Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recent hauls, gifts, & lots of updates

Hi lovelies, hope everyone have been doing well! Sorry for the rather lack of updates for the past week! It has been a hectic week for me, but I've got exciting news! Last night, I finished up the last set of experiments I have to do for my masters degree, now all that is left for me to do is a thesis. I am so close to being done! :)

I also have lots of goodies to share with you guys, so let's get started!

As I mentioned before, Clinique at Macy's is offering GWP (gift with purchase) with any purchase of $21.50 or above. Last week, I dragged the bf to the mall after work to grab some Clinique products to try. I just ran out of my Burt's Bees tomato toner, so I wanted to get my skin tested and give the highly popular and praised Clinique toner a try. The lovely sales associate suggested me to try #3, for oily/combination skin people who are oily in the T-zone, but comfortable (not too oily, not flaky either) in the cheeks. I am loving it so far! Some people don't like the witch hazel smell in Clinique toners, but I don't mind it. I also wanted to get a toner for the BF. The sales associate gave him the glass bottled toner from the Men's line to try, but he hated it, because it felt too drying with the alcohol in it. So I suggested him to try the Mild Clarifying one, and he's hooked! Every night he comes to my makeup table (where the toner is stored) and starts wiping it all over his face. hahaha :p I hope his skin will start clarify after continued usage!

For my GWP, they gave me this nice and big makeup bag filled with goodies. If you are interested in trying out some Clinique stuff while the GWP promotion is still going on, check out the details here.

I met up with the super sweet Kalmo from Cambo Soup again last week :) We visited her lovely and cozy apartment, and saw her cat, Brody for the first time. He was quite the shy one (compared to Mia) haha, I love his fluffy tails and how scared he looked when I went to say Hi to him! :) She had an awesome promotion code for BOGO Zoya nail polishes and we decided to order some together. This was my first time trying out Zoya nail polishes. I really wasn't sure what colors to get, so I chose all my polishes based on names, hahaha :p From left to right, I got:
Mia , Summer (Edna's Summer Catcat), Lulu (for obvious reason! hehehe), Sunny, and Jade. I also ordered a polish from their Winter 09 Matte collection (Harlow) but Zoya is shipping that out later because it was out of stock at the time.

Last Friday, I had to drive to Edna's town for a work related meeting, and obviously I had to stop by Edna's place to say Hi to her. I also brought over her EARLY birthday presents (her bday is in November!) because we've been both extremely busy this semester, and I know I won't get to see her again soon *sob*. When I got to her place, she was getting ready to leave for her mini-getaway to Tahoe. So we didn't get to hang out too much this time. She knew how much I am into nail polishes recently, so she was sweet enough to give me her OPI Russian Navy (Matte) that she just bought. Thank you so much love! It was my first matte nail polish and I love how it looks! Especially on my toes :) The only bad thing about matte polishes is that they chip so easily. Oh well, it just gives me an excuse to play with my nails more often :) Edna also got me a few packs of her favorite fruit snack at the moment, it's so good! I've got to get some more of these. (btw, I think she bought these because it says SUMMER strawberry on it, right? hehe :p)

On the way home on Friday, we passed by an outlet mall. I've been wanting to check out CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) store ever since I heard that they started selling MAC Hello Kitty items. Sadly, the only thing they had when I went in was the HK beauty powder in Tahitian Sand, and they were sold out on anything else that they might have had. I wanted the two HK blushes so badly, and more lipglosses or lipsticks. Now I wish I had bought more HK items back when MAC was selling them at the beginning of the year :( I bought the Tahitian Sand anyway, so it can accompany my Pretty Baby beauty powder I bought back in February.

From the Coach store, the bf bought me a pair of new sunglasses. I always complain about how most sunglasses don't fit on the bridge of my nose but on my cheeks instead, leaving two ugly red marks every time I take off my sunglasses. I found a pair at Coach that fits my face perfectly! Yay!! New love!

