Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sasa & weekend Haul

My Sasa haul is here!

Stocked up on my favorite nose pore strips (Kose Softymo Men's Nose Clean Pack). I like the men's version better because it's bigger than the regular version = more coverage at once :) I also like how it's black so you can see the results clearly, hahaha ^^

Bath salts -- ever since I moved and have a bigger, cleaner bathtub that I can take bath in, I've been actively buying bath related products every chance I get. I decided to try these because the packaging claims that the bath salts make the water hotter to help you sweat and get all the toxins out of your body? I tried one last night but I don't feel like it did anything special. However I do like the crackling sounds the bath salt makes when it hits the water. It also makes my bath water turn into a shade of pink = cute! The smell is pretty pleasant too.

Oil absorbing sheets -- stocked up on my favorite Clean & Clear one. Also decided to try one from Kose Softymo.

Nexcare Acne Dressing -- I've heard great things about this acne dressing from Mayaari. So I decided to try it out. I just happened to have a blemish popping out of my cheek and I couldn't wait to put this "acne sticker" on as soon as I opened the package. Let me tell you, this stuff works wonders! The next morning I woke up and and the red bump is gone! I am loving this so far!

Deep Cleansing Oil -- great way to remove makeup in the night.

Recently, I've been reading rave reviews about the magic of collagen powders. Users claimed that it helped them to achieve smoother skin, less oily T-zone, and reduced pore size. This Meiji one comes in powdered form (compared to the pill form from Fancl), and you take a spoonful everyday with water, juice or any drink of your choice. It reminds me of powdered milk that I used to drink as a baby. Smells kinda like that too :) So far I've been drinking a cup of this a day for 3 days, I can't say that I've seen any immediate results yet, but it hasn't caused any adverse effect on my skin, so I'll keep taking this and see if I can see any skin improvements -- I want my skin to be less oily during the day!

And of course, how can I get a Sasa package w/out stocking up on my favorite cotton pads -- Suzuran Attirer Puff!

Then Friday, the bf and I went shopping!

More bubble bath products from Bath and Body Works. I bought these white gloves to give my hands an occasional pampering while I sleep. I'd slather hand cream all over my hands, then put the gloves on before jumping into bed. The gloves help to retain moisture. The next morning I'd wake up with baby soft hands -- so good :)

I could never walk out of Sanrio store w/out buying some cute goodies -- notepads and more stickers to add to my sticker collection.

I've always wanted a small wrislet to carry around some essentials -- cash, ID, keys, lip gloss, hand sanitizer, etc. when I have to go do a quick run to the grocery store, or out for a quick dinner, without having to carry my bigger purses around. This Coach one has two compartments -- the buckle opens up to one pocket and the zipper in the back opens up to another, and is just the perfect size for me.

Also, I've been searching for the perfect purse for work/school -- when I found this, I knew I had to get it. It is just the design I'm looking for. It's roomy enough to put notebooks and files, or even my netbook inside. I love the pink bow on the handle -- it adds a cute touch to the otherwise boring black purse. The inside is PINK too!

I can't wait to use this next week!

And finally, Mia of the Day picture:

Mia hard at work -- massaging the big dog.

Hope y'all had a great weekend! <3


  1. oOoOo wow! So much stuffs <3 I love the Coach purses - I especially love the pink lining on the purse. It's so cute!! ^__^

  2. wah u got sooo much great stuff

    wow so drinking the collageen really helps, thats so interesting

    and wow great stuff u got from Sanrio too, i really like chi chai monchan lol ^_^

    great purse u got, i like how u put a pink bow,

  3. Love your Sasa hauls. Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets is my all time favorite. I going to get some Nexcare Acne Dressing when I oprder from Sasa next time. It sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. aww it has been years since I last ordered at SASA, I am scared to order because it always goes to the MAIN post office which is far from my place, I don't know why, must be the box? or must be from the location that needed to be checked by customs. the wristlet and I love your black bag with pink interior!!!

  5. Does Sasa charge alot for shipping?
    I really want to try the bath salts!
    They look really cute! I love the Sanrio Pig!
    Does it squeak? My friend has one that squeaks!

  6. Nice haul! Love the Sanrio purchase.

  7. Hi!

    I'm a new follower and fan, nice to meet you! I love your blog. Nice haul! Thank you for your reviews for all them too. I want to try the acne sticker. XD I never heard about thinking collagen powders, so cool! I love your bags and your kitty is sooooo good! I love cats. :)

  8. Ahhhh!! Cutest blog post evar! :D
    I love your new bag - always so hard to find "the perfect one" :p
    Great hauls! I'm telling you.. the cuteness of those Sanrio stores suck me in and suck all my money in my purse dry.. *glare* LOL

  9. nice haul! mia's making bread, my kitty does that too, we should have a factory of kitties who make pizza dough :D

  10. excellent sasa haul - that's a lot of puffs! :) I need to finish writing up my review of those nexcare dots - but aren't they awesome?!

    nice Coach bags - is the larger one the Madeline?

  11. dear.. i borrowed your picture of coach bag, please view this link:


  12. OMG, I am now an inactive blogger. I didnt even know you had 3 blog posts!

    Your coach purse is so cute! I love how sophisticated it looks! And Mia, come back home to your god-mommy!

  13. I just got the stuffed piggie with the squeaky nose, too! Do you know his official Sanrio name? I think it might be Pippo or Zashikibuta... but I'm not sure which?

  14. Oh, I found it! The piggie's name is Buta:Coron.