Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Hauls ^^

I love package days :)

I got another package from Sasa today, this time, masks! When Sasa had the free shipping promotion, the first thing I went to look for are the sheet masks. I found these Beauty Story masks, they came in a variety types of essence/flavors, and some of them were already running out by the time I checked! So I grabbed whatever I could into my cart, haha. They come in a pack of 10 for only $6.20, such a good deal! I figured since these are so inexpensive, that I can use these for everyday, and save my more expensive sheet masks for once a week pampering :) I hope these masks are as good as the My Beauty Diary ones, since some reviews said these two are from the same mother company in Taiwan :)

Sakura Q10 Essence Mask: good for whitening/brightening and tightening of skin.

Sakura Whitening Essence Mask: whitening, moisturizing, repairing.

Herbs Cleaning Mask: clarifying skin, balance sebum secretion, for flawless skin.

Sakura Hyaluronic Acid Mask: moisturizing and whitening/brightening.

I also got something tiny from DHC after hearing about their free shipping deal last week. I've never really tried anything from DHC before, besides their sample packs of deep cleansing oil, which I really like! But since I still have two bottles of cleansing oil to go through, I decided to skip this time. What caught my eyes were these Calcium/Magnesium supplement, they were on sale for only $2 a bag (crazy right!!!) for a 30 day supply. And I was just about to go out to my Costco to grab another bottle of calcium since I ran out. Yay for healthy bones and teeth :) I really like how nice DHC customer service is, they shipped out this package from New jersey as soon as possible, and I appreciate them letting customers choose so many samples during checkout, so we get to try out different potential products to buy!

Isn't this eye wrinkle stick sample extremely cute!

After my bf showed me this link, I immediately added this cute little Panda flash drive to my wishlist because I thought it was the cutest thing ever :) So when I spotted it on the shelves at Fry's today, I had to get it! I am going to use this for work, hehehehe :p

And lastly, something the bf got me today because he was being oh so nice! A set of 3 mini OPI Halloween nail polishes. Ghotess with the Mostess and Boo-berry are glow in the dark nail polishes (can't wait to see how they work!), and Pumped-up Pumpkin would be a perfect orange-red fall color to wear :) Thanks honey!


  1. cant wait for your review about those mask and the DHC supplement...

  2. How lovely! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the masks. And LOL the panda flash drive is SO CUTE!

  3. wow so many masks.....looking forward to some reviews. Ive used other stuff from the brand but never tried their masks before.

  4. can't wait for your thoughts on those masks :) how sweet of your bf to get the nail polish for you - boo berry is such a cute name for that blue shade too!

  5. Ahh! Great haul! I was just on Sasa making my wishlist ^^ The beauty story masks are all sold out!! D= noo....

    & cute panda flash drive!! I want one like that too, it's too cute ^^

    So sweet of your bf to get you those nail polishes! They look so cool, glow in the dark ^^

    Please tell us how these new products work for you!

    Please visit my blog at

  6. I want some Beauty Diary Masks as well.. awww, I should have bought some! :(

    Btw, nice OPI colors :D Love all of them :D and I have this "secret" thing for Panda.. ahahah! Now its not a secret anymore! Lol.. I am very fascinated with anything Pandas.. although I don't own any.. ahahah!

  7. Yay for all the masks! The panda usb is too cute:)

  8. OMG the panda flash drive is so cute!

    I hope you like the masks. You did get a good deal on them! I havent been using my beauty diary masks latey

  9. Wahhh! PANDA FLASH DRIVE. And OMG, glow in the dark nail polishes? You're so lucky!

  10. oh cool! i want some of those masks now =] & that panda flashdrive is too cute!

  11. Oh wow - a panda flash drive?!!!!! Too bad I no longer live near a Fry's haha!

    How've you been? I've been neglecting my blog as usual *sigh*. When I moved away I didn't bring a lot of my skincare essentials (like exfoliator and masks) and now I'm back but I have sooo many pimples and clogged pores LOL... it's really amazing how much junk my skin can accumulate if left alone haha! Anyhoo - hope all is well with you missy! :)

  12. Ohhhh that USB drive is super cute!!!! I really want one now!! :)

  13. nice haul from sasa! please do reviews of some of the masks you got :)

    the panda stick is so adorable

  14. Wow awesome haul! You and i are seriously mask addicts now. XD The My Beauty Story masks look really pretty. Ah how sweet of your boyfriend to get you those nail polishes! I really like the glow in the dark one. haha The panda USB is so darn cute! Yay for calcium pills, I need to drink more milk myself. :)

  15. Oh my gosh Lulu, that flash drive...way too cute! *^_^* Wow, you totally scored on that DHC supplement girl! Yay to that! I love too how uber generous they are with samples. XD