Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The benefits of being a night owl!

...and other random tidbits of my week...

Now I got your attention! ^^ We often read articles or hear our parents say how important it is to get your 8 hours of sleep a day, and sleep early for a healthy lifestyle. I cannot emphasize how important it is to head to bed early instead of being a night owl, because on the days that I actually do get to bed early enough, I can SEE my glowy skin the next day -- they call it "beauty sleep" for a reason! However, I'm embarrassed to admit that I have been sleeping way past midnight more often that I would like to be, because of my heavy workload this semester. Plus being addicted to beauty blogs doesn't help the situation, I'm always refreshing and checking out who has just updated :p

Now that I talked about the importance of sleeping and going to bed early, so none of my readers will be misled, I'll explain why I benefited from being a night owl (once) :p

As usual, I was taking a "study break" and browsing around blogger to check out updates, when Mihoko's blog popped up. Turned out she was also still awake, and had a giveaway for the first person who responded and told her why they were still awake! The prize? A Lunasol Eyeshadow Geminate eyes 01 CE, the best selling shades from the Lunasol Geminate collection, and also my VERY FIRST Lunasol palette! I was beyond ecstatic when I found out that I had won. Mihoko's package arrived really fast, and she even included a lovely note! Thank you so much sweetie! If you guys haven't checked out her online store, you definitely should. She sells a lot of Japanese makeups that have been on my wishlist forever (Jill Stuart blushes and eye jellies, one day you will be mine)!

Look at how pretty the Lunasol palette is! I love love love it! :D

My second Sephora package arrived today! I decided to make a last minute haul before the F&F sale ended last weekend. Here are what I got:

An Orgasm/Laguna Blush Bronzer Duo and Orgasm Nail Polish Set. These are the two colors from NARS that I've wanted to try forever! The set is a great value ($35) because just purchasing the duo alone costs $37 on Sephora, plus the set comes with an Orgasm nail polish. It's a pretty sheer peach color that would look great as an everyday polish. I have yet to test out the stay power of NARS nail polishes as this is my first bottle.

Yay now I can finally say that I own a NARS Orgasm blush! I can't wait to try it out and see what everyone's raving about in this blush :)

Fresh Sugar Wish Gift Set -- which comes with a full sized Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (with SPF 15), and a 1/2 sized Fresh Brown Sugar Body Cream (3.4 oz), which I heard applies smooth and feels non-greasy (a big plus for me!) The combo set I bought came in a gold makeup pouch, and was $28 dollars. It was a good value considering that these were two products I've wanted to try, and together they cost a lot less than if I had to buy them separately.

I tried the lip treatment as soon as I got the package. I am impressed! It's very very hydrating, and made my lips feel smooth. It'll be a great overnight lip treatment, especially since my lips have been chapped often after the cold weather came around. I love the packaging of the lip treatment as well, it has a metal casing, with a screw on top, which makes it feel so sturdy and nice, compared to a regular plastic tube of chapstick. With that said, I am not sure if I would repurchase anytime soon (plus I am hoping it won't run out that quickly!), because it is a very pricey lip balm at $22.5 each.

The Sephora catalog that came with the package and my three samples.

A little update about my "Project No Buy" (I'm keeping progress on the left sidebar of my blog): since I couldn't resist myself and made another Sephora haul with makeup items, I am making the start date of my makeup no buy Nov. 1 instead (the last day I made a purchase on Sephora). I actually didn't hit pan on any makeup in the month of October anyway, so I'll start over! It's going to be hard to resist with all the F&F sales that are going on, and with the holidays coming, but I will try again! Wish me luck :)

The Face Shop booth stopped by my local Asian plaza again! I tested out their nail polish remover and was pleasantly surprised by how well it removed my glittery nail polish! I especially love the pink one because it is strawberry scented, so it doesn't have such a pungent acetone smell when you open the bottle. So why so many bottles you ask? haha it was because the boyfriend didn't carry any cash and the minimum for cc was $10! lol but he said it was okay, cuz I'll use them up quickly anyway. I change nail polishes so often nowadays since the start of my nail polish addiction :p To push it up to $10, the sales lady also suggested me to try out the base coat (in pink -- it shows up clear on my nails though), and I grabbed a yellow nail polish since I've always wanted one.

I highly recommend these TFS nail polish removers, even though they come in a small bottle, but they take off polishes pretty easily and I found myself to actually use less of it every time compared to my Sally Hansen one that I normally use (probably because the Sally Hansen one doesn't contain acetone). Another benefit of these TFS ones is that the top is not completely open but the solution drips out through one tiny hole on the cap. This is great for Miss Clumpsy like me, since I've tipped over and dumped a whole bunch of nail polish remover on the floor before :p They retail for $2 each at my local TFS.

