Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meeting Cambo Soup :)

Happy September! Just a quick post before I go out and hike on the trails behind our house :) We came home early today, I did some yard work (planted some flowers and pulled out weeds) and the bf is mowing the lawn right now. Such a productive day!

I got to meet Kalmo from Cambo Soup today! We only got to meet very briefly because she is such a busy girl! We had boba tea together (thanks for the yummy drinks sweetie!) and chatted like old friends even though this was our first time meeting each other. She showed me the pink makeup bag Eki made for her. It's super adorable!!! I want one now! :)

Look at all the goodies she got me! She is super duper nice and packed me a goodie bag. She gave me her bottle of BeautyHair Thickness Supporter since it didn't work well for her, and she knew that I always want more volumized hair :) So now I have two bottles and they will last me a long time! She also got me some samples of moisturizer, cleanser, and a MAC Zoom Lash. Her favorite lipbalm Chicken Poop, which she reviewed right here. haha every time I look at the packaging I want to giggle! I can't wait to try it out!! She also included a Beauty-Bar dark chocolate -- "formulated to make you feel gorgeous...on the inside". The packaging is adorable, and the chocolate is so yum! How did you know I am a chocolate lover! <3 She even gave Mia Catcat toys to play with! Thanks so much Kalmo! I love all the goodies you gave me! We've got to meet again sometimes soon when we both have more time :)

This past weekend, I bought something makeup related from my local Costco -- it's a Stila Complexion Set, which includes 3 full sized Stila products -- sheer pressed powder, illuminating finishing powder, and oil free sheer color tinted moisturizer in SPF 30. There is also a Stila 24a blush brush. I especially like the sheer pressed powder, it has a mirror and a puff inside so it's convenient for carry around in my purse for touch-ups during the day. It goes on super smooth and does a really good job controlling oil and keeping my face matte for the afternoon, which is amazing because I have really really oily skin! I swatched the illuminating finishing powder and the tinted moisturizer but haven't tried them on my face yet. I want to finish all my other t.m and BB creams before I start using a new one. The finishing powder will be good as a highlighter to add some glow on the cheeks for an evening out. I bought the set in Medium, they also have a light set. The best part is that it only costs $16.99 for the whole set, such a steal right! All the individual products cost so much more at Sephora. So if you want to try out Stila face products, go get this at your Costco!

Mia picture of the day: have you seen a kitty who likes to put their legs behind like this?! It's her favorite way to hehehe


  1. wah~ you met with Kalmo...so lucky, shes a very nice person

    great stuff u got!!!

    cool stila stuff

    ahaha so cute, hehe i actually never seen a kitty do that but its so adorable! >_<

  2. haha no I've never seen a kitty do that, my kitties like to cross their front paws

  3. haha....nice your kitty looks like she is doing yoga....

    wow, nice deal with that stila stuff....

  4. I want some tapioca too. hehe. Those are some awesome goodies. =)

  5. Hi Lulu!

    You guys totally had a productive afternoon!

    Ah it was really really great meeting you today as well! I apologize for my lateness (shameful!). Hehe We totally did chat like old friends, your poor significant other was ignored! I'm really glad you liked your presents and to find out you're a fellow chocolate lover. I know some yummy candy shops in the area. ^^ Please let me know if you like dark or milk chocolate better. I can't wait until we get to hang out again.

    Ohh nice Stila buy. That is a super good deal, the Costco at my hometown has MAC stuff too, nice!

    Awww Mia is so cute with her legs behind her like that! Her coloring is so nice, it looks like she is wearing a tuxedo! She has a lovely shiny coat too.

  6. cute goodies from Kalmo! she is super sweet indeed! meeting fellow bloggers is always such a treat.. i've never tried beautymaker thickness hair supporter, does it work well for you!

    Oh thanks for letting me know about the store that sells MBD masks, I live in LA :)

  7. oh what a nice little goodie bag! :)

    & RYC:
    No I'm not a nurse at the moment, but I'm in school to become one. Right now I am just volunteering at a hospial

  8. wow, stila, i havent try any of them, but they are really promising!

  9. Hahahahaaa mia is sooo funny! How cool you two got to meet up!

  10. Wow...what a productive afternoon! Mia is too cute and funny:]

  11. Coool you two get to meet up :) sounds like a lot of fun there hehe. Mia is having a good stretch there.