At the Sanrio store, I bought myself a new set of pajamas, this time a long pants for the colder weather ahead. I love the pink silky bows on the pants. I also got a bunch of random "necessities" -- earrings, coin wallets, cute note pads, stickers, a new wallet that I want to use for school -- it's roomy enough to fit all my cards, cash, and my iPhone inside so if I have to go somewhere, I could just carry that instead of my heavy tote bag.

On Sunday, our good college friend invited us over to her new apartment for dinner. She recently moved back to the bay area, and started working close by. I am so excited to have her back, and now I can hang out with her a lot more often :) She moved into her new apartment around the same time when we were moving, the funny thing was, she bought the same set of dining table we had, the same brand of mattress, and we even got our iPhone around the same time! hahaha :)

I prepared a fruit salad, chocolate dipped strawberries, and some sushi to bring over for dinner.

We had yummy hot pot at her place :)

She got me a bunch of cute goodies from her Taiwan and Japan trip over the summer. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness. She also got us a house warming present -- a serving set that I've always wanted, these are great for serving appetizers or dips at parties.

I've been waiting for packages all week long, but they never came :( and I was hoping for them to arrive on Monday, but turned out Monday was a postal holiday because of Columbus day. Yesterday I was disappointed yet again because it was pouring cats and dogs, and my mailman didn't deliver in fear that the packages will be drenched wet by the time I come home. Finally, after waiting for so long, I received my first Sasa package today :)

Kalmo reviewed the Kuan Yuan Liang green bean face powder on her blog recently. Unfortunately the green bean powder one has been out of stock on Sasa, so I got the Kuan Yuan Lian Job's Tear Whitening Cleansing Powder instead, which is suppose to contain mostly green bean anyway. I can't wait to try it out in the shower tonight! I also got from their line the cucumber toner, it comes in a two pack of a toner, and a sprayer for refreshing the face on the go or just to set makeup. I am having high hopes for Kuan Yuan Liang products because their products are all made with natural products, and have really good reviews on Sasa.

Since I've been so crazy about nail polishes recently...

My local Ulta finally has the Essie Matte About You in stock! I was super excited when I spotted it on the shelf. This is suppose to be a matte top coat that you could apply to any nail polishes to give it a matte finish as opposed to the high gloss shine most nail polishes give. I tried it on tonight on top of Orly's Toast the Couple, it gives my nails such an interesting look, I love it! Essie Matte About You is a great product because instead of spending money buying full bottles of matte polishes, this top coat turns any of the polish colors you already own into a matte finish! Plus like all matte polishes, it dries super fast on the nails, which is a big plus for me because I am always the impatient one who end up smudging my newly applied polishes.

No Buy! I've been hauling a bit often recently :p Instead of letting myself waste time checking out deals and making impulse buys all the time online, and to help me finish up all my goodies I already own at home, I've decided to join Edna and start our second round of No Buy Project! Our main focus this time is on makeup, since those are much harder to finish. But I'll also be keeping track of other products I finish as well in a separate list. I am not gonna lie, I get a kick out of looking at my list of finished products every time, hahahah :) I have a feeling the makeup hit pans will be much harder for me to do, but I shall try! Wish me luck!

♥ Hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far! And for those in California or elsewhere that are snowing/raining, stay dry and drive carefully!


  1. You must have went to the Vac outlets? Havne't been there before, but for sure the Napa one has a crazy amount of stuff. Love the HK haul!
    Annie's is delish. Have you ever tried their bunnies, they're like goldfishes but in a bunny shape.
    I was thinking about getting the Clinique GWP, it's too cute to pass up, but I don;t really need anything from them...

  2. @ cleung341:

    Hiii! I didn't have time to stop by Napa. But the Napa one didn't have much anymore either! They only carry Tahitian Sand and Pretty Baby, May went this past weekend :( We were both disappointed.
    I must go try Annie's!

  3. WOW! Great post with lots of stuff. =)
    I haven't tried any Zoya nailpolishes yet, but I heard many great reviews on them. That's so sweet of you to get Edna an early bday present. Fabulous Coach sunnies. That's so sweet of your bf.

