Sunday, December 6, 2009

Recent hauls & Love packs

Here are some goodies that I got in the past few days :)

Ever since Catherine mentioned these Tsumori Chisato for Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick in Jupiter Brown, I knew I had to get it, I just couldn't resist the adorable packaging! At first I was hesitant because of the "brown" color, but from her swatch, it didn't look bad at all! I actually really like the MLBB color it offers! I knew that if I don't get it now while it's still in stock (since it's a limited edition product), I will definitely regret it later. I've learned my lesson about LE items, if I want it now, I should get it because when it runs out later and becomes impossible to get, I always end up regretting! It happened with the MAC HK items, and it happened again with the Paul & Joe Disney Face Color blush (by the way, if anyone has one, especially the orange one up for purchase or swap, please let me know! Pretty please!!!)

I purchased the lipstick from Shu Uemura website, which has free shipping if you order any of their holiday 2009 collection items. There is also a 5% rebate when you purchase through Ebate right now, which is pretty nice! You can also get this at Nordstrom, I believe. When you order through Shu Uemura, you also get to pick one free sample, and I chose the 20ml cleansing oil. It comes in a tiny cute bottle, perfect for traveling. I can't wait to try it out!

I haven't touched the lipstick yet, it looks so pretty I don't want to damage it, LOL. What's good about this adorable casing (w/ a BLACK CAT on it!!!) is that once you are done w/ the current lippy, you can actually use the same casing for any of the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited lipsticks! 

A funny story: when I received the lipstick, I had placed it in its box on my desk and ran to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. When I came back half an hour later, the lipstick was gone but the cleansing oil box was still there. I knew right away that Mia Catcat had something to do with this! I searched around and around the room but couldn't find the lippie. Turned out she had knocked it off the desk, pushed/dragged it all the way to the closet in the other bedroom, and tucked it under the gap between the floor and the closet door! What's worse was that the box was OPEN! I was literally screaming cuz I thought she had damaged the lipstick! Luckily it was fine, even after all the abuse by Mia. I think she was jealous about my pretty lipstick! Or maybe she was jealous that another black cat gets to be on my lipstick casing, not her picture! hahaha

May and I went to Sephora together Friday evening. We both received the $20 VIB coupon (Good towards $35 purchase and above) and wanted to get some goodies right away, haha. I looked around and around and didn't know what to get, so May suggested that I get an eye cream because you can never go wrong w/ extra protections around the delicate eye area! I picked up the Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye Creme to try. It is suppose to "nourish with anti-oxidants for younger looking skin". It comes in a big 1 Oz glass jar, the texture felt really smooth. I can't wait to give this a try!

Edna ( always spoils me with goodies!!! I had a chance to stop by her city on the way back from my Thanksgiving trip, and she came visiting me with a huge goodie bag. She also got me a big jar of chocolate chip cookie dough, but it's in the fridge right now :) YES she got me a pair of Juicy Coutour crown earrings! I have been wanting it forever, little did I know she surprised me and got these for me -- gift wrapped in cute JC tissue paper!!! I am wearing it right now, and I am loving it! The Hello Kitty I *heart* NC doll is super adorable, it's the souvenir she got me from her NYC trip! It is now with my other HK doll on top of my "Hello Kitty Shrine" in my room -- as the BF calls it! She also got me a whole bunch of LUSH goodies to try, including the yummiest shower gel on earth -- Snow Fairy, that was in my November Favorites! Thank you so much hun for spoiling me with all your goodies!

Juicy Coutour crown earring on my ear *heart*

When May and I met up Friday night for our little shopping trip, she also brought me goodies, again! She got me two China Glaze nail polishes in Cherry Pie and Grape Juice, a Kuan Yuan Lian sheet mask to try out, BLACK KITTY stationary set, Nerdy HK key cap, and some samples. Oh and she got me two bottles of Napa wines!!! *love*

May also spoiled me with more Hello Kitty goodies! I am so excited about my HK stocking and HK ornament that I get to decorate my house and Xmas tree with :)

While shopping at Bath and Both Works, I gave her a "buy $10 get a free product" coupon that I didn't get to use during Thanksgiving. She bought some hand soaps, and gave me the freebie item -- I chose a pair of Lambie slippers. These are the most adorable slippers! And it's super comfy. I always wanted to wear a pair of slippers that would fit on my feet snugly instead of flopping up and down when I'm running upstairs from the bedroom. These are so great! I am thinking about stocking up another pair for next year! hahaha

Are they adorable?!


  1. YAY! You got the lipstick!! OMG. I think I would have been freaking out too if that happened to my lipstick. LOL @ Mia though & so glad it turned out to be ok. The plastic packaging is actually quite tough. I've been keeping mine in my makeup bag with no problems.

    Nice hauls & goodies! And omg! I have the soft cloth lambie slippers but I totally want these ones too! So cute!

  2. LOL cute lamb slippies. too bad its not a tuxedo or tabby kitty. hehe

    im wearing my JC crowns now too. my pretzel earrings irritates my ears when i wear em. read up on the book, its awesome! then you can get started with GG!

  3. what a cute slippers. and the earing is so cute too...

  4. So jealous you got the Shu lippie. I want it too!!!

  5. LOL, your cat is so cute.
    wow, nice goodies you got here. esp. the slippers! very cute ;)

  6. adorable slippers! i'd like to have those for winters too!

  7. You got lots of nice goodies! The JC earrings are super adorable!

  8. wah!!! so cute hello kitty

    u really seem to love hello kitty alot!
    and great stuff u got at sephora :p

    omg ! u got those, slippers, i saw them the other day, aww...they are sooo cute >_<

    have a wonderful day lulu, missed talking to u, come visit my blog when u have extra time ^_^

  9. Juicy Couture!! awwww!!! So nice of her to spoil you.. and i love that lipstick shade! Just so sexy! :D

  10. wooow
    nice shoes <3 And i love this hello kitty stuff <3

  11. I love the slippers too!! And I also regret not getting the Paul & Joe Disney face blushes, I don't even know if there are still any kicking around. If you find any, I'd really appreciate it if you let me know!! =_= The only other thing I can think of that could possibly substitute them are the Guerlain meteorites les voilettes mini sets which have blush and bronzer versions, but I still don't think its the same D= Aaaack.

    And I'm so jealous! I haven't even seen a hint of the LE Shu Uemura stuff here in the UK yet.

  12. ur slipppers are adorable.. they should meet my mousey shoes :)

  13. Love the crowns earrings!

    I think I may not qualify for Sephora's coupon thing, as I don't spend much at all there (one purchase per year?? Haha..) A shame, because I'm actually lemming a few things right now, he he.

    Thanks for the heads on the apple mask... hopefully these masks won't flair up the slight redness on my cheeks!

  14. Mia Catcat was jealous...hee hee! :) I love your cutie Lambie slippers! They look so comfy! And omg, those Juicy! I always wanted a pair. Lucky girl! :D How super sweet of May and Edna to give you all those goodies. Ok now I have to see your "Hello Kitty Shrine"! XD

  15. Haha...I hope your ears get cheap too! I don't know about you but my wallet can't tolerate always buying the pricey stuff and I'm getting bored having to rotate from the few I have.