Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween NOTD & Love package from May!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Bf and I didn't do anything for Halloween this year, we went to the mall and watched little kiddies all dressed up and getting candies from stores :p In the spirit of Halloween though, I did my nails yesterday:

I put two layers of OPI Glow in the Dark nail polish in Ghostess with the Mostess (white), then on top I used CoverGirl's Crackle Lacquer in Blue Moon. This Crackle polish is really cool, it cracks by itself upon drying. I thought it's very appropriate for Halloween yea? For base I used Essie Sensitivity Base Coat, and for topcoat I used OPI RapiDry.

What made my Halloween so special was not the trick-o-treats or the costumes, but a surprise love package from my dear May!

May is the Queen of Masks! She also got me addicted to collecting sheet masks recently :) Look at all the masks she sent me!

She mentioned to me about how she loves the 6-pack/box My Beauty Diary masks in Camellia and wanted me to try it as well. But little did I know, she gave me so much more! She also got me MBD in Platinum Nanocolloid, White Truffle Fantastic Whitening, and Japanese Cherry Blossom. Look at how pretty the packagings for these masks are! She also got me some VOV masks to try! There are the wash off types in green tea collagen and mud, as well as a sheet mask in sake nori. Sounds so yum! hehehe I can't wait to try out my new masks. Thank you so much Love!

May is also a Hello Kitty lover! She got me this adorable HK shower cap and Winnie the Pooh towel, these are two of my favorite colors: pink, and baby blue :) yay for our matching shower caps now!

Then I pulled out this big Shiseido makeup bag, what could possibly be in it!

More goodies! She got me some yummy white milk tea powders and Meltyblend candy, packed in these super kawaii Hello Kitty ziplogs, where did you get these May! She also got me makeup stuff to try out -- Marie Claire green makeup primer, China Glaze nail polish, Kevin Beautymaker Mineral Concealing Cream, a Skin Food mushroom BB cream, bareMinerals iQuad eyeshadow palette, and a pack of oil blotting tissue :) Thank you so much for all the lovely goodies, I love them all! Thank you for being such an awesome and loving friend, May! *hugs*

In one of our email conversations, I told May that I was interested in trying out the BM concealer. She told me that she has one that she no longer uses and wanted to send it to me to try! I've heard a few great reviews on this product. Here is the concealer in the middle, it comes in a tiny white squeeze tube. It is really small in size, I put the China Glaze nail polish bottle (full sized) on the side for size comparison. But it's also great for carrying around in makeup bags because of its size. I like the squeeze tube much better than concealers in a tub since it is more sanitary. It didn't crease on me and covered up my under eye circles pretty well, however, it looked a bit drying under my eyes, so it accentuated the laugh line under my eyes even more! -- that's not good! I think for spot treatment it works pretty well, however for under eye concealer I still prefer to use my CoverBlend concealer.

I also tried the Marie Claire Designing Makeup Base SPF 15 PA+ in green. It comes in this adorable frosted pump bottle. I've never heard of this brand before, the writing on the package is in Korean, and the only thing recognizable is "Made in Korea", hahaha. I like it so far! I love green primers because it helps to neutralize the redness on my cheeks :)

Little haul from yesterday: Hello Kitty hats! I couldn't decide which color I wanted, black or the bf decided for me -- BOTH! hahaha I love him :) If I had to choose, I think I like the white one better though :)


  1. i like the patterns on your nails and omg the black hk hat is cute!

  2. wow great stuff from May! i've been on a mask crazed lately as well and now on the hunt to try them all! hehe

    nice nails! the crackle effect looks cute

    for the HK hat i would probably pick black because I would probably get the white one dirty fast!

  3. we did the same thing on the rained the whole day here...what a great stuff u got from may...lotsa mask..jealous...hehe...the cracked nails looks cool....gotta look for that one...and kawaii the black..:D

  4. Ooh that nail polish is so cool and wow! what a great surprise package from May! :D :D :D

  5. your nails look so pretty! I can't believe there are polishes like that :) I wanted to try My Beauty Diary masks myself..but I have to order online

  6. OMG the nails are so unique!! I have seriously never seen anything like it =P and the hello kitty hats are super cute~

  7. How sweet of your bf to buy you both hats! I love the sparkles! :) May is such a sweetheart and your nails were TOTALLY appropriate for Halloween!

  8. Hiyee! Great to hear your back is well now. :D Oh yeah, boys are totally dumb when it comes to hair. Forget teaching them how to put it up, mine even has trouble taking a hairband out of my head...oh dear.

  9. Thanks for sharing that nail polish hehe very interesting :)

  10. Hihi... I like the nail .. How did you do it ?? Paint or stickers? ^^

  11. Love your nails! That cracked polish is so cool!!

    & that's so sweet of May to send you such an awesome love package!! I'm like begging to try those sheet masks =[

    And I heard a great review about the KB BB Concealer. I need one to conceal my circles..=[

    & isn't Marie Claire a magazine? I never knew it was a brand too!

    AND SUPER KAWAII Hello Kitty caps!! ^.^

    Follow me plz?

  12. that's such a cool nail polish!!
    i hate to admit i got greedy and bought a few too many beauty diary masks haha i think i prefer the kose cosmeport collagen ones more though (the one in the pink box)

  13. Wowww! I've never seen those cracked-effect nail polishes before. Do they chip more easily?

    And I think the HK hats are cuuute! =D

  14. that crackle polish is kinda funky, but it looks cool! reminds me of a magnetized polish i saw a while back, that dries with a "starburst" pattern :) what a lovely package of goodies from may!

  15. Hey girl!

    Thanks for the lovely comment. =)
    I haven't dressed up for Halloween for awhile, so I did this yr. I mostly don't do anything on Halloween at all. hehe. It was a fun dressing up though. =)

    Those crackle nailpolish is pretty cool and I think it's pretty appropriate for Halloween. =)

    You always seem to have so many kawaii goodies and something Hello Kitty. Luvs it! =)

  16. *whispers* The hubs eats all the stuff I won't eat. Good men we have.

  17. Lulu.. come to my blog for puzzles. gift!!

  18. eeekkk!! HELLO KITTY CAPS!! They are the cutest ever!! :]

    and cracked nail polish! wow, I've never seen such polish! So nice and one of a kind :]

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  20. The Hello Kitty items are so cute! I stumbled upon your blog and love it! You have such a lovely friend who sends you great gifts. Lucky girl!

    I am fairly certain the Hello Kitty ziplocks are from Target. I bought two packs of them in the dollar bins when you first walk into the store. I don't know if they still carry them, though. I got two packs of Hello Kitty bags, a large and small size, and a pack of Disney princess ziplocks. Super kawaii!