I also bought a cuticle cutter to practice some basic manicure at home. I wonder how come I've never owned one of these before! They are so easy to use and can pick out the tiniest hang nails in the toughest to reach corners!

I have a confession to make: I might be addicted to NARS cosmetics @_@

Last week, the bf was nice enough to buy me these:

NARS Duo Lipgloss Trio (buy here)

NARS Deep Throat blush + Lip gloss in Striptease

I am loving these NARS lip glosses! They have great staying power, and are not too sticky (I don't like sticky glosses -- they are especially bad on a windy day since I usually wear my hair down).

I gotta say though, even though the bf was happy to pay, he did not approve those interesting names NARS named their cosmetics, HAHAHAHA, he gave me this weird stare when I told him the shade names :p hehehehe it was part of the fun!

Lulu can make bread! We decided to try make our own bread at home -- who doesn't love fresh, warm bread! We tried out several recipes and these two turned out the best: Hokkaido milky loaf, and cinnamon raisin bread. the milky loaf is my favorite (and I guess so was the bf's because I only got two slices of the whole thing before he finished it off -- I think he woke up before me and snuck to the kitchen to munch on those before I even went upstairs!!!), it has the perfect soft cotton-y texture and just the right amount of milky sweetness. *drool*

So when I finished checking out blog updates twice, went through all the youtube videos I possibly want to watch, ate, watched news, and played with Mia twice, what else do I do to procrastinate? I made jewelries!

When I saw those black bows in the charms section at Michael's, I knew I had to get them! I simply attached a faux pearl on the bottom, and a pair of earring hooks on top, and viola! It's love love love!

This layered bracelet is attached with a bunch of random charms, locks and key set is definitely my favorite to add onto any jewelry, plus a ton of faux pearls, and love, joy, hope charms.

Another angle of the bracelet.

Hope you liked everything! I better go get my beauty sleep soon! Until next time...

xoxo, Lulu

ps - I think I watched too much Gossip Girl recently... :p


  1. wow, you are so lucky! the Lunasol palette is really pretty. and i saw that you've won another giveaway from Mihoko too. :D
    the NARS blush and bronzer duo looks great! please do a swatch on them :)
    whoa, you make bread? awesome! i miss eating bread..
    you make great jewelries! i envy you :P

    P.S.: i love Gossip Girl too!

  2. wow..I've been wanting a Lunasol Palette myself! :) lovely bracelet! I want one :)

  3. Very nice haul!!!, I soo admire you that you guys can get Nars blush duos, over here they just don't sell them!!! :)

  4. ohhh You are very lucky ^-^ Great prize! <3 Congratulations :)

    Fresh breas is amazing, but I haven't tried to bake it by myself yet. I think I should. :)

    These earring are superb cute <3


  5. We need to put ourselves to bed earlier!

    Great prize >:D

  6. wah!!! such great stuff u got, the lunasol palette is so pretty!!!and also those lipgloss looks so pretty too!!

    ahh...and love your bracelet too!!!haha yeah beauty sleep is super important..what do u think? (

  7. Congrats on winning that beautiful palette! Wow! And the next time you make Hokkaido milk bread, can I come over? ;) Love that charm bracelet. Way too cute!

    Since I didn't participate in the Sephora F&F, I'm living vicariously through fellow bloggers like yourself. *drools*

  8. congrats on winning! Glad staying up late paid off in some way hehe

    great sephora haul and how sweet of your bf to get you make up!!

    the bracelet you made is so pretty and yay for making bread!! i wish i could bake, but I have no talents in that category whatsoever

  9. Fab Nars Haul! Although I'm more interested in your bread... YUMMY... he he! I was at a Halloween party a few weeks ago, and one guest had made this colossal olive bread - my goodness it was SO squishy and soft and gooooood ~ ~ ~ *saliva* LOL...

  10. U lucky girl.....haha...congrats....& wow....U hauled so much do u like the deep throat blush? and girl you should sell your jewelries they are so pretty....and btw. the one u made me looks better than my sis...hehe..shhhh...

  11. Oh so many things! LOL! So lucky of you to win Mihoko's giveaway! I think it's probably the only perk of staying up LOL. I totally agree with you though - beauty sleep is so important for fresh, clear skin!

    Awesome Sephora F&F and TFS hauls. I really want to try out that nail polish remover now. I go through soooo much remover, especially for the glitter polishes, it's kind of ridiculous! I have to post my F&F hauls soon too - at least before the next VIB one!

  12. And ooooh - the bread looks sooooo good!! Will you share your recipes? I don't have much time for baking anymore, but I've always wanted to try my hand at baking bread hehe.

  13. I love everything NARS, and I'm glad you've gotten yourself that duo, as I'm using both orgasm and laguna, but in seperate packages! this is so much better!


