Thursday, October 1, 2009

Boiling Crab & May's Love Package

Sorry for being away from Blogger this week. I got sick at the beginning of the week (weather got really chilly all of a sudden) and I am just recovering from it. Thanks to all the sweet girls who have sent me get well messages through personal emails and on Twitter <3

So here is a little update from this week. On Monday, the bf and I visited the Boiling Crab in San Jose. I believe this is their first Nor-cal location! I have heard of so many bloggers talking about their Boiling Crab visits in southern California and have been dying to go there on our next LA trip. So when Edna told me that there is one in San Jose (opened at the beginning of the year), I was super excited!

The Boiling Crab was not disappointing at all. We ordered half a dozen oysters (so fresh and their red sauce goes so well with it!), 2 lbs of jumbo shrimp and 1 lb of crawfish with the whole shebang sauce (The BC's secret sauce that is to die for!), sweet potato fries (which were the best I've ever tasted), and the catfish basket with Cancun fries. Needless to say, we were both super stuffed from all the food (and had plenty of shrimp and crawfish leftover to take home, including the whole shebang sauce in the bag, which tasted SO yum over rice!!!). If you are ever in the San Jose area (or LA, they have a couple locations there I believe), I strongly recommend you to check this place out. The only downside is that you will pretty much guaranteed to have a long wait  for a table (we waited for about an hour for a weekday dinner, imagine on weekends!) because it's so popular. But the wait is so worth it! The bf was super happy with the restaurant, plus it was the only place where he can eat messy and I won't remind him to wipe down his mouth and hands every two seconds, hahaha. Eating messy is the whole point here. Just to be able to eat all over the table, get your fingers dirty, and being messy is actually super fun! :)

After dinner, I had to stop by Tapioca Express to get a large lychee boba milk tea with lychee jellies, May had mentioned it to me earlier and I've been craving for it all weekend! So good! Mia wants a sip too :)

Now onto my nail polish haul this week. Ulta is having a buy two get two free sale on all of their China Glaze, Chi, Orly and I think some other brand nail polishes. Such a good deal, especially since you can use the $3.5 off of $10 purchase coupon on top of the sale. I could not pass it up, and decided to try out some Orly nail polishes. I got (from left to right): Toast the Couple, Prince Charming, Poison Apple, and Alabaster Verve. Prince Charming and Poison Apple are from their Fall 09 Once Upon a Time collection, and come with these cute charms! So adorable!

Last but not least, I got May's love package yesterday!!! I was the lucky gal who won May's giveaway, and being the sweetie that she is, she sent me a ton of extra love! oh May, I can't thank you enough for all the goodies you sent me, I feel so loved and so special! Now that I have your address, I am going to get back at ya soon! :p

The one wrapped in gold ribbon are her giveaway presents, and she packed an extra love pack (right side) for me and a love note!


Paul & Joe Whitening Serum, omg this product has been on my wish list since forever, and now I finally have it! I already tried it on last night and this morning, and all I can say is, this product is love! It goes on so easily and absorbs quickly, and it has a yummy orange creme scent. I hope it'll help me to fade some old acne scars on my face soon! :)

FIVE sheet masks! Dermal is a Korean brand? I can't wait to try those on!

Eki's hair pin! It's this beautiful white flower with pretty pink rims. Soooo pretty! 

Majorlica Majorca palette! This is my first Japanese eyeshadow palette, the colors are too pretty! 

And a ton of samples. A few of which I've been wanting to try for a while. It's like May read my mind! :)

Then May was sweet enough to pack me even more goodies!

She got me more masks :) Thanks to her influence, I am slowly turning into a sheet mask addict as well. I just ordered some more masks on Sasa, can't wait to receive them! A cute Hello Kitty nail file :) Stila's Red Carpet Looks eyeshadows and cheek color. And what is that in the middle! It's Yumeko's handmade brush roll!!! This is my first brush roll, I can't wait to go travel next time so I can use this :) 

May also wrote me a cute get well note. Thank you so much for everything May! Your package had totally made my day, no my week!


