Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More on collagen powder & awesome giveaways!

I posted about my most recent Sasa haul and stocked up on more of the Meiji Amino Collagen Powders. A few of you asked me how it tastes like, so instead of leaving messages and answering individually, I've decided to post about it here so more people can benefit from reading this :)

When you open the box, it truly smells like those dry milk powders that I used to drink as a baby. You are suppose to mix one spoonful of the powder (spoon is included in the can so you know exactly how much you need everyday) into whatever drink of your choice. It is super convenient since you can mix it in either hot or cold drinks, and it is not suppose to affect the result. I also like the fact of drinking it down with some yummy drinks, instead of gulping down as much as 6 pills a day for collagen pills. I like to mix the power in with flavored soy milk, my favorite is the green tea or vanilla flavored. I also like to mix it with whatever juice I am drinking that day. Make sure to mix vigorously to get all the powder dissolved into your drink (it dissolves fairly easily), so you don't have any left over clumps of powder on your cup and waste them. I've also tried drinking it with fat-free milk and plain water, however I don't recommend that because you can taste the difference the powder made to your drink -- my milk felt more bitter, and my water tasted fishy. Those were just my first impressions as I've only tried each method once before I gave up and found a better alternative to mix the powder in. I think the sweet and richness of the soymilk, and the juice just cover up the taste of collagen powder better.

With that said, yes, the collagen powder, despite SMELLING like milk, actually taste a little bit fishy to me. But it's definitely not overwheming and could be easily masked with a flavorful drink. After all, the main ingredients of the amino collagen powder is FISH collagen peptide. I've read all the reviews of the product on Sasa's website, and it seems like a lot of people complained about the fishy taste, however I think the manufacture have improved their formula a lot to get rid of the taste as much as possible, and make it resembles more of a milky smell/taste. The taste doesn't bother me at all, especially considering the benefit it might be doing to be my skin :)

Here are the ingredients in the Meiji Amino Collagen Powder:

Fish collagen Peptide (Gelatin), Maltdextrin, Vitamin C, Vegetable Fat & Oil, Glucosamine, Arginine, Flavor, Gelling Agent (Pullulan), Emulsifier (Fatty acid ester of glycerin, Lecithin) (Some of the ingredients may contain gelatin, milk constituent, soybeans).

If you decide to try the collagen powder out yourself, here is the link on Sasa that I order from: Meiji Amino Collagen Powder. A can contains 200 grams of product, the recommended amount to take is 7 grams, so the can lasts about 28 days. Sasa also has a refill bag that contains 214 grams of products, that's an extra 2 days worth, for the same price. I suggest you to get a can first, so you get a container for future refills (that come in plastic bags), plus you get the measuring spoon so it saves you the hassle to guess how much 7 grams is every time.

Hope this little bit of information about collagen powder helped! If you decide to try it, please let me know what you think of the product, and whether if you see any improvements on the elasticity and texture of your skin. For all I know, maybe what I'm seeing on my skin for the past month have been all psychological after seeing all the great reviews on Sasa. hahahahaha just kidding :p

It's giveaway season! Here are some exciting giveaways recently:

1) Miss MercuryLady's Giveaway!

She is having a giveaway for 50+ followers, congratulations girl! But now she has reached more than 100! How exciting! and because of that, she is increasing the number of winners from 1, to a grand total of 5!

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2) Gem @ Vanity and Everything in Between's Giveaway!

She's giving away tons of goodies!
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3) Diane from Orange to L.A.'s Giveaway!

Look at her prizes, aren't they amazing! I've been wanting that Paul & Joe blush for a long time now! *drool* This is her first ever giveaway, and it's to thank all her followers and readers.

Her rules:
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4. Contest will end Friday October 2nd, at 11:59pm (Pacific Time).

Good luck everyone!!!


  1. Thanks for this really helpful information. hehe a fishy taste. This sounds like a really promising product though, glad it's working for you. The packaging is quite cute.

  2. thank u so much gal for doing a detailed review... maybe i'll try to get one when i drop by a drugstore again... btw i saw it in pills form not sure if the effect is the same. The pills type from meiji recommended 5 pills a day.

  3. thanks for writing this up - it definitely helped :) I'll have to try adding that to my shopping list whenever I order from sasa again and try it out!

  4. Thanks.....I guess it's like those fiber drinks...

  5. Hey girlie, I went through three cans of this stuff and then stopped due to laziness so props to you. Great to hear that it is working wonders for you! :)

  6. Thanks for your great review. I'm going to add Meiji Amino Collagen Powders to my Sasa shopping list:] I want improve the elasticity and texture of my skin too.

    Yes, I should hold off on my JS hauls until Dec.

  7. hi gal, ya the recommended intake in the same as the powder but just in pills form rather than powder. i'm not sure which one i would try out on. will let you know once i try them! hope they would works for me too!

  8. You're right about the whole relying thing but since you're getting good results, sticking with it sounds like a master plan. :)

  9. I just gave you an award hun:]

    I'm happy to hear you like Silk Whitia. I love their whitening & moisturizing face mask and the collagen eye masks. I always wait for the BOGo offer, don't want to pay full price:]

  10. The collagen powder seems quite interesting. I'm not so sure about asian powder stuff and if it really would help the skin that much. That's just my opinion. If it works for u, that's great. =)

  11. Sim sum sounds so good right now :P***

    I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I came here when I was 10 so, I'm fluent in reading and speaking.

    I'm thinking about going to the Napa CCO next weekend. If I go, I'll let you know what they have there. I want MAC HK!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. My pleasure, Lulu! :) Nope, I resisted this time. :P

  13. Boohoo...for no lychee! Where do you get your lychee fro-yo at? I want to try:P* I love lychee jelly, I always add extra to my boba milk tea.

    Haha...I want to excuse myself at work to go shopping too. I work very close to downtown. If I go, of course I will let you know what they have at CCO. It's 1 hour drive from my place to Napa outlets. May I ask where you live?

    I went to the Shiseido counter @ Nordstorm to get an eye cream for my aunt yesterday. They're haiving GWP with anything 2 skincare products. I got myself another tube of sun proctection eye cream so, I can get the makeup pouch & samples. I'm a hopeless shopaholic.

  14. hi hun.. join my giveaway here


  15. i love your article so much,, thanks beauty lady :)