please!

  4. ooh i really been lookin for my beauty diary masks! what asian store did you find that in?

  5. Hi there~ Nice haul! I want to get a crimper too to do that Fuz trick. :D

  6. Woooooooooow
    I love Hello Kitty!
    So cute :)
    And I want to read this asian magazine, haha

  7. ohh i love razr
    my razr is now in two pieces,like i was still using it when both sides were already cracked.i was with him till his last

  8. I love my beauty diary masks, they work so well. I'm debating on getting an iphone too! Can't decide!

  9. love your haul.. hehe crimper sounds fun to use once in awhile. the beautyhair, did you use it with a blow dryer... apparently you need to spray then blowdry.. must be great with an iphone, hope to get one in a yr or two. =)

  10. Ohh great haul! I need to look into hair crimping too, thanks for the advice! Do you mind letting me know where you bought those masks in Berkeley? My friend bought some for me in Taiwan and I love them. ^^ Cute notebook! Ah what an awesome phone! I need to upgrade my oldie cell. LOL

  11. Hi Lulu!

    Thanks for responding! ^^ Oh so you commute to school, very responsible! I have no idea where the tri-city area is (haha I don't drive) but it sounds nice! I would love it if we could meet and exchange masks, I will of course pay you for them! :) This would be my first blogger meeting too! Very exciting. ^^ Campus is soooo busy now too, I love summer sessions because it's all isolated.

    Berkeley has also made me into a night owl *with dark circles* LOL

  12. lots of nice purchases! congrats on the new phone :) I used a MBD sake yeast mask today and it was really nice - I need to find more of them soon, haha

  13. welcome to the iPhone family!! I cannot live without my iPhone!! :) You should totally hello kitty-fied that iPhone!! I'm thinking of doing the same! :D

    Btw, I need to wear my braces for 24 months :D