Thursday, September 3, 2009

August Favorites

It's time to talk about my favorite products of the month again. In August, I loved using:

♥ Revlon 1" hair crimper iron -- I bought this useful tool from I take away the very top layer of hair on top of my head, and crimp a few bottom layers with the crimper iron to give my hair more volume. Thanks to Fuzkittie for sharing this wonderful idea. For more info, please check out her video :)
♥ Kiehl's Blue Asrigent Herbal Lotion -- I don't use this as a toner for my whole face as it does contain alcohol, and is very drying for the skin. However, this works wonders as a spot treatment for any breakouts! I just soak a cotton ball or a Q-tip with this toner and dab it at wherever needed on my face. Also, it does an amazing job helping to shrink the enlarged pores on my nose after doing a nose strip or facial. Another good use for it is to use it as an aftershave to prevent discomfort or ingrown hair. I would keep using this product, but it is unlikely I'll run out anytime soon because I bought a huge bottle of it!

♥ Stila Precious Pearl Palette -- Edna's present for me from our most recent meet-up :) She originally wanted to put it up on her blogsale (please check it out, she has MAC HK items too!) but when she knew that I wanted it, she packed the palette in my goodie bag! Thanks so much sweetie! The colors are simply beautiful, each shadow is infused with genuine crushed pearls and the casing is made with real mother-of-pearl, how cool is that!

♥ Kevin Beautymaker Aquamarine Hydrating Eye Serum -- This is my first BM product. I am loving it so far. The gel is very light and super easy to absorb -- a few dabs under my eyes and I'm good to go!

♥ Revlon Matte Lipstick in 003 Mauve It Over -- I did a post on this lipstick here. This is a beautiful MLBB (my lips but better) color that's good for any day.

♥ The FaceShop top coat -- I read a review from Nikki/Askmewhats a while ago. So when Edna and I took a trip to San Jose last month, we stopped by The FaceShop and I grabbed this. Edna generously paid for my purchase too and saved me from embarrassment because I didn't have any cash in my wallet. :p

♥ Koji eyelash curler (#73) -- I've heard good things about this inexpensive yet effective eyelash curler. It works wayy better than all the other curlers I've tried before (I have not tried the Shiseido or Shu Uemura curlers yet!) and grabs all my lashes at once. You can get this curler from Mitsuawa market.

♥ Stila Sheer Pressed Powder (Medium) -- My HG touch up powder at the moment. It goes on lightly and really keeps my shines at bay for a good 4 to 5 hours. I talked about this product here.
So these are my favorite products from the month of August. What are some of your current favorites? Please share :)

Yesterday was 1/2 off Wednesday at Dave and Buster's. The bf had lucky hands again and won another jackpot on the spin-the-wheel game, yay more stuffed animals for me! :)

Guess what these are:

all natural, organic bean sprouts grown by ME! Can you believe just a handful of mung beans with a little water everyday turned into this much bean sprouts! I read an article online a while ago about how to grow your own bean sprouts at home so I did this for fun :) Now the problem is, how do I finish up this much bean sprouts? hahahaa :D

And of course, Mia of the day:

"Two cats? One cat? wait there are two cats!...I'm confused ><"


  1. Aw Mia is so cute, checking out her booty in the mirror! :D

    Thanks for sharing your monthly favorites with us. I'm really interested in the hair crimper as well now. The toner sounds nice, my sister just uses pure alcohol to spot treat pimples and it works well for her. The Stila palette has a nice packaging, so lux.

    Congrats on winning those adorable stuffed animals! I have never been to Dave and Buster's. Is there one near here?

    Ah mung beans! I never eat them because my family grew them for a living so I was like overwhelmed with mung beans my whole life lol. We use them in Cambodian crepes, basically a regular egg crepe filled with ground meat (seasoned with fish sauce, etc), mung beans, and other goodies. You can make a lot of pho and eat the mung beans. ^^ There is also a sweet tasty dessert you can make out of the green (undeveloped) mung beans but I need to ask my mom about that!

  2. Make some Pho so you can add all the bean sprouts to it. Hee hee.
    I've got to try the Mauve it over. I hear so much about it!

  3. I lot have been raving about that revlon mauve it over...maybe I should get one too...Thanks for this august faves...BTW, please join my giveaway....

  4. I love your favorites! And thanks for linking me up on the face shop's TOP COAT :) I am intrigued with the Revlon's crimper!

  5. Thanks for your BM serum update:] I'm tempted to try it now. La Mer is good stuff but, too pricy for long term use. I'm hunting for something better and cheaper..haha Don't we all?

    I'm liking all your August favorites especially, the Revlon Mauve lippy. I want!

    I love bean sprouts:) Mia is so cute, checking herself

  6. I have the revlon hair crimper too (i'm also obsessed with having more volume in my hair haha) but I don't think I know how to use it properly because it doesn't seem to do anything for me lol .. i probably don't crimp in the right places or something... I think I will have to give it another try this weekend...

    I've been wanting to try the BM hydrating eye serum.. must get that soon! and i love the koji eyelash curler too! i like it more than my Shu, it seems to fit my eye shape better :D

  7. woo so interesting thanks soo much for sharing!! lucky that your bf got lucky and gave u stuffed animals there all so cute,ive got tons of stuffed animals too (lol my parents always say how im too old 4 it and intend on me giving it but i tell them how each one is from different ppls and seeing it is like seeing the person who gave it to me lol)

    haha yay MIA, i really luv your cat so cute (>_< hehe is MIA shocked thinking that theres another cat lol)

  8. I love my Koji curler as well!
    Wow you grew those bean sprouts yourself.. awesome. I've always wanted to start a herb garden but got too lazy. =X

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. yeah! hello kitty. that stuffed animal is so cute. i have a hello kitty dressed as a hula girl and when you press and button it dances (sorry if thats a tmi) but it just reminded me of it. :)

  10. Mia is so cute!

    Great list of the favorites. The Stila palette is so pretty and I like how Hello Kitty is showcasing the products. Lol.

    I've had good transactions with transdesign. They ship faster than 8ty8 beauty. They also offer many other products like lashes. =)

  11. i love love love those bean sprouts! Make some pho and put all of it in there! I love that crunch!

  12. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.