  14. i got the nars orgasm/laguna and nailpolish set too during my sephora haul! haha i figured it's $2 cheaper than in store plus i get nailpolish! total steal! i also got the make up for ever 25 aqua eyeliners. i know it's $$$ but if you do the math it's quite a steal plus 20% off.

  15. Oh yeah! XD And honey, you can NEVER watch too much Gossip Girl. Just sayin'.

  16. lucky u !
    wow u make bread ??awesome !!hehe

  17. Literally drooling over your haul. I want to be done with school so I can SPEND SPEND SPEND!! :(

    <3 GG

  18. Wow, what a long post! :) Sorry, I still know I need to reply to your email >__<

    You're so lucky for winning the giveaway though! :D The silver lining of being up late, who would've thought?

    && I can't wait to see how you like the NARS blush. I know everyone keeps raving about it, but I'm still not completely sold yet. But let me know what you think :)And omg, I loved seeing your mini collection of NARS stuffs! I also REALLY like their lipglosses. I don't like stick gloss too, because my hair gets stuck in it. But NARS glosses are perfect for me too ^__^
    And Raymond also give me weird looks when I tell him the different names of their products~!

    AND you are now making jewelry && baking!! 8D Miss Super Woman here, haha. I love the earrings and the bracelet. As soon as I saw the bows, I knew they came from Michael's ! I was literally just there, and they also caught my eye too. But I didn't get them. You make such cute creations with them!! ^__^

  19. Waa! I wanna be a night owl but I get tired around midnight =[

    Great haul too!! I wish TFS was available in Canada! Your bf is so sweet too! ^.^

    OMG!! I love those earrings!! Make me one, make me one! LOL

    Follow me please?

  20. Your post is packed full of so many good things!!

    I really want to get a Lunasol palette too. I didn't in Japan because I was shocked by how expensive it was >< It was much cheaper in Hong Kong...I don't know why I didn't buy some there.

    Congrats on your bread! Looks really good.

    Also, PLEASE let me know how you get on with the Nars blushes!!! I would LOVE to see how they look on you, or swatches would be nice too. I'm a bit scared of buying them because when I tested them on my hand in the shop they seemed awfully sparkly, if you know what I mean...

    And I love the jewelleries too! Really elegant yet simple! =D

  21. *DROOOOOOOOOOL* u picked up so many goodies!

    And you should definitely hit up Blue Fin ^^ w/ student ID lol

  22. YOu made those? They are very pretty!! awww!! you are talented! :D

    Also I know what you mean that we need our 8 hours of sleep! Psshfft! lol.. YOu know me, I don;t sleep. From my 16 hours of work, I go home and get 3 hours then go back again to work.. ahahahah! Plus when I'm off, I'm usually at the internet checking mails, blogs etc.. and always up late at night :)

    Congratulations for winning! I don't have any lunasol yet.. ahahah! Maybe someday :P and yay for nars orgasm and deep throat. I have both and love them! Esp nars orgasm :) Your bf is so nice to get you make up! Yay!

  23. so many pretty things in this post!! congrats for your win :) i think the only time i get more than 8 hours of sleep is on the weekend, and I squeeze in naps whenever I can :) the bread looks yummy! MG just bought a french bread pan so that I can try to bake him some safe french bread, haha...but I'll have to send you a recipe I found for a really simple bread that I used to make!

  24. loving the variety in your posts - thank you

  25. I love your blog!!!! I live near a face shop, so I'm going to have to try the pink nail polish remover. I loathe the scent of acetone!
    I am now following you so come visit me too! :D

  26. love the nars haul!!!!! I am really liking the Nars Orgasm blush, its the right color for me, too bad mine broke, it's all ugly now lol! and nice job on the bread! I'm not much a bread fiend so I've never tried baking it, the closest I've done is pizza dough hehehehe ;)

  27. Ok, your response makes me uber happy b/c then I know that I selected the RIGHT giveaway items!!! Girl, I hope you get the lippie and palette. :D And thanks for joining....yayayay!

  28. Hey girl!
    congrats on the lovely prize. =)
    This post is packed with so many awesome goodies esp. makeup hauls. I luv NARS and that deep throat blush is fabulous. I have that too. =) I spy a sample of Dior J'adore. hehe. That's one of my top two fav perfume I use. I use that pretty much everyday during the day. Luvs it! =)

  29. What a great haul!! I am drooling over everything :) Glad I found your blog! xx

  30. So it's a good thing to stay up late!

    I almost got the nars set.. but decided to stick with my cheapo elf palette. haha. I also wanted to get the Fresh balm, but I can't seem to justify spending that much on lip balm! Lucky you!

    Anyhow, I'm having a giveaway! jewelry & makeup! what better combo is there? Julu Jewelry

  31. wow u r so lucky to win that palette !hehe
    yuuummmyy i want those bread too !hehe