Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Imomoko Haul

I ordered a few things from Imomoko this past weekend and the package arrived today! Yay for fast shipping! I've been "window shopping" online a lot recently, first it was trying to find that perfect purse I wanted for work, then it was going through all my daily essentials to see what else I need to stock up on before I start another makeup diet with Edna, then it was checking out all the goodies blogger girls have reviewed/recommended and making a long wishlist of new stuff to try out. Well, "window shopping" eventually leads to some actual shopping, so here is my small haul from Imomoko:

  • Stocked up on my favorite Naris Up pore mask -- I've been searching high and low in Mitsuawa and other local Japanese markets for weeks now but never found it again. Thank goodness Imomoko sells these!

  • Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Eye Serum -- This is my first Kevin BM product. I just ran out of my eye cream and want to try this one out. I am still constantly searching for my HG eye cream -- I mainly want to target on dark circles and fine lines. Any suggestions for me? Pretty please? <3

  • BeautyHair Thickness Supporter -- to volumize my fine, limpy hair :)

School is starting tomorrow! Even though I am done with all my required courses, I still plan on sitting in a class this semester just to learn the material -- to help with my thesis writing and also my job. I am just THAT good of a student, hehehe :p

I already prepared my notebook for tomorrow's class, and loaded pens and pencils into my pen pouch for taking notes. Here are some of my favorite pens to use for school -- Uni Alpha-Gel, which has the softest cushion ever, and is so fun to squeeze! I also like ink pens, especially the ones with super fine tips. What are some of your favorite writing utensils?

Then yesterday evening, the bf and I went to the mall again. We went to Dave and Buster's -- it's a restaurant + bar + arcade in one. We played all the archade games like little kids, it was a lot of fun! The bf hit the jackpot on the spin-the-wheel game and got us a lot of tickets :) Here are what I picked up for prizes -- they are huuuuge! :D

I also got a few tanks and simple t-shirts from Forever21, so comfy for the summer.


  1. Hi Lulu!

    Nice haul! I've also been lemming after the Naris mask, I can't wait for your review. I've tried toooons of eye creams but none really work for dark circles. I have some nice suggestions for hydrating ones if you are interested though. For fine lines, I hear you need something with retinol in it. I use retinol of my laugh lines and it works for that. I did a review of the Beautyhair thickness supporter here:

    You're a very dedicated student! I use ink pens too, Pilot G-2 roller balls lol. Aww love your teddy bears and nice tanks! I really need to get my class pass but the line is sooo long.

  2. I did the same thing the night before class. I'm a nerd with you. Ha ha. I feel anxious if I'm not prepared. If you're ever in the city they sell the pore mask at a place called Genkis crepe. I know weird they sell crepes and beauty products, but they also sell snacks and stuff too.

  3. haha.. me too, i hauled 5 T-shirts and some fails and pens before school started again... ha. guess all the students have similar characteristics?

  4. you are too cute! when I was studying, I use specific pens too, Pilot is one of them! :)

  5. Been wanting to try the beautyhair product for awhile now but not really into puffy hair. Let us know how it goes. Maybe Ill get it for the sis. Hmmm.. did you spell arcade wrong on purpose? And how many tickets did you guys win altogether? hehe Do you regret not buying more of those Ketchup chips? Next time you go you gotta get some for me...

  6. awww, the beaers are so cute! I love how you got two of them. One for you and one for him ^__^
    And those tanks are nice. I love Forever 21 & how cheap their clothes are.

  7. Nice haul!! Hope you enjoy those products :)
    Omg I love those Japanese pens too... I bought a bunch in Japan and can't wait to use them for school hahaaa~ They are so comfy and squishy, one of the brands called Zebra collaborated with Waseda University professor to make a pen that was perfectly ergonomic and comfortable. I bought that one too!! ^_^ Zebra is one of my favorite Japanese pen brands.

  8. wah~ hi lulu

    great stuff u got, im in search of that one perfect eye cream or gel for dark circles too x_x

    omgomg that alpha gel one is soooo awesome!!!
    it seriously is soft, like i wanted to write forever, i was ok with it

    aww...your teddy bears r so cute

    ooh , and forever 21 clothes r nice ,and such a great deal right? :] recently i bought a super comfy tee there

    hey so have a great day

  9. nice purchases :) I'm still testing out this eye cream, but I'm thinking I need to either switch or add another one that has retinol to help with some of the fine lines I'm seeing :(

    I'm a Pilot G-2 pen kinda girl :) I can't tell you how many of these pens I've used, but I've been buying them since college, that's how much I love them! I used to write with these other Japanese pens (jelly roll? you can find them at Michael's, intended for scrapbooking I think) cause they came in so many colors, but I can't really get away with writing in purple/pink/metallic ink on work documents =P

  10. dearest lulu..

    thanks for letting me to borrow the picture.. and i am glad you liked the yellow bag (it was heavy) i dunno if it was because of the metals (buckles) on it hahaha

    love lots,

  11. hey girl~ I bought the Hair support spray too..but sadly it did nothing for me =( if you would like another bottle let me know. Mines just sitting at home lol