Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yay package day!

On Wednesday, I received packages! Not one, not two, but THREE of them! I rarely receive so many packages all at once, so obviously that totally made my day and made me feel super duper excited :)

Package #1 was from the sweet Nic at Spoiled Rotten. I was the lucky winner to her first Giveaway :) She sent out the package on Monday and I got it in just two days! Yay for fast shipping USPS! I couldn't hold my excitement and ripped open the package as soon as the postman handed it to me.

Look at all the pretty and colorful wrapping papers. I wonder what's inside?

First of all, she gave me this cute card with a pretty bow tie on it. I was so touched by her sweet message inside. Thanks so much Nic <3

Candies!!! She knew I love HK so she made sure to pack some extra HK goodies for me :) I don't think I'll ever be able to bite down onto that cute HK marshmallow lollipop Nic! But the rest of the yummies are all in my tummies now :p

More HK! It's a cute HK cell phone charm. Unfortunately my iPhone doesn't have a charm attachment, does anybody know how to attach charms on iPhones? The cute charm is on my purse now for the time being until I figure it out! A pink Drama Queen notebook that's a perfect size to carry around and jot down my thoughts of the day and shopping lists :) Also, this really pretty oriental styled coin purse! It's perfect!

Last but not least, beauty related prizes:

She got me the Bonnebell Glimmer Bronze that everyone seems to be raving about. Two of the new Wet n' Wild Craze nail polish, and two of the L.A. Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer. I am so excited about all the new nail polishes, I've been really into a nail polish recently, yay for new additions to add into my collection :) I'm going to have to practice nail arts and drawing French tips with those nail art pens! She also got me a nail file, and a big jar of LAMB body scrub which I started using the night after I received the package. It smells so good, and this big jar will last me forever :)

Thank you so much Nic for your lovely prizes. I feel so loved! Make sure you guys check out her lovely blog, she has this "I ♥ Daily" on her blog where she posts the cutest finds. I love reading them and drooling over the goodies she finds!

Package #2 came from Kalmo from Cambo Soup. She insisted on sending me more goodies despite how much nice gifts she already got me during out meetup last Friday. I love this girl, she is the sweetest friend ever! She knew that I've been really into nail polishes lately, and got me more OPIs to add to my collection -- the Senoritas set that includes a RapDry Top Coat, Pink Flamenco, No Spain No Gain, and Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees. I have the Pink Flamenco on my nails right now. It's so pretty! These mini nail polish bottles are so tiny and cute!

Package #3 came from Perricone MD. It is my prizes from winning Connie from Skin Deco's giveaway from a while ago. I never received the prize package the company were sending me last month, so I got in touch with one of the customer service representatives and he was extremely helpful in making sure that I get the prizes. I got the Perricone MD Advanced Eye Area Therapy. It came in at perfect timing because I had just ran out of my StriVectin eye cream earlier this week, and now I have an eye cream replacement. I've read great reviews on this product, so hopefully it'll do some miracles to my eyes as well :) He was also nice enough to give me a deluxe sample size of the Face Finishing Moisturizer, and two samples. Thanks Connie for choosing me as a winner, and thank you Perricone MD for being so helpful and generous!

Finally, food from Wednesday evening. The bf took me to a cute little steakhouse overlooking the bay, we were able to watch sunset and airplanes taking off from SFO right at our table. Needless to say, the food was also super yummy. Best filet mignon I've tasted.

Our appetizer tower:

Best crab and artichoke dip ever!

Teriyaki tenderloin:

My filet mignon:

And the bf's seafood linguine:

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

<3 Lulu


  1. It's X'mas in September for you, girl! Loves it! You are one lucky lady to have won and received all those goodies...YAY! :D Nic and Kalmo are total sweethearts.

    All that food porn....major YUM! I love how it was presented in that tower and the resto you went to sounds so dreamy. :)

  2. Hi Lulu!

    You got so many nice packages! Nicole sent you so many nice things, those snacks look so yummy.

    I'm glad you liked the nail polishes. :) I hope you like those MD Perricone products, can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    Mmm all that food looks great. I love the three tier presentation. The filet mignon looks awesome, especially since there is gravy/sauce boat! ^^ That crab dips sounds divine, never heard of that combo.

