Monday, October 26, 2009

Love pack, blogger meet & Sephora F&F haul

Another combined post with a little bit of everything :)

Blogger Loves:

Eki and I both ordered a variety of sheet masks from Sasa a few weeks ago, and we decided to do a mask exchange so we can try out all the masks we got :) She is such a sweetie and specifically asked me on Twitter what my favorite colors were, and sent along these baby blue and pink colored hair bows :) She got me the Catena Collagen Vitamin C Eye Masks, which she reviewed here. I've never tried crystal masks before, the texture looks so soft and soothing, I can't wait to try them out! She also got me Kuan Yuan Liang's whitening sheet mask, along with a pretty and sparkly Rimmel lipgloss and a Burt's Bees lipbalm (*heart* Burt's Bees), along with some yummy candies. I am also really excited to try out the Revlon Fantasy Lengths false eyelashes she got me, I need to practice how to put on falsies! :) Thank you so much sweetie! I hope you liked the Beauty Story masks I got you too :)

Eki also sent me her newly designed business card for her super kawaii store EkiLove. Make sure you check it out, she makes adorable hair bows and super cute makeup pouches, earrings, and more! By the way, she is having a free shipping deal going on right now, today is the LAST day! So act quick :)

I also had the chance to meet up with Kalmo last week and had dinner with her. We went to Sushi House in Alameda, and had some yummy sushi, and some great conversations. It was so nice to catch up with her. It was right after her tortuous week with midterms and papers due, that poor girl looked so tired when we went to pick her up! I hope you are well rested by now Kalmo :) oo and of course, Kalmo was sweet as ever and got me so much goodies, along with the my Zoya matte velvet nail polish in Harlow that we ordered together last time. She got me more masks to try out! I can't wait to try out the bird's nest/ginseng/fish roe mask, it sounds so fancy and nourishing! I am also really curious about the Tina's Dresser masks (the white packagings), since they come in an upper half and a lower half separately for easy application, I am curious to see how that works out! She also got me some cute oil absorbing sheets, some DHC samples, and threw in another Zoya polish in Piper for me! On top of that, she gave me one of her O'Slee sleeping mask! I love sleeping masks, because it's the best solution for lazy people like me, you just put on a thin layer of the mask at night right before you sleep, and then rince off in the morning to a smoother face!

Food pictures from Kalmo's camera --
Lion king roll -- my favorite at the Sushi House:My pork katsu dunburi:
The bf's bento box:


This weekend, the boyfriend and I had The Boiling Crab cravings and decided to drive to San Jose for some yummy shrimps in she-bang sauce and sweet potato fries (my favorite!). While in the city, I also got to stop by LUSH to stock up on bubble bars -- I don't live close to a LUSH so I wanted to stock up with this chance since I love taking bath with LUSH bubble bars. I also got a little chunk of the Snowcake Soap -- it's the yummiest smelling soap ever, and reminds me of almond milk tea! Ever since Mona mentioned it last year, I've been dying for the Christmas season to return so I can get this from the LUSH holiday collection.

Today, my haul from Sephora F&F sale finally arrived :) I know, I know, I am suppose to be on a no buy ban right now, but I just couldn't resist such a good deal and to finally get my hands on a Clarisonic Mia. I got the pink one, of course :) I've read so much wonderful reviews about how much the product has improved people's skin, and I want to have beautiful skin too :) I hope it'll work wonders for me!

I also grabbed a really pretty Sephora by OPI nail polish in 212 -- a dark, shimmery smokey black color with all sorts of pretty glitters, shimmers, and sparkles in it = perfect for the winter time :)

Finally, some super kawaii hello kitty bows I found this weekend, not sure what to make with them yet!

That's it for today! I have a few reviews that I am writing up and will be posting soon, so please stay tuned :)


  1. OMG great haul!!! Gotta try out some face masks soon~ which ones you like the best? And those kitty ribbons are super cute!

  2. What a nice haul!! and i love the sushi roll too! so yummy looking...

  3. ooo nice haul! mmm sushi!!! sheet masks seem to be in nowadays!

  4. Aww, the sheet mask exchange with Eki is such a cute and fun idea hehehe. Lovely swap - and food! Great Lush & Sephora F&F hauls too! :D

  5. So jealous you got your F&F package already, My package should arrive in a couple of days. Seems like it took forever.

  6. I love katsudon!!!! :) those bows are tooo cute ! I can definitely use those!!!

  7. awww where did you find those HK ribbons???? XD they are soooo CUTE!!! I want too X3

  8. lush is just so tempting !hehe
    nice love packages !

  9. those hello kitty ribbons are so super cute!! mmm sushi looks really delicious too.

  10. Lovely!!! Well, I knew Eki was lovely anyway. But waaoh she's so sweet!!

    And I love the HK ribbons too! And the food..and..Hell I just love everything xD

  11. great stuff from Eki and Kalmo! They are both such sweet blogger gals!

    I'm addicted to Lush bubble bars as well, they just make bath time so much fun

    Yummm the food porn is making me hungry

  12. yay!!for another mia...:D nice haul I didn't know you were on a no buy???hehe..

  13. at target?? I was at one near my house they didnt have much HK stuff >_<
    they are so cute! I hate how some target have better stuff than other targets :(

  14. i can't wait to get my hands on lush soap. they're setting a booth here for christmas next week! great haul.

  15. Awesome awesome haul! I'm so jealous of you! I want to order from Sasa badly and try masks >.< I want to go to Asia too!! *sigh* I want everything...LOL

    But seriously, this is like the greatest haul I've ever seen! I bet you're all happy and giddy with your new goodies because I will!!

    Please visit my blog at

  16. Eki and Kalmo are such sweeties! so many new things to try! and oooh to your Sephora purchase!

  17. That lion king roll is totally beckoning me fer sure...

    Love those two hotties! Let us know how you like the Clarisonic.

  18. yay for clarisonic Mia!! :] can't wait for your review as well :D