  1. Love the boiling crab, but have not have good luck with their oysters. Love the crawfish though and YES the whole shebang! I think Socal and Norcal Shebang flavoring are pretty consistant.

  2. @cleung341: omg do you think the oyster made me sick! I've always had that suspicion in the back of my mind. but then the bf is fine after eating it :-/

  3. Wow how nice!! SO and I will have to visit the Boiling Crab sometime. :D

    And lovely package too! :D

  4. wow..the food looks great, I cannot eat seafood due to my allergies, all I can do it stare and salivate :)

    Weee on your love package..and I am lemming on the brush roll, I purchased one too and I pray it'll get to me this time

  5. OMG you're so lucky your love package is soo nice :)
    Let us know how you to with that P&J, would be interesting to know.

    you know as soon as I saw those Oyster I start to drool hehe :)

  6. Wow, what an awesome love pack from May! That girl rocks. I wish my nearest Ulta wasn't so far away. :( Love your nail colors! Don't believe I've tried lychee boba milk tea with lychee jellies but I do like lychee and I do like boba milk tea...heehee. I've only been to Boiling Crab once. I want me some oysters now...stat! ;)

    Glad you are feeling better too, sweets!

  7. Wow.....That looks delicious..I haven't eaten some fresh seafoods for a long time and I miss tapioca milk teas...:(
    and I'm so jealous of the Love package u got...May is so generous....I'm going to check out that orly with charms nailpolishes....:D

  8. Oh my gosh, drooling over all the food Lulu! It looks wonderful and super fun because you can be messy haha.

    I love your nail polish haul! I had my eyes on the Orly Fairy Tale Collection for so long but I didn't want to make an online order. Looove the taupe/brown and candy apple red.

    May is super nice to send you all those lovely goodies. I hope the Paul and Joe whitening serum works well, the bottle is awesome. Aww the brush roll is super kawaii too!

    I'm turning into a fellow sheet mask addict, although I only think their results are temporary, I can't help but buy more!

  9. omg!! what a GREAT prize you won I'm so jealous!

  10. boiling crab looks good! I will have to check the LA location out!

    nice goodies that May sent you! I'm very curious about P&J Whitening serum as well, and the brush roll is just too adorable!

  11. congrat... yummy food... nyom nyom nyom xD

  12. poison apple looks like a great red :) what wonderful prizes & gifts from May! oooh what sheet masks did you get from sasa? I'm waiting on my order to arrive and got a few more silk whitia and MBD masks to try out :) the majomajo palette looks so pretty! I need to blog about the brush roll I got from Yumeko, but aren't her brush rolls adorable? that's to awesome that you got one :)

  13. Yum.. those food pictures are making me hungry!

  14. Jealous. I want to goto Boiling crab!

  15. Aww Mia is soooo cute to come lick your face when you have a mask. haha Brody is very nosy and always comes to sniff me when I got stuff on my face too. ^^

    sorry to hear the trip/game to Berkeley was lame!

    Yes, blush addict. I feel stupid though but I only have one face and don't need so many blushes. haha You're never see any eyeshadow or eyeliner hauls on my blog either--- it's all concealer, blush, skin care, and powder haha.

  16. Hi Hun, guess what!?

    You won my giveaway!! ^__^

    Email me with your address:

    dyoshimizu1 @ gmail . com

  17. won another giveaway! Lucky girl:]

    I want to go to Boiling Crab too. All your food porn pics are making my hungry. I love you nail polish hauls, the colors are beautiful.

  18. i love fresh oysters....yum!

    congrats on winning.

    aww.....i miss ulta's nail polish promotion

  19. Not sure if the oyster made you suck. It didn't make me sick, but both times that I had went to th SJ boiling crab, the oysters were very fishy. I don't think that they were old, but I don't think that they were super fresh. I think they were kind of big too tho. I've always had good luck with oysters at the restaurant called Fish Market. Ever heard of it or been? It's in San Mateo.

  20. the nail polish collection looks really pretty :)