Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Daily Beauty Routine

Such a long overdue post about my daily beauty routine. I was tagged by Ena from Shanghainese Dumpling a while ago to do this tag, I took pictures of everything but haven't gotten a chance to post this up. I figured it's about time I do so before I have to do a new one all over again, since some of my current products are almost used up! :p And just a few days ago, Nic from Spoiled Rotten also tagged me to do this. Thanks so much girls for tagging me! I love reading about everyone's daily beauty routine and find out about what everyone's favorite products are, so I am really excited to do this myself. I am tagging anyone who's reading this and haven't done it yet :)

A little bit of background info about my skin:
Combination to oily skin, oily around T-zones, visible pores around T-zones, redness around nose and cheek sometimes, undereye dark circles and fine lines, occasional breakouts monthly.

Want to concentrate on:
Reduce visible pores, reduce shine, and relief dark circles & fine lines under eyes.

Skincare Morning Routine:

As soon as I wake up, I brush my teeth and use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser to wash my face. I used to just use cold water with no face wash on most mornings, but ever since I started using Egyptian Magic cream, I've been using Cetaphil to wash my face every morning, just to get rid of any oil or buildups from overnight. Cetaphil is the most gentle cleanser I've ever used, it takes a little bit to get used to since it doesn't foam like most cleanser do, but it has never caused a problem to my skin. Definitely a permanent item in Lulu's bathroom!

The toner I am currently using is the Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner, it's designed for oily and problem skin. I probably won't repurchase after I finish up this bottle, I couldn't tell if it helped my skin at all, and it stings a little bit because it contains alcohol. I plan on trying the Clinique toner next! Any other good toner suggestions?

For serum, I am using either the PerriconeMD Advanced Firming Activator, or my new Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Visible Skin Renewer (not pictured) that I just purchased. Both are great in helping to make my skin feel very smooth (especially the Clinique one, new HG!)

Eye cream -- StriVectin SD eye cream. I didn't see any dramatic changes around my eyes after using up an entire tube of this, I am on the hunt for eye cream again! (And also not included in the picture is my Kevin BeautyMaker eye serum, I usually use that BEFORE I apply a thicker layer of eyecream)

Face cream -- American Ultimate Diamond Restorative Anti-Aging Cream.

SPF eye cream -- Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream Sunscreen SPF 32 PA+++. It's important to have SPF around the eye area as well! The Shiseido one is really good, it doesn't irritate or sting my eyes at all, and has such a high SPF. It makes me feel good (and reassured when I wear this before going out during the day).

Sunscreen -- depending on what I am doing that day, if I know I'm going to be out in the sun a lot, I'll wear my waterproof sweatproof Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion for Face/Body Very Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF55 PA+++, if I am just going to be indoors for most of the day, then I'll wear Skin Appetit Nutri-Collagen Daily Moisturizer in SPF 15.

Skincare Night Routine:

After I get out of the shower and washed my face [Edit: thanks to Becks for reminding me, I am using the LUSH coalface cleanser to wash my face at night current], I'll apply the Burt's Bees toner again.

For serum, I'll either use the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, or Clinique Turnaround serum.

Then Kevin BeautyMaker eye serum, StriVectin-SD eye cream, American Ultimate Diamond face cream, all same as the morning routine.

For lips I like to use the Wild Ferns Manuka Honey lipbalm that I got from New Zealand, smells so sweet and the balm itself is very moisturizing.

Lastly I apply Egyptian Magic cream all over my face, and also on elbows and knees and anywhere else that needs extra moisturizing.

Weekly Exfoliating Treatment

Besides doing masks every week (whenever I have time or remember to), I try to exfoliate my face once or twice weekly. I either use a scrub or peel, such as the Korres Olive Stone Scrub, or Sana Peeling Gel, or Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. To scrub away any dead skin cells and let my skin renew itself.

Special Treatment:

Occasionally pimples pop up, and I treat them with Zapzyt 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel (which worked wonders for me at first but not as effective anymore...), or the Nexcare Acne Dressing that Diana reviewed here.

