Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Collagen powder from Sasa & Concealers from Kalmo

Is it really only Tuesday? I am already looking forward to Friday. This week feels so long and slow! I really need to sleep earlier also! I am such a night owl and I feel so sleepy during the day :(

Last Friday I had a chance to meet up with Kalmo from Cambo Soup again :) We had a great time chatting with each other about anything and everything, until the restaurant employee were turning off their light and ready to close for the day! Kalmo was so much fun to talk to, and she was extra sweet and gave me lots of goodies too! You all know how she did a bunch of reviews on various concealers on her blog. I am in a hunt to find my perfect concealer too to cover up my under eye circles. When I mentioned that to her, she was sweet enough to let me try two of the concealers she had but didn't work so well on her.

The Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer in 30 Medium. The concealer has a super strong yellow tone, and very thick and creamy. But just like what Kalmo reviewed, the finish of the concealer is super dry under my eyes, which is a big no no since I have the problem of having creamy products settling into the fine lines under my eyes and creasing. Within a few minutes of trying this product out under my eyes, the concealer creased big time :( However, I did find the concealer a good match (the scary yellow undertone disappears once blended in) for concealing blemishes on my face, it has good coverage since it is very creamy in texture.

The Cover Blend Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15 is suppose to offer non-creasing, natural-looking all day wear. To me, it did exactly what it promised -- it doesn't crease much! This is the first concealer that I've tried that doesn't crease heavily on me, so I am really excited about it!

Also in her goodie bag, Kalmo gave me this cute glass jar of Burt's Bees Beeswax and Banana hand cream, which smells oh so yummy! I love anything banana-flavored. I think I am going to purchase a full sized jar of this hand cream after I use this one up. Love love the smell!

She also gave me some samples to try out. I am really interested in trying the DHC products. Thanks so much sweetie! <3 Onto my haul -- I ordered from Sasa again. This time to stock up on the Meiji Collagen Powder that I started drinking since last month. I also finally got my hands on some Silk Whitia masks during the Sasa BOGO promotion (which I believe is still going on right now!) :D I decided to get two more bags of the collagen powder because I just finished my first can. I am pleased to say that my skin condition has improved a lot over the past month. I can't be certain that it was all because of the collagen powder, because at the same time, I switched up a few skincare products, one of which is the Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer Serum, which I love using everyday! However, I've started to notice that my skin feels smoother, and when I wake up in the morning, my T-zone is no longer as oily as before. I still get breakouts occasionally, but I've noticed the acne scars would heal a lot faster than before. Those annoying scars usually took about a week for them to completely disappear, but nowadays, they usually get better on just the 2nd or 3rd day. As I said before, I can't be completely sure if the collagen powder is doing all that to my skin yet, that is why I bought two more refill bags so I can keep drinking this for another two months and see! I will keep you posted :)


  1. sasa has a bogo sale...uhmmm....thanks for posting....How does that collagen drink taste????

  2. I truly wish we have Sasa down here. Looks like it was a great day spent , gosh, til closing of the restaurant? That must be a lot of talking!

  3. I'm soo jealoused, I wish I could meet up with some bloggers too here !!! :)

  4. you make me wanted to try out the meiji collagen, how so they taste??

  5. HI Lulu!

    It's so fun hanging out, we must do it soon again. :) I'm really happy the Coverblend concealer is working for you and not creasing. I love Burt's Bees and their hand cream is good stuff, I love banana scented things too. I can't wait until you get your amazon package with my other goodies, it will make things up. ^^

    Ah BOGO sale sounds so tempting but Sasa is so far away and I'm so impatient. Glad to hear your skin is improving, it's really nice already. I want to start taking collagen but I'm taking so much stuff to make my hair grow longer already lol.

  6. dang, wish i could take advantage of that deal on sasa but i gotta save up again! whether it's the collagen powder or that clinique serum, that's great that your skin is improving. how does that collagen drink taste?

  7. oh, i believe the meiji works. it will always be good that u have intake of collagen and also skincare... from in and out... this will works even better. oh, the silk whitia mask... u like this version?

  8. Yay for the Silk Whitia masks. I hope you like it as much as I do.

  9. Thanks for your nice comment:]

    I understand Mandarin but, afraid to speak unless I really need to. I speak Cantonese at home. How about you?

    Ooo...Napa CCO has ton of MAC HK makeup?!? I wanna go now...heheh My best friend lives in American Canyon which is 15 minutes away from the Napa Outlets. I will definitely go check it out the next I go visit her. Thanks for letting me know hun:)

  10. OMG!! Clean & Clear has blotting sheets in a Pink Grapefruit scent!! I want it!! But they don't have that scent in Canada at all...
    And nice masks, I've always wanted to try them but I don't have a credit card T.T