Monday, September 14, 2009

Short weekend & awesome giveaways!

I don't know why, but I feel like my weekend recently have been going by extremely fast. I'd look forward to my weekend all week long, and once the weekend actually comes, it'd be over before I knew it! I blame it partially on the football games that we've been going on Saturdays, especially now with the longer commute to school, I don't get much done at home on these football days. The good news is, our team scored 8 touchdowns this past Saturday and won yet again :)

Today we had our first rain of the season. I love how fresh the air smells after the rain. I was planning on staying at home all day today to cook some food, do laundry, clean up, watch a few tv shows and just relax. But earlier today, I found out that I had won Audrey's coupon giveaway -- a $50 off of $100 coupon for Old Navy, what a good deal right! Thanks so much sweetie for choosing me as a winner. I discovered Audrey's website recently, her site has tons of product reviews, tutorials, sweet deals announcements and more!

So the boyfriend suggested that we take a break from all the chores and go to the mall so I can shop for some fall clothes at Old Navy with Audrey's coupon! We went to our closest mall only to discover that their Old Navy moved away! By the time we found another nearby store and drove there, that store had closed just 5 minutes before our arrival! What a bummer! However I didn't go home completely empty handed from the mall today. I bought a mini Essie nail set that includes a gorgeous sheer pink polish called Pink is the Link, a bottle of sensitivity base coat that's formulated for even the most sensitive skin, and a cute pink crystal nail file. I've been really into nail polishes lately, and have always been curious about Essie polishes. I tried my new polish out tonight, and I love it! The formula goes on very smoothly. Even though this particular color is very very sheer, here I am with two coats of it and my nails still look like they had barely anything on. But I do love the polished and glossy look it gives my nails. I want to try more Essie polishes now!

I also stocked up on my Korres body butter and shower gels. I recently read in a newspaper article that it's the fig season. I've never tried fig scented products from Korres so I picked some up. Can't wait to try it tonight! I also picked up this Korres Little Natural Products set that includes body milk, 2 bath gels, a shampoo and a conditioner, which I thought would be a wonderful chance to try out different products from Korres, and also to bring along on travels.

Thanks to all you sweet girls for giving me suggestions on what Clinique products to try out! I've written all of your suggestions down and will be heading to the Clinique counter at Macy's soon once they start the GWP on Oct. 7 (Thanks Edna for letting us know about the good deal) :)

Now onto awesome giveaways from some lovely blogger girls :)

Tammi from the Cultural Enthusiast is having her 50+ Followers Giveaway! She has the most awesome hauls and delicious food pictures that always make me drool. Congrats on all your followers sweetie :) Please visit her blog for more detailed rules, and make sure to check out her Youtube channel as well!

Marie from SwatchCrazee is giving out an awesome SECHE VITE 'FRENCH COUTURE' KIT that includes 12 nail colors, french tip guides, and a top coat. Did I mention how I am really into nail polishes recently? and I've heard such wonderful reviews about the Seche Vite brand as well! Please visit her site for more detailed rules. She also has a Youtube channel :)


  1. You just reminded me to restock on my Essie Good to Go top coat! thank youu!!!
    The Korres Fig smells good. Hope you like it.

  2. I hear you, our weekend is too short. We need a day off to recover from our

    Congrats on winning Audrey's Old Navy coupon. What a great idea to get some fall clothing:] Nice Essie nail polishes and Korres hauls. I love the Korres coconut body cream, it makes my skin so smooth and soft.

    I only do my hair on the weekend. I usually tie a pony tail or a bun in the morning. I'm thinking of getting my hair straighten at the salon. Not sure yet.

    Thanks for the chicken wing recipe, hun:] I can't wait to try to make it myself. One of my goal this year is to learn how to cook.

    I want to go shopping!

  3. Hi Lulu!

    I agree that weekends just fly by and go by too fast. Sorry to hear that you had troubles locating an Old Navy. :( Bummer it sucks to drive around everywhere looking for one, we should go to the Emeryville one sometime! Nice nail polishes, so pretty and subtle!

    I never tried Korres products but your writing makes me want to buy some now! lol Everything sounds like it would smell great. Thanks for letting us know about these cool giveaways! :)

  4. I'm a masks freak!

    Those are camellia, platinum nsnocolloid and white truffle whitening masks. White truffle is my favorite. I haven't seen MBD masks in S.F. I got these in S. Ca back in July. They are more pricey though and it only comes with 6 per box:[

  5. Hi dear! Asia is shopping & food heaven. I try to put on a mask 3 to 4 times a week. It's a great way to relax myself. I got half of my Silk Whitia from Sasa and half of it from HK.

    Sasa is having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion for Silk Whitia until 9/30. The quick moisture whitening and moisturizing is my favorite, I can see immediate result. I heard they are sold out though. You should check it out.

  6. weekends are definitely too short - 3 day weekends need to become a standard! and the regular workweek always seems to drag on forever, doesn't it?

    essie polishes are great - a lot of the pinks go on super sheer, but like you said, they add a nice polish/shine to your nails :) and it takes a while for it to chip!

    fig season is really short, but you should totally try to get your hands on some ripe figs if you can (they'll feel almost mushy). MG got me hooked on eating them with the skin peeled (use a paring knife and peel back the outer layer, and cut the fig into 1/2s or 1/4s) and some vanilla ice cream.