    I recently purchased myself my first pair of Tom Ford sunglasses online. I was deciding for a long time before I got them. I only got them because they were like 50% off the orginal price. How cool is that right, since most Tom Ford sunglasses cost like $400+. I still haven't received them yet, but I will make a post on it once I get them.

  4. I love it when Food, Makeup, Skincare and nail polishes comes in one post :) Love everything!!!!

  5. wow this is a big haul post :) it's nice to see you got so many lovely stuff, so admire you and Kalmo could meet up and hang out together, I haven't found a friendly beauty blogger here that would hang out with me yet hehe :)

    Enjoy your food and hauls and your lovely nail polishes !! :)

  6. wooooooooow
    my heart is melting
    kitty goodies (inlove)

  7. aww... hot pot.. ha, u are teasing my appetite.
    nice haul!u got so many HK. my eyes cant stop looking at the food

  8. so much eyecandy. You have so much caring and nice friends around you. The bean powder thing looked interesting on Sasa when I first saw it... I'll let you test it out and let us know how it goes. and congrats on your masters!

  9. great stuff...i have d same problem with's hard to find ones that fits me perfectly & coach usually have the right size for me....and your PJ's is so cute & all those sanrio stuff....and I couldn't find that essie matte about u so I got the china glaze instead...I hope it works just the same...

  10. Wow, lovely hauls and gifts! I am totally drooling over the Sanrio stuff LOL.

  11. Great haul!! I love all the Zoya colors you chose! They're so pretty!! And the OPI one ;) I recently saw the Lincoln Park After Dark polish but in the Suede collection and it looks sooo pretty!

    Love the stuff you got from the CCO too. The Coach sunglasses look great and glad that you found one that fits your lovely face =P The stuff from the Sanrio store are sooo cute!!! ^^ I wish Toronto had more of these cute stores. hehe

    Love the food that you made too! Soo yummy looking!! You're making me hungry!! D=

    Ahh! I've got to order from Sasa soon but right now I really want to order from Imomoko =P I want a credit card now!! LOL

    I have the Essie Polish too! Even though it dries fast, I find that it's soo easy to mess it up =[

    Please visit my blog at

  12. so many pretty and cute things! the clinique GWP is really cute...too bad I don't know what I'd get to qualify for that gift, haha :)

  13. so many pretty stuff n food porn !
    im doing a swa with denysia,she is going to macys today hope the GWP still availablbe,but i prefer the red pouch

  14. I got some stuff at Clinique too for the GWP!! yay!! I'm excited to try my acne cleanser :D

    So many cute stuff!! You are so lucky!! :D love hello kitty! YAY!

  15. GOsh I feel so out of place with blogger! SOmehow I missed this post!

    I still have to make a post of the goodies you bought me for my birthday. Nothing's been touched except for the Summer polish- I should repaint my nails that color 2day. MMMM, fruit snacks. I bought some jelly bellies for my long days at school. I need my SUGAR!!!!!

  16. Hi Lulu! :D

    It's great how you got the GWP at clinique, the bag is absolutely adorable. The red lippie looks sexy too! ^^ Please let me know how the mascara works out as I heard their glossy mascara is quite good. Thank you!

    Nice nail polish haul! The OPI matte looks really cool. Aww i really love those HK pajamas, the silk detail is so cute. hehe I can't walk out of the Snario store without buying anything.

    Oh my gosh, I'm drooling over your food pictures! You guys are such great cooks and chefs, everything looks great.

    I hope you like the KYL stuff. I've been using the cucumber water as a mask recently (soaking it in those torn cotton pads and putting it on my face) and it's works nicely. Great hydration. :)

    I agree with you on the Essie MAY and the No Buy situation.

  17. Yay to Hello Kitty and that food looks way delish!! Darn, wish I had a CCO close by. Would totally love to check out the HK stuff. Although I'm guessing it is probably OOS too...d'oh! Clinique always has such happy packaging. :D And your new Zoya collection is so pretty!