Saturday, December 5, 2009

November Favorites ♥

In the month of November, I loved using:

Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream -- I am not sure if it was because of my super stressful November, or the change of weather, or a combination of both, but I suffered from bad eczema flare-up on my legs and arms. The itch was so bad, that sometimes it'd keep me up all night :( Normally I use my trusty Cetaphil moisturizing cream during my sensitive skin days, but I just happened to run out of it last month. I tweeted and asked fellow beauty junkies what product they would recommend and Audrey from told me that a lot of her patients at her pharmacy used to request this cream. There were also some other great recommendations. But since Vanicream was available at my local Walgreens, and I needed the relief right away instead of waiting for an online purchase to ship to me, I decided to try it. It's designed for people with "dry, irritated skin, such as "winter itch" and other dermatologic problems including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (eczema), contact dermatitis, and ichthyosis". And it's free of common chemical irritants such as dyes, fragrance & masking fragrance, parabens, lanolin, formaldehyde. I apply this in thick layers right after I get out of shower/bath every night, or whenever I feel like I need more moisturizing. It works wonderfully, and doesn't irritate or sting my skin. I'd recommend this product to those who also suffer from sensitive and itchy skin!

♥  Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact in 09 Little Bouquet -- I haven't stopped using this blush ever since I received it two weeks ago! Out of all four colors, I like the orange blush the best! I have never tried an orange toned blush before, and boy was I missing out! I like peachy blush much better than my usual pink ones :) Besides the pretty colors this blush compact has, I also love how pretty the packaging is! Just using it everyday puts a smile on my face :)

♥  Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 -- This super creamy and moisturizing lip balm saved my lips (and the cut on the back of my hand) during my Thanksgiving trip to the midwest! The colder weather (compared to California) and long hours in the airplanes and the car made my skin suffer so much. The pores around my cheeks were enlarged, the skin around my jaw was flaky, and the back of my hands felt rough, no matter how much lotion I was applying. But my lips did not suffer, thanks to this lipbalm. I kept applying the product, I think I used up 1/3 of the product just on this trip! It also has SPF15, which is a plus!

♥  LUSH Snow Fairy Shower Gel for Body and Hair -- OMG this smells SO yummy! This pink sparkly gel smells like sweet sweet cotton candy. Miss Edna got me this bottle for Xmas :) What I like about this product is that it could double as a shampoo for hair, and leaves my hair smelling so sweet! I can't get enough of this, I think I must get myself a huge bottle of it to stock up since this is a LE holiday item.

♥  NARS Orgasm/Laguna Blush Bronzer Duo -- Laguna bronzer is perfect for contouring! Why haven't I discovered this product earlier! I love love love it! The Orgasm blush is such a pretty color on my cheeks too, but it'll receive its proper love one day, since I am still in love with my Jill Stuart blush compact right now, hehe :p

What are your favorite products?

Disclosure: All products mentioned in November Favorites were purchased by myself, no companies mentioned paid for me to be featured in my post, and I am not affiliated with any of the featured brands/companies.These are my honest opinions.


  1. Go and use your snow cake soap ! :P

  2. Oh dude, I totally forgot about doing a November favorites post LOL. I... will think about it. Maybe I'll just end up doing a Fall Quarter favorites after finals are over with LOL.

    I'm totally going to check out the Vanicream! SO's eczema has gotten so much better using the Aveeno DML, but I've only ever found it *ok* and I just got my first two eczema spots!! I've never had eczema before but SO id'd it for me. They're on my right arm... they're still small and in pretty ok condition now but I'm afraid they'll get worse and nothing I'm using on them (including cortizone) seems to be able to totally get rid of them. =/ Also had a minor freakout the other day when I discovered my hands were so dry I was getting a small rash on the back of my left hand and the back of my right thumb. Ugh.

    And ahhh, so jealous I can't use the Fresh lip treatment. =P

  3. JS blush... me...lemming, dying for it

  4. Hi Lulu, the you should wait till after xmas to buy the Lush snow fairy, they have massive sales then! Last year I bought one snow fairy and got 2 free. I bought the big bottle 2, so it lasted me waaay into summer. Cool blog btw! Swing by my spot if you ever get the chance. Nice meeting you Lulu!

  5. Snow Fairy is undoubtedly one of my favourite products by Lush!!

  6. Aaaaaa~~~~~

    I want the JS blush. D= Do you find orgasm okay to wear during the day? I swatched it on my hand once and freaked out, it had like lots of glitters in it!! O_______O I thought people might see them in broad daylight, so I left quickly. =_=

  7. oh orange blush sounds interesting!!!
    yup Laguna is perfect for contouring! =D

  8. Woohoo new post! Yea! My vanicream made it into your November favorites! hehe I feel so special and so happy that it works for you! My november fav would have to be my clarinsonic mia thanks for encouraging me to get it. my skin looks so much brighter. Not quite clearer yet (still purging i think eewww...). I love my nars orgasm/laguna duo too. phew...long comment

  9. wah! great november faves :)

    great products!!!

    x_x u make me wanna try all of those products!! oh-o >_<

    lol, love your blog always! have a wonderful day!!!! talk to u soon~

  10. awesome favorites!! i really need to try that fresh lip treatment, my lips are dying slowly with the weather being so cold!

  11. I didnt notice NYC HK was in the pix til noww!

  12. Ahhh I just noticed the HK stocking when I was looking through your post again. I want one!

    And RYC: I do tend to varnish most things with a shiny coat of clear gloss. I use the tiny bottle that came in my FIMO set...It does actually make the finger prints a lot less noticeable.

  13. Very nice favorites for November! I have yet to try Lush products lol, I walked into a Lush store and almost fainted from the strong smell.

  14. Hi sweetie!

    I was on a Blogger detox so I'm playing catch up now! ;) Bust open that Sheer Infusion, baby! Argh...I wish I wasn't such a cheapo in HK. I was at the JS boutique just staring at the Now I have to hear about its awesomness from you bloggers...waah! Ok, that LUSH Snow Fairy? I NEED!

    P.S Great idea to post that disclosure. I should do that too.