Makeup Face Routine:

I prime my face with Korres Face Primer, and prime my eye lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance. The BB cream I use most often currently is the L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream. For under eyes, I use Benefit Erase Paste (which creases a lot on me!!! I need to find a better under eye concealer), for any other concealing on my face, I use the NYX Concealer in a Jar. Then I set my makeup and add highlight with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Duo.

Makeup Eyes Routine:

I curl my eyelashes with Koji eyelash curler (#73), then applye Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in Birthday Suit all over top eyelid, and tightline with MUFE Aqua Eyes in 1L. If I still have enough time in the morning, I'll put on eyeshadows, my current favorite is Stila Precious Pearl Palette. And put on mascaras -- Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara.

Makeup Cheeks & Lips Routine:

For bronzer I am using Rimmel Natural Bronzer. For blush I usually either pick Everyday Minerals's pressed blush in Best Friends, or MAC blush in Breezy. My favorite blush is actually the MAC HK beauty powder in Pretty Baby, but I try not to use that one as much because I don't want my HK face on it to wear off, hahaha am I silly or are you like that too?

Then for lips, I always apply Softlips lip balm in Vanilla to moisturize my lips. It smells yum and contains SPF 20. Sometimes I'll use MAC Pink Fish Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15. My current favorite lipstick (if I remember to wear it) is Revlon Matte Lipstick in 003 Mauve It Over.

Makeup Removal Routine:

To remove my eye makeup, I use the Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover (I bought the Walmart version this time instead of see how it compares to the slightly more expensive Neutrogena one, I must say I'm impressed!). Shake it up to emulsify the solution and soak up a cotton pad to apply on my eyelids, remember, gentle sweeping motion is the key, don't tug on your eyelids too much in order to prevent wrinkles around your eyes. Your skin is very delicate there.

For face, I either use a cleansing oil (Kracie Naive Natural Deep Cleansing Oil), or Korres Jasmine Eye Make-up Remover. haha yes, it's suppose to be an eye make-up remover, but please see my review here to why I no longer use it to remove my eye make-up. To follow up and wipe away any excess makeup remover or left over trace of makeup, I go over my face gently with a scentless baby wipe :)

Yay I'm done! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I am using. Now that I summarized what I use everyday, even I think I use too much products on my face...hahahahaha no wonder the bf makes fun of me for my bottles and bottles of products, while he only uses a simple moisturizer every day. :p Please do keep in mind that I don't use some of the pictured products all at once :) What about you? Do you use just as much? or way less? Please share your everyday beauty routine with me :)

<3 Lulu


  1. The Lancome alcohol free toner is pretty good! What do you wash your face with at night?

  2. wow..that's a nice routine you got there, I've used Burt's Bees toner once it's just the scent that killed me but it worked great :)

  3. You have a great beauty routine. I just use whatever I feel like..haha Sounds we both have very similar skin type. I like using L'egere Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream during the summer. Hmm...I think I'm using 1/3 of the products that you are using.

    How do you like the Egyptian Magic Cream? I'm debating if I should give it a try but, afraid it might cause breakouts on my face.

    Haha...I don't want my HK power face wear off too. I like looking at it. lol

    Kirkland baby wipe works well:]

  4. For me, i think the skinfood lettuce and cucumber toner works well for me as all of my skincare I'm using skinfood and etude house items only.

    haha, is not silly, I will be like that too... but if i accidentally took the print off, i will just let the print off without thinking much... lol xD

  5. I've been dying to try the acne dressing. i heard it was good.I love MUFE aqua eyes and the Benefit Creaseless cream shadow/ liner. I want to also try the revlon lippies. I also heard great things about them. I heard rite aid has a BOGO free, but I think all the rite aids closed in SF.

  6. Wow thanks for sharing :) I'm very interested in the Burts Tomato toner, does it smell tomato? sounds very interesting :)

    I used those 3m pimple sticker thing hehe but they didn't really work for me, do they work on you?