    I gave your an award on my blog.

  3. awwww food pornn..nyummm
    ohh i know how exciting it is to receive a package,even packagesss

  4. i love getting packages! hehe nice goodies you got, the nail polish pack kalmo got u looks so pretty!

    i'm drooling over the artichoke crab dip at the moment ^ ^

  5. So many packages!!

    Which steakhouse did you goto?

    You didn't add a Mia picture!

  6. Yea, I think I should really try some more face products out there. I don't really use much atm. I pretty much stick to the same products for awhile before shopping for new ones to try. I guess u can say I'm pretty devoted to a product if it works. hehe.

    WOW! Those are some super awesome prizes. =)

    Oh, the food looks so goood and that appitizer. Drools. hehe. What is the name of that place? I want to check it out sometime. =)

  7. I love your package! they are packed really well and the prizes look lovely! congratulations

  8. oh package looks embarassing....hehe....I got your gift....thanks...I love it.....kalmo is so sweet......I also love reading her blog.....yum...those food looks sooo yummy....and me too...I'm drooling with all the goodies I find...hehe..

  9. Ahhhhhh! PACKAGES <3

    And FOOD! Looks super yummy~ *Envy envy*

  10. Hey r ya..??
    food porn..and lovely goodies.. :P

  11. lots of packages :) sure make me smile :)


  12. Oh man you are so lucky!!! :) those are fantastic gifts :) enjoy them!!

  13. Hey LuLu~ wow girl you've been on a lucky streak! winning 2 giveaways! I never win anything lol The girls are all so sweet =) and that food is total food porn lol It makes me so hungry! >.<

  14. What a lucky girl to receive 3 packages in 1 days? You deserve all the goodies hun!

    Wow...I love your food porn pictures. Which steakhouse did you guys go to?

    I didn't know about the Shiseido GWP until the I was at counter. It wasn't advertise on their website. I always miscalculate how much more product is left too. The sun protection eye cream is pretty long lasting.

    Sounds like a good idea. Go to Discovery Kingdom while you are at....heehee If all goes well, I shoule be going to the Napa CCO in 2 weeks:]

    Lychee boba is my all time favorite drink. You should try.

  15. mmm that food looks SOOOO goood!! I could totally eat that filet mignon right now hahaha And those are some awesome goodies that you got :)

    When you try the bridal look, post it up too!! yayy!! :D

  16. Yay!! lucky lucky girl!! Those are some awesome prizes!!! :D Congratulations!! Love the Hello Kitty gifts you got :D

  17. Wow, lucky girl, congratulations! And omg your food pics are just TDF!!

    RYC: Yup - the magazine comes w/ the traincase and mirror. I am not *sure* but I think the bookstore next to Mitsuwa might have it if it were available anywhere in San Jose (and I'd think San Jose would be more likely to get it than San Diego). I'm not sure though, and SO didn't want to go check for me. Good luck finding it!

  18. aaah.. the foodporn is making me drool!

    love receiving packages, feels like xmas! :D


  19. package day is always a great thing to come home to :) and you got some wonderful stuff! i'm totally drooling over the crab artichoke dip right now

  20. Hi Lulu! RYC: I always keep a white towel where I keep my makeup to wipe off my brushes. I only have time to wash them once a week (except for the ones for liquids and creams), so this helps a lot - esp with my blush brushes. I fold it in half and use all 4 sides before tossing it in the wash. It also serves as the drying place for my brushes when I do wash them. I used to use a paper towel, but I think the fluffier face towel works better and it's more environmentally friendly. =)

  21. Hi again! RYQ - it washes really clean for me but I always wash the whites on regular w/ Arm & Hammer detergent (it's the only one SO and I aren't allergic to lol). All my powder stuff comes off really easily when I wash my face too. ^^;;

  22. Hey Lulu, it's me again :) I wasn't sure why I just found your big long comment in my spam section, I've approved it. I think sometimes if 2 comments are made to close in time they they get treated at a spam. Strange !! :) I'll remember to check that folder from time to time now.

    With Following my blog, I did add Google Friend Connect on my right side bar just above the chat box, sorry about the late reply :)

  23. That's a lot of goodies!! COngrats!