  7. This was a good read!
    I used to love The Body Shop's Vitamin E toner but now it doesn't work for me anymore. :(
    I liked it 'cause it doesn't sting like any other toners I've tried.

  8. Hi Lulu!

    This is a really great and super informative post, thanks for sharing your routine with us. I'm really interested in Egyptian Magic after seeing Tao's video but I'm always debating over the $30 price tag for face moisturizer. What are your thoughts? haha You can tell me when we hang out tomorrow though! :D I love the EM blush in All Smiles. I use generic brand eye makeup remover too and it works very well!

    As for your question, I use too many products haha.

  9. I like the description of your products! Ans the pics as well!! I would go for Clinique Mild Lotion as a toner, it is alcohol free!

  10. I was surprised you are using BB toner. I bought a bottle and don't think ill ever use it up. Yes, it stings and it isn't that great. I would not recommend Clinique's toner either, stings like a b*. I use Kiehls green tea toner for acne, If your looking at department store toners I recommend testing it out there, good luck with your pick.

  11. nice routine! I use a bunch of stuff too but if it works, hey why not?

  12. Hey sweetheart! x on the toners.. I use Liz Earle's toner tonic (I think that's the name!) and it works well for me. I have got oily/combooooo skin and it doesn't ever sting/dry out patches on my face (wooo!) or anything. I got this little sample travel size bottle/30ml and I don't need a lot of it - can really see the sebum and rubbish on my skin from my cotton pad with the toner LOL yuck! When I get pimples I love using Sudocrem/any baby nappy rash creme - the thick white stuff, seriously it does work to take down the red inflammation and is great! :D

    I'm dreading de potting/de canting/putting eeverything in little itty bottles for my travel to hong kong on the 29th of this month LOL. I don't know where any of the good makeup/beauty stores are :p will have to get back ups of heroine kiss me mascara! ;D xxx

  13. can you do a review on the sana peeling gel? I'm interested in all peels hehe.
    Now I know your daily beauty routine hehehe :P

  14. Thanks for the Egyptian cream info:] I don't think it is will be suitable for me. I've been using the Vitacream B12 at night for a month. I like it so far.

  15. Hi Lulu!

    Thanks for your comment. I'm sooo sorry I forgot/didn't know about the oil blotting sheets. I went looking for them after your comment and Brody has apparently knocked them down behind a desk. XD Naughty kitty! They're so cool and lovely. I can't thank you enough.

  16. Nice routine, great blog btw, take a look at ours whenever you want. We invite you to follow it!

  17. Thank you for sharing your routine. :) I've been itching to buy that Stila palette ever since it went on sale at Sephora! Are the colors fairly pigmented?

    P.S. A big juicy burger ended my Master Cleanse diet...a ha!

  18. Hiya Lulu!

    Thanks for answering my q on the Stila palette! Yep, I should go play with the makeup at Sephora first! ;)

    Happy Monday!!

  19. Hi hun! I think the Vitacreme B12 is suitable as a day cream but, I only use spf face lotion during the day. I know what you mean, I should stop buying too...hehehe

    I've finished my project 10:] Shopping time!

    Have a great week!

  20. Since I finished my project 10, I want to reward myself to go shopping..hahah

    I want to get the Jill Stuart blush and eye jelly for a long time. I might go to Hong Kong with my family in December. Should I wait? I also want to get some fall/winter clothes. Never ending shopping

  21. you've got a pretty good routine there :) <3 the kracie cleansing oil - i swear it'll be a year before i need to find another bottle :)

  22. Hello there Lulu. I can recommend Simple's Kind to Skin Soothing Toner. It's the best toner I've ever used. It's very gentle on the skin and after applying the skin will feel fresh and hydrated. It doesn't broke me out and I think it's a very nice and gentle toner =) Plus it's cheap, with no color, no alcohol and fragrance. Something